Chapter 2: Epilogue


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Last time :

Tenji and Sasume Sasume walked up to Ichiraku to see a boy around her age with the most perfect coffee-colored hair, when he noticed her presence, he turned allowing her to see his amethyst tinted eyes. He smirked at her as he motioned her to take a seat.

"You did that on purpose didn't you Tenji-kun"

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"Hello. My name is Yuumi Naishimida. I am going to be your waitress today. How may I help you?" A lady with blue pigtails on each side of her head held onto a pencil and a notebook, ready to take their order.

Hyuuga Tenji opened his eyes, barely glancing at the waitress before turning his head slightly to Sasume.

Sasume was a girl, the age of 14, with short black hair and bright emerald eyes, she was at genin level, and holder of the great Uchiha clan's Sharingan. Also, Sasume harbored a secret crush on the Hyuuga.

Glancing up at the waitress, Sasume smiled sweetly, " I would like some miso ramen Yuumi-san." Looking at Tenji she asked, "What would you like Tenji-kun"

"Miso ramen is fine." Came the reply.

Turning towards the waitress about to grab the chopsticks in front of him, he heard a dreamy sigh.

He looked at the waitress only to find her practically drooling. At him. His eye twitched. Pathetic. He moved his eyes towards Sasume, only to find her glaring heatedly with the waitress.

"Shouldn't you be getting our orders Yuumi-san?" By the tone in her voice, he could tell she was irritated.

Sasume glare deepened as the waitress waved her off, "Yeah, yeah. Okay. But hold on a second. Here you go handsome!" She winks at Tenji holding out the bill.

He takes it, and looks down to find the price of the ramen, and a phone number. He pays her up front, and says in a low husky voice, making both girls melt, "Can you get our ramen now?" That was Neji's son alright, blunt, straight to the point, and downright sexy!

Eyes widening slightly, ready to do the Hyuuga's bidding, Yuumi hurriedly ran towards the back where she told the chef the order, she was about to annoy...I mean, converse with Tenji, only to be interrupted by more customers.

Sighing, Sasume closed her eyes, "She is so annoying. I was just about to lose my appetite. Don't you think Tenji-kun?"


"Aa," was his only reply.

Another person came to their table to deliver their ramen, and thank god for Sasume and Tenji that it was male.

"Itadakimasu." They both replied as they dug into their ramen.

After eating, and glaring at the waitress who tried to flirt with Tenji again, they both walked off to the training ground.

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Both heavily panting and both too stubborn to give up.

"Byakugan!" Tenji suddenly had chakra veins leading to his eyes.

Sasume smirked, "Sharingan! Finally you are taking me seriously Hyuuga."

Adjusting her forehead protector over her eyes, she grabbed 3 kunais from her kunai holster. "Now let me show you how the Sharigan can beat the Byakugan"

Using her skills learned from both her mother and father, she jumped into the air, and with perfect precision, aimed exactly were Tenji WAS standing.

He had quickly dodged her moves and stood on top of a tree branch, considering he was a close combat fighter, he waited for her to come to him. And come she did.

Swiftly she ran towards him, taking out a shuriken in the process, and deftly threw it at him; he jumped backwards avoiding it, only to land in an area surrounded with explosion tags in all the trees.

Smirking she followed him as jumped down from the trees, only to be lead into a trap of his.

"Hakkeshou...Rokujuu Yonshou!" Hands of Eighth Divinations: Sixty-Four Palms

Try as she might she could not dodge them. She could feel her chakra points being closed, bring her hands up, she swiftly used a technique she didn't even think she would ever do.

"2. 4. 8. 16. 32. 64"

"OIROKE NO JUTSU!" Sexy no Jutsu

A cloud surrounded her body as she transformed into an older version of herself, with a body of a goddess. Tenji's eyes widened as he saw her transform into a woman with long black hair that reached her waist, and as far as he could tell she was naked, even though clouds covered her body.

"...what that?" Tenji demanded as Sasume transformed back into her normal 14 year old self in her training dress.

She was laughing embarrassingly with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

"hehe...gomen Tenji-kun. I didn't know what else to do. I was trying to come up with something quick to try to defeat you."

" didn't need to do that." They both took off their bloodline limit.

She smiled sweetly, " Gomen. I only learned because I had asked Uncle Naruto if he could teach me some of his techniques...and he taught me this technique...because he knew it would make my father mad"

Tenji smirked," It's too easy to make your father mad"

She nodded. Walking towards the fence where she started taking out some bandages and ointment, and turned towards Tenji.

"Here, sit down, so I can treat you." He sat down on the fence, letting her heal his injuries.

She bandaged his left arm, putting ointment on the cut. " did I do?" She smiled mischievously.

He looked at her with a serious face, then smirked," You're getting better. But you're aim still sucks."

Her eyes widen, "HEY! And I was talking about the Sexy no Jutsu, anyways"

Tenji's cheeks begin to turn slightly pink, "...Aa...I wasn't really trying to...look"

She giggled, "hehe...well that's good."

She started to bandage his right arm.

Unbeknownst to them, Inamaru was watching the cute couple. And being the match maker self she was, such like her troublesome mother, she was going to make it her job to bring her best friend and the number one rookie in Konoha together.

She rubbed her hands evilly, taking out 3 kunais, she aimed two at her friend, and one at Tenji. Swiftly she disappeared, whispering, "Good luck, Sharingan girl!" And let it all take toll.

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Sasume quickly looked up; she thought she had just heard Inamaru.

She could see Tenji's Byakugan on, and before she could dodge them, Tenji quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him.

"A..a…Tenji...kun" Her eyes grew big as she landed on top of him when they landed on the ground, her body pinning his down underneath hers.

She blushed, "Tenji-kun?" His eyes, his beautiful amethyst tinted eyes, staring back at her.

She slowly pulled herself off of him. Only to have his hands remain on her waist.

"Shh..." He whispered.

"What is it Tenji-kun?"

"Someone still might be out there."

"No...Tenji-kun, I'm sure it's fine."

She started to get off him, this time instead of him not removing his hands; he pulled her roughly towards him. "I said, someone might still be"

Tenji was cut off by the meeting of Sasume's lips. She slowly closed her eyes, pressing harder against him, slowly kissing him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gently kissed him. Only to realize that he wasn't kissing back.

She quickly pulled back, blushing profusely, and refused to look him in the eyes. "Aa...gomen." And sped off. Leaving a confused Tenji.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sasume ran off towards Inamaru's house. Tears were streaming down her face as she knocked on the door. Nara Ino answered the door.

"Oh hello Sasume darling." She saw the tears on her face," What's wrong honey? Come. Come. Inamaru's in her room"

Sasume walked into Inamaru's room. Running towards her best friend she threw herself onto her. The only thing Inamaru could do was hug her friend back.

"What's wrong Sasume-chan"

"...I kissed him"

"OMG! WHAT? How was it"

"HORRIBLE! He...he...wasn't kissing back! I was basically kissing a ROCK"

"Ick. That's horrible! I was SURE he liked you! You are like the ONLY girl he pays attention to! He was just probably shocked. What happened"

Sasume told her exactly what happened. And soon enough Inamaru was pushing her out the door.

"Get out! You need to talk about it with him! That's what you need to do! You probably left the poor boy wondering why you were running away! -sigh- Gosh, young love"

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Sasume sighed as she walked out of the Nara's front door, only to be spotted with the one guy she wanted to avoid.

"Sas...Uchiha-san. Wait!" Tenji ran towards her.

Quickly, Sasume walked faster. Only to be stopped by a boy around the age of 14 with the perfect coffee colored brown hair and amethyst tinted eyes standing in front of her.

"I need to talk to you Sasume"

"Well, I don't really want to talk to you right now"

Actions really spoke more than words, when Tenji suddenly quickly grabbed Sasume's waist and passionately kissed her.

Shocked at first, but soon enough, Sasume quickly untied Tenji's hair and ran her fingers through his sexy coffee hair

Author's Note: --sniff--I want to do that...

and kissing him just as passionately.

--flash--" two are sooo cute!"


"Nara-san." The couple menacingly said, threatening the blonde who tried to look innocent while hiding the camera behind her back.

"Give me the camera Nara-san." Tenji held out his palm

." are no fun Tenji-kuun" She replied giggling evilly.

"Give me that, you dumb blonde!" Sasume yelled as she tried to grab the camera out of her best friend's hands.

Soon enough, a chase began, between the new couple Tenji Hyuuga and Sasume Uchiha and the troublesome matchmaker, Inamaru Nara.

And to think it all started with Tenji hiding in the fridge.

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