Sinfully Pure

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A/N: All right, this is the revamped version of Children of God and Satan. I made a few changes, other than the title but other than that… same story.

Chapter One: The Order

-"A deep, deep abyss, a pitch black labyrinth that goes on forever. And the loneliness...That is death"-

(Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 4)

16-year-old Sora Strife knelt before the alter, a rosary pressed to his lips and his head bowed before the relief of the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus in her arms. His friend, Tidus sat in a pew behind him, watching as the other boy prayed. Sora stood at last and made the sign of the cross before turning to Tidus.

"Sorry that took so long, Tidus. So much to pray about today." He said, quietly. Tidus just smiled.

"It's alright, Sora. I don't mind waiting for you as long as you promise to come with me to the movies today." The blond haired boy replied. Sora looked down at the ground, an ashamed look crossing his face. "Hey, Sora, what's wrong?" Tidus asked, concerned.

"I don't have any money." Sora replied. His companion cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"But didn't you just get allowance from the orphanage yesterday?" He questioned. Sora's shamed look increased. "Oh no, Sora. You didn't!"

"I'm sorry, I really am. I gave it all to collection today at Mass… It was for a good cause!" Sora apologized. Tidus's confused look was replaced with one of annoyance.

"It's always for a good cause, Sora. You deserve to do something fun once in your life! Stop giving your money away! A quarter of it goes to your orphanage anyway. And that goes to your allowance. It's a waste." Tidus exclaimed. He watched as Sora's bright blue eyes began to fill with tears and knew that he had crossed a line. He sighed and wrapped an arm around his friend's shoulders, trying to make up for his cruel words. "Awww…. sorry, Sora. I didn't mean it. It's your money. Do what you want with it." He ruffled the boy's cinnamon brown hair. "So don't cry, okay. I'll pay your way. But you owe me, alright?" Sora sniffed and turned his large sapphire blue eyes to look at Tidus.

"Okay." He said, a small smile appearing on his lips. The pair began to exit the church as they decided on what movie that they wanted to see. Neither of them noticed the black car with tinted windows parked in front of the church. Inside the car, in the back seat sat a tall, tan skinned, regal-looking man with long luxurious white hair. Next to him sat a boy about the age of 17. The boy was a picture of beauty, with large ocean-colored eyes, pale skin and extraordinary silver hair. He looked like an angel, though those who knew him knew that he was anything but. The man in the driver's seat was like an older version of the boy is the back. His silver hair was considerably longer, a little past the small of his back, and tied back. His eye color was that of the most beautiful emeralds. He turned around to address the tan man.

"Lord Ansem, is this the boy?" He asked. The man, now know as Ansem, shifted his gaze from the window to the driver.

"Yes, Sephiroth. That is the one. Riku!" He said, sharply. The boy next to him snapped to attention, his eyes fixed on the older man. "I want you to follow him and capture him. Bring him directly to me. Remember this is a test of your loyalty to the Fallen and me. Take whatever precautions are necessary. Money is no object. Take your time and do this wisely. Prove to me that you are as loyal as your brother. Do you understand?" Riku bowed his head.

"Yes, I understand. My Lord, if I may. Why does the boy interest you so? He seems nothing more than an ordinary boy." Riku asked. He, in return, was answered with a slap to the face. Riku glared at his brother, rubbing his stinging cheek. "What the FUCK, Sephiroth!" He exclaimed.

"Never question the Lord Ansem!" Sephiroth hissed. "You should know better. You disgrace me."

"Screw you, Seph." Riku spat out. Sephiroth opened his mouth to retort but Ansem's hand covered his mouth.

"Go, Riku. Do not waste more time than is necessary." He commanded. Riku nodded and exited the car, running across the street to catch up to the two boys who were some distance away by now. Sephiroth and Ansem watched him. Sephiroth turned back to Ansem.

"My Lord, why send my brother on such a task? Surely he is not capable of capturing anyone, least of all, another teenage male. It would be better if you had me or one of the other, more experienced members bring this boy to you."

"Don't worry, Sephiroth. I think Riku will do just fine. A boy such as this one deserves special attention and Riku is the perfect candidate for this job. He'll bring Sora to me and then all the pieces will be set for our greatest accomplishment yet." Ansem simpered and laughed maniacally. Sephiroth just smirked and began to drive away.

"Hope you don't screw this up, baby brother." He said quietly to himself. "I'd hate for all the Master's rage to be directed to you. Plus you would make me look really bad and I just can't have that..."

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