Naruto watched as blood slowly poured from a wound in his stomach. His vision began to blur, everything hazy. He slowly raised his hand to the sky hoping someone would take it and save his life. He looked up staring into the bright sky.

His knees collapsed leaving him sitting down. He could not stand for his knees would not move. He could not lie down because of the axe in his back. He could only sit. Totally helpless, he waited.

He could barely make the figure walking towards him. To Naruto the figure was only a blur with a small amount of grey towards the top.

Naruto continued to look don starring at the handle protruding from his gut. He felt the sharp tip of a dagger underneath his chin, forcing him to look up.

He could taste the blood in his mouth, and feel it slowly trickle down his chin; he could feel the blood drip onto his hand.

He looked at the face in front of him trying to move away, though it was useless. When he tried to move away all that would happen, as the soft gravel crunched was the knife scratched at his organs.

Kakashi looked at his helpless student. No, he could no longer call him his student… he was his victim. He slowly lowered his mask revealing his entire face. He leaned forward slowly loser to his ear. As Naruto tried to bite his ear he slowly moved away and crashed his head into Naruto's. He put his mouth millimeters away from Naruto's ear and spoke calmly, almost motherly. As he said the words Naruto's eyes widened. He needed to speak only three words to get the picture in his victim's thick skull, "satisfaction at last".

Kakashi raised his head up and became laughing in an almost fanatical fashion his eyes gleaming with conquest. In the next second he was serious staring into Naruto's eyes. "I'm sorry. I meant to make in faster but you were running so I hit a in the wrong spot. I missed your head with the axe so a clone with a dagger did the trick. Good bye my… well how should I say this, well I guess prey would do the trick. Oh and by the way Sasuke died quickly, I only had to break his neck. And lastly Sakura, well she realized what I was doing and almost told Jiraiya so I killed her to, Along with him. Tough kid.

Kakashi patted him on the shoulder and walked away smiling to himself and feeling as if he was king of the world.

Naruto stared at Kakashi. And then it all went black.