Epilogue: The Golden Anniversary.

Rachel walked in her house. Yet again, it was the house she had entered for just about ten years. But, each day she entered, it felt different, it felt comforting and safe. She loved that feeling; she loved her house, her husband, and her daughter & her son. Who would've thought that she would be a wife that would do laundry – her, the self-absorbed one – no one! She sat down with her basket and began to cry.

So many years! So many glorious years! Right then, her husband entered the house and approached her. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Something wrong, sweetie?" He asked his adoring wife. "Something?"

She looked at him and smiled, her eyes glimmering with the reflection of the light, "No. Nothing is wrong. Nothing at all…" she said as she stood up and kissed him back. "I love you, Ross, I really do."

"Well, I hope so, we've been married for twelve years. Hopefully that wasn't a mistake." Ross retorted.

"'Hopefully'?" Rachel asked indignantly.

"Sweetie, you know what I meant… oh c'mon!"

"I know," her straight face grew rapidly to a smile. "I was just kiddin' with ya!" Ross glanced into her eyes.

"God you're beautiful." He said before he French kissed her. "I love you." Even after twelve years, they still had a fiery passion for each other.

He began to lay on her and kiss her roughly, as though there was nothing else in the world he could possibly want.

"Sweetie, no… Emma and little Ross will be here soon…"

"Alright, alright." Ross said disappointed. "Well, we better start getting ready… my Mom and Dad's Golden Anniversary is in two hours.

Rachel's eyes began to water as she heard "mom and dad's … anniversary", after all her parents split when she was in her mid-20's, and although it had been twenty-one years from then, she still got a little sad inside. "Yeah… we better get to it!"

"Where's my-" Ross began,

"In the third drawer!" Rachel said, knowing exactly what he was going to ask. Rachel gazed around the house some more, they had moved in here when Emma was five years old and little Ross was one year old. She loved the feeling of it, the "country"-feeling, the warmth and comfort. She could ramble on-and-on about this house.

Knock, knock, knock!

That must be Emma and little Ross! She thought to herself as she opened the door.

"Hey mom" Emma said casually as she gave her mom a kiss.

"Hello momma…" little Ross said, then he gave her a hug.

"Hi Emma and lil' Ross" Rachel greeted.

"HEY! I told you to stop calling me that, I'm eleven… and I'm about to be twelve and be in the seventh grade. C'mon, mom!"

"Okay, okay… Ross JR?"

Ross shook his head.


Ross's eyes widened at the thought of her saying that. "NO!"

"So, what do you want?"

"Just, Ross."

"How about… no! C'mon, no matter how old you become… you'll still be my little baby! Now go get dressed – both of you, it's your grandparents 50th anniversary… and we have to make it!"


Rachel & Ross met-up with Monica & Chandler and began talking. Emma began talking with her thirteen year old cousin, Erica… and little Ross & Jack hung-out together. There was no sign of Phoebe &Mike with their children, but hopefully… they would get there soon.

Jack & Judy walked up to the platform to give their own speech.

"Well," Jack began lightly, "when I was twenty-one years old, I proposed to a very beautiful lady. Her name was Judy… and soon she became Judy Geller! We have been married for FIFTY YEARS! I-I-I just cannot believe I'm able to say that, it's so incredible! All these years, with the same woman? I'm just kidding honey… I really don't know what to say to you" Now he was talking directly to Judy, "I can tell you I love you, but you know that! I can tell you a million things I have before… but it still wouldn't match-up to how I actually feel about you! Not even by a mile!"

Judy walked closer to her husband and kissed him, as everyone cheered and "AWW"-ed. Judy walked to the microphone and began her speech… "Jack… I wanna tell you how I" she began to get short of breath, and weak. She shook her head and began again, "Jack I wanna tell you how I rea, really, really" Judy began to sweat and feel hot.

Her eyes kept rolling, and everyone was looking at her terrified. Everything seemed like slow-motion as she collapsed to the floor.


"Mom! Noooo!" The cries from Monica and Ross as theyran up to the platform and bent over their mom.

Jack did the same, thus yelling "Call 911! Call 911!" The family's eyes grew watery. They could here the pounding of their hearts, Thump! Every agonizing second grew painfully, as finally they heard sirens.

THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA, THE SEQUEL is coming soon! Start looking out for it!