The six of the Friends walked out of the apartment and into the coffee house.

"Wow, twins..." says Pheobe.

"Yeah, they are so cute" says Rachel.

"They really are..." says Ross.

"Dude, stop being such a girl-" Joey Starts to say, and then is cut off, "Aww look at 'em!"

Gunther starts to approach Rachel.

"So, Rachel...since you decided not to move to Paris...i was thinking: Would you like to go out sometime?" Gunther then realizes that Ross was holding Rachel's hand... thus, reavealing that they were going out again. He looks at Ross intently. After a long akward stare, he spits into Ross's coffee and offers it to him. Ross just rolls his eyes.

"What the hell is the matter with him?" he asks. The rest of the group just stares at him.

"Are you gonna drink that" Joey says.

Ross looks at him disgusted, the rest of the croud looks puzzled. "What the hell is the matter with YOU?"

"I take that as a 'No'" then he grabs the coffee and starts to drink it... "damn Ross: did you spit in this?"

The group exchanges glances.


"Anyways, do you think little Jack and Erika are gonna have fun at their new house?" asks Rachel.

"Oh, yea" replies Monica, "yea, its so cozy...i just love it!"

"Yea..." Chandler starts to say, stumbling between sarcastic remarks...

"Yea?" says Monica, knowing Chandler was about to say something she raises her eyebrow.

"oh, nothing" Chandler says rapidly.

"Wait a sec. Where's Emma...where's Emma?" Joey says.

"Joey, relax. My mom's taking care of her..." says Rachel.

"Oh!" Joey says, feeling stupid, "i knew that..." he says as he nods his head.


Monica and Chandler are moving into their new house...

"Honey, where do you think this should go?" says Monica.

"Well, right on top of the counter should be fine..." Chandler begins to say.

"On the coffee table is a great place" Monica says enthusiastically, "see sweetie. You are a part of 'Where does everything go...'"

"No i'm not-"


Chandler just nods, "yes dear."


Pheobe and Mike are having coffee in the Coffee House.

there is an akward silence.

Mike and Pheobe glance at each other.

then they shift their heads rapidly away from each other.

Pheobe grabs Mike's hand and places it on her breast.

"There you go! Akward silence gone!" says Pheobe, as she begins to smile.