Sinfully Pure

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Warning: Sephie is gonna give the warning!

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Chapter 20: The Lovers


-"I was always afraid, that's probably why I always blinded myself from the truth."-

(Juvenile Orion Vol. 5)


Sephiroth parked his car outside of Cloud's repair shop. The silver-haired man glanced at the "closed" sign that was in the door. He had planned to come back to the store since Ansem had dismissed him. Cloud would be the perfect pawn in all of this, since he was Sora's older brother. And since Riku had screwed everything up royally, this was his ace in the hole. Sephiroth licked his lips. After leaving Ansem's throne room, he had pinned his brother to the closet wall. He had fully intended to do anything he wanted to the kid, just to make him squirm for a bit. But Riku hadn't reacted in the slightest. He just kept his head bowed and his eyes downcast. So he had let him down before knocking him out with a swift kick to the temple. Whether someone had bothered to pick him up and move him to his room wasn't any of his concern. Sephiroth stepped out of his car and pulled his knife out of his pocket. Another day of lock picking for him. He approached the door, slowly, judging that the street was filled with pedestrians. To his amazement, the door was slightly ajar. Not by much but enough for Sephiroth to notice. He smiled sardonically. That meant that either Cloud was still here or he had left in a hurry and would most likely return at any moment. He slowly pushed the door open, one hand sneaking through the door and pulling the cords that connected a sensor to the chime above the door out, ensuring that Cloud wouldn't be alerted to his presence. He opened the door wider and stepped inside. He heard the soft murmur of voices from Cloud's office. Curious, Sephiroth crept silently to the partially closed wooden door and peered inside. To his horror, he saw Cloud, half on top of his desk, his legs wrapped around the waist of an unknown dark-haired male. Sephiroth could see that Cloud's shirt had been unbuttoned all the way, displaying a toned chest and a flat stomach.

"It's been a while… since I last touched you like this…" The stranger whispered, trailing his fingers over Cloud's stomach, effectively making the blond whimper. "You're so cute when you're needy. I love teasing you." Cloud blushed.

"We haven't done this for three months. I want you so badly, Zack." He panted. Zack latched his lips to Cloud's neck, causing the blond to moan most erotically. "Please Zack! Stop teasing me…" There was a definite sound of a zipper and a gasp from Cloud.

"Is this what you want, Cloud? Does it feel good?" Zack murmured against the blond's neck. Cloud let loose a loud moan.

"Yes, oh god, yes!" He gasped breathlessly. Sephiroth growled under his breath. How dare this Zack touch his Cloud?! Touch him in places he had yet to?! Sephiroth let the door swing open and he stepped into the room. Cloud gasped and pushed Zack away, hurrying to zip up his pants, nearly falling off of the desk.

"Thanks for the show, Cloud. Didn't know you were quite that vocal." Sephiroth said, smiling smugly. Cloud held his shirt closed and glared at the man in the doorway.

"Get out! Now! You've cause enough trouble for one day!" He growled. Sephiroth crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe, making it quite obvious that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Zack moved from his position against the far wall to behind the desk, wrapping his arms around Cloud's waist.

"So… who is this?" He asked, quietly. Cloud scoffed.

"Sephiroth." He grumbled. "A constant pain in my ass." Zack nipped his ear affectionately. Sephiroth felt the rage boil within him. This bastard Zack was seriously pissing him off.

"Do you want me to make him leave?" The dark-haired man asked.

"No…" Cloud replied. "I think… I think that you should go." At the hurt look on Zack's face, Cloud sighed. "It's about Sora. Please… you can come to my place later." Zack smiled slowly.

"And that, Cloud, is an offer that I cannot refuse," He said, grabbing a messenger bag off the floor. He spared Sephiroth one last glance before speaking. "Are you sure you want to be left alone with this guy?" Cloud smiled warmly.

"I'll be fine. Come around 8, okay?" He replied. Zack nodded before leaving. Cloud immediately switched his attention to Sephiroth. "What do you want? Don't you think that you and your kind have caused enough trouble?" He spat. Sephiroth wanted to roll his eyes but he was too dignified for something like that.

"I'll get to the point if that will please you. Sora remembers the past and Riku is starting to remember things too. Things that both your kind and my kind have tried their very hardest suppress. I can't stop it and soon we'll have a rather large problem on our hands." He explained.

"This is all your brother's fault. He should've never made contact with my brother. I can handle Sora; he's a good kid. He'll listen to me." Cloud snapped.

"If he's such a good kid, Cloud… why are your parents dead?" Sephiroth asked, trying to pull off innocent and failing miserably. The blond-haired man's skin turned pale. "That's what I thought."

"That was not Sora's fault. His hands are clean. It's mine… that are stained in blood. Blood of demons, angels… and my parents. But that was not without justification!" Cloud tried to redeem to himself. Sephiroth quirked an eyebrow at this.

"I suppose that your justification for that murder was that it was a direct order because they were getting to close to the truth about Sora." Cloud nodded hesitantly. "And I suppose that if you get a direct order to kill Zack, you would follow it through, yes?" The question caught Cloud off guard.

"That's stupid! I would never receive an order for something so ridiculous!" He cried.

"That is not the point. The question was if you were ordered to kill Zack, would you put your duty as a SOLDIER first and kill him or would you put your human emotions and disobey an order?" Sephiroth challenged Cloud to answer. In truth, he was curious on how Cloud would answer. Would he act like a SOLDIER and say that he would obey or would he take the humane route and say that he wouldn't comply.

"I would disobey…" The younger of the two said, quietly. "Because he is the one who showed me true human emotion. Without him, I'd be just another SOLDIER, brainwashed into thinking that there is no good in the world and that his type just needs to be struck down… That God makes no mistakes when this world is filled with his mistakes… like you. But no, I would never kill Zack."

"That you are not a true SOLDIER." Sephiroth answered. "You'll lose your wings if you continue to speak like that." Cloud smiled slowly.

"Better than being born a demon… by the way… how is your brother? I hear that you two have a rather… tense relationship, you might say." He said, sardonically. Sephiroth growled. Cloud was passing into dangerous territory. "If he remembers everything… what do you think that he'll do to you if he regains all of those astral abilities that he once had?"

"Shut up!" Sephiroth yelled, striking Cloud across the face. The blond glared at him, rubbing away the redness.

"Quite a temper you've got there…" He said. "Did you ever show that side of yourself to your mother?"

"Cloud, I suggest that you shut your fucking mouth!" The silver-haired man roared. He grabbed Cloud by his upper arm and pulled the man closer. "You have no idea what you are getting yourself into." Cloud beamed serenely.

"And neither do you. My brother can't save you. Maybe you'll wake up one day and see that you are forever damned." He whispered. Sephiroth was enraged, so enraged that he did the first thing that came to mind to shut Cloud up. He smashed his mouth against the others. All the desire he felt for the blond, all the rage and violence that he was containing inside was poured into the savage kiss. He ravaged the other man's mouth with his tongue. He could feel Cloud trying to push him away but only pulled him closer. Sephiroth was determined to have him. He reached down and boldly caressed Cloud through his jeans. The blond shoved Sephiroth away, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

"You know… incest is a mortal sin. You could kill a thousand angels and absorb the astral power of their wings but… it wouldn't change a thing. You'll die… you'll rot from the inside out. And every angel in Heaven and every demon in Hell will laugh at you, a complete fool. And I'll be laughing along with them." Cloud smirked. With a shove, Sephiroth sent Cloud sprawling on top if the desk.

"You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut, do you?!" He hissed. He raised Cloud's hands above his head and bound them with astral power. "Now you are going to regret, one) tempting me with that erotic display earlier and two) not knowing how to hold your tongue." Cloud struggled beneath the silver-haired man. He had to get him off. Suddenly, Sephiroth stood back and the bond around Cloud's wrists disappeared.

"What?" Cloud asked, very confused albeit grateful that he was out of that precarious situation. Sephiroth smoothed back his hair and straightened out his clothes. He gave Cloud an even look.

"I lost my temper. My apologizes. You will be mine one day, Cloud don't doubt that. But I'd rather not act like my brother and take the brutal course of action." He said. "I'll see you another time, Cloud. Hopefully you… and your little brother." With a smile, Sephiroth swept out of the office. Cloud stared at the door for a few moments before collapsing back on the desk.

"What the hell?!" He yelled.


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