Why are you Hiding in my Fridge?

By: Kunai.to.the.Heart

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" Sasume come here." A pink haired woman around the age of 37 gestured her daughter to come to her. The girl, who looked around 14 years old, tore her emerald colored eyes away from the scene of her father and his best friend sparring in the backyard.

"Yes okaa-san?" Sasume asked as she walked to her mother. She watched as her mother, famously-known medic-nin of Konoha, started giggling like a 5 year old who had just found a dirty little secret, at a notebook in her hand.

Sasume gasped as she saw that it was her very own personal notebook that she held her personal feelings for a certain white-eyed Hyuuga. "Okaa-san..." she whispered dangerously, just like her father.

Sakura just giggled even more as her daughter started turning red. "So is this why you are always distracted in Konohamaru-san's class? Because of a certain Hyuuga Tenji, who has the perfect coffee colored hair, with the hottest looking," glancing down again at the notebook, "amethyst tinted eyes ever? Or how perfect he looks when he's all hot and sweaty after kunai throwing practice? Or maybe its when he concentrates he gets this deep mysterious look on him? Or maybe its when----"

" OKAA-SAN STOP IT! " Sasume cried out blushing even harder if possible, a cascade of short black hair, but long enough to cover her face, hid her blushing cheeks.

"What's all the racket in here? Sasume? Why are you red? Sakura? What's that in your hand?" The man of the house stepped into the kitchen, closely followed by his blond friend with cerulean eyes.

The blushing girl and giggling mother stared at him. Sasume's eyes pleaded with her mother not to say anything to her father, who was a protective male who didn't want anyone getting close to his little girl.

Sakura sensing her daughter's pleading eyes, she looked at her husband, who just stared back at her with his questioning oynx eyes. " Oh nothing Sasuke-kun. We were just having an argument about... tomatoes. I told her that if she kept eating them, like it was candy, she would end up looking like a guy, having no chest, and then growing facial hair! And that's when she told me to stop. But I had to tell her, I could not go on without my daughter becoming a tomato-holic like her father." Sakura looked so serious, that Sasume smirked inside her head, ' Great job mom! ' she thought.

Sasuke stared at them. "Hn." And walked off to the backyard where Naruto followed. The last thing the girls heard from the guys before they started sparring again was, "KATON: GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU!" and " KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

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the next day

Sakura watches as Sasume walks around the Uchiha kitchen on the phone, smiling widely. You can hear the words, "Of course Tenji-kun! I would love to spar against you this afternoon! I can ask Inamaru-chan if she wants to join too. What? Only me...and you?" Her smile widens completely. Oblivious to the fact that her mother was smirking at her and her father had came into the room. "No! That's not a problem with me at...ah...hold on Tenji-kun!" Sasume cried as she spots her father, and quickly throws the phone into the refridgerator.

"Tch. I can't hear what you just said Sasume-san." Tenji replied before the signal faded. ( I mean seriously who can get any signal in the fridge?)

"What was that Sasume?" Sasuke asked as her saw his daughter throw something into the fridge.

"Ah...nothing. otou-san." Sasume says as she looks down.

Sasuke stares at his daughter and then at his wife who was grinning mischievously. "Sakura..." He started.

His wife looked at him, still grinning. " Yes Sasuke-kun?"

"What was she doing?"



"Yes. Grinning."

"Why was she grinning?"

"Because she and Konohamaru-san are having a secret relationship." Sakura smiled innocently, as Sasume almost busted out laughing. Everybody knew in the Academy that Moegi-san had a crush on their sensei.

"Because she and Konohamaru-san are having a secret relationship..." Sasuke uttered back to his wife," wait...WHAT! You and that Konomoharu-teme are having a secret relationship?" The look on Sasuke's face was priceless, and made Sakura and Sasume laugh out loud.

"No otou-san. I am not having a relationship with anybody." ' yet' She thinks as her father sighs in relieve.

"Are you sure Sasume?"

"Yes otou-san." But just as she spoke a ringing can be heard from inside the fridge. ring ring ring ring

"What is that?" Sasuke mutters as he wanders over to the fridge.

"AH! Otou-san! No!" Sasume cries as she tries to reach the fridge first, but it was too late, Sasuke had already opened the door to find...a phone.

He picks up. "Hello? Who is this?" The person on the other line answers, and a frown forms on Sasuke's face.

"Hyuuga Tenji?..." His frown grows deeper and Sakura and Sasume can see a vein starting to grow.

"...Why are you hiding in my fridge?" The ladies look on as Sasuke keeps questioning the boy.

"I don't care if that doesn't make sense. Why were you hiding in my fridge?" The girls could hear muttering on the other side.

"You...want to talk to Sasume...CHAN?" Sasuke was now yelling at the phone, glaring at it.

While Sasume blushed as her mom nudged her, knowing that Hyuuga's were not ones to get close to people and preferred being alone most of the time.

"WHAT! YOU WANT ME TO TELL HER TO MEET YOU AT ICHIRAKU FOR RAMEN FIRST! YOUR TREAT! WHAT?" Sasuke can be heard still yelling, still glaring, and almost ready to go over to the Hyuuga household and beat the younger boy senseless.

Sakura mouthed to her daughter, " Go. Get ready. I'll distract your father. Have fun honey."

"DON'T YOU DARE HANG UP ON ME BOY!" Sasuke yelled at the phone before he heard the other line had already hung up. Furious, he threw the phone back into the fridge. Sakura watched amused at her husbands actions.

"Sakura! That girl is not allowed to go out with that Hyuuga boy!" A flash of short black hair in a navy dress rushed passed him. " Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

Sakura stood in front of her husband, hands on her hips. "Sasuke-kun. Let her be. This may be her first kiss! This is a girl's dream moment! And I will not let you take it away from her!" She paused as she watched her husband's face got redder and redder.

"Kiss? Did you just say kiss?"

Sakura realized her mistake and quickly gave him a passionate kiss. Gently grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him closer to the bedroom. "Come here Sasuke-kun. We are alone now, and she's only sparring with him. That might take at least 2 hours. And I know what we can do for that long." Winking at her husband she closes the bedroom door behind them.

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Tenji and Sasume

Sasume walked up to Ichiraku to see a boy around her age with the most perfect coffee-colored hair, when he noticed her presence, he turned allowing her to see his amethyst tinted eyes. He smirked at her as he motioned her to take a seat.

"You did that on purpose didn't you Tenji-kun?"



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