Yes, yes… I know, 'this is so cliché!' Well you know what? Too. Bad. My story, my rules. Anyway, I don't know everything there is to know about Naruto, but I know enough to make a decent fan fiction (I hope).

So how AU is this? Well, okay, since it's the end of summer in this fic (like, a couple days before a new Hogwarts term starts), Naruto is 15, Sasuke turned 16 in July, and the Harry potter gang in in their 6th year. Well, now you ask 'What about the half blood prince?' None of that happened in my little world, yet, Sirius is still dead for book 5, mmkay? Sasuke finished off his brother and Orochimaru and etc etc.

Um… yeah… I think I'm done ranting now… Wait! I knew what I was going to say! There's going to be Evil!Sakura and Evil!Ginny later on in the fic

Warnings: Okay, in this fic there's probably going to be some bad language and YAOI, ya hear that? Yaoi! Slash! Homosexuals! No matter what you call it it's going to be there!

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Chapter 1

.the mission.

Sasuke scanned the street, looking for a particular blonde. 'He's only around when you don't need him...' the dark haired shinobi thought, scowling.

He only had one last place to look, the training grounds, so he jumped from the tree he was in to a nearby rooftop, making his way to his destination. Sasuke noticed how the girls in Konoha with especially fast eyes watched him hopping from roof to roof, even from as far away as he was could he hear their giggles. Their staring and swooning had only gotten worse over the years and every time Sasuke saw it happen it took all his self control not to strangle the girl (and in some cases, boy.)

The more the mysterious shinobi thought about it, he knew he saw one or two of those blushing stares go to Naruto. He smiled and hopped to the next roof, training ground in sight.

"Hey dobe!" he yelled once he was in hearing distance of his blonde friend, over the years, calling Naruto 'dobe' was more of an affectionate nickname then an insult.

"Sasuke-bastard!" Naruto waved back with a grin, "What do ya need?" He asked, releasing the jutsu from the transformed log he was battling with.

"Tsunade-sama has a mission for us." The dark haired boy replied before pulling on his Anbu mask, which resembled a raven.

Naruto blinked, "As in as a team?" Sasuke nodded, watching Naruto pull his own mask on with a grin. Ever since they had become Anbus, their missions together were scarce, most anbu missions were completed by only one person.

Sasuke nodded at his friend then started towards the Hokage's tower, using the rooftops again. His friend was behind him, no doubt still smiling. Sasuke smirked, he and Naruto were some of the youngest, if not the youngest, shinobi to be accepted into the ANBU, and he knew Naruto had gloated for days to their other friends.

When arriving at the Hokage's tower, the two teens were greeted with more anbu guards, ones with the masks of a bear and a monkey (A/N: Psst! That's not important at all, just some nameless peeps). They nodded to their comrades and let the fox and the raven into the Hokage's office

"I hear you have a mission for us, old hag," Naruto grinned under his fox mask as the woman stared daggers at the other blonde.

Sasuke sighed, hitting Naruto over the head before walking up to Tsunade's desk, "What's the mission about?"

Sending one last look at Naruto, she opened a folder, "I've been contacted by... an old friend of Sarutobi. I had to write a letter back explaining what... happened..." she coughed then started again, "Nevertheless, he wants to hire the best anbu I have..." Naruto's face lighted up at that moment, "... But, most of them are on long term missions and the others aren't willing to go with a partner... and that leaves you two..." Sasuke rolled his eyes and Naruto's face fell, behind the mask, of course.

"Okay... so what are we doing?" Sasuke asked.

Tsunade handed him a paper and he scanned, "What is it? What is it?" Naruto was trying to look over the taller boy's shoulder but wasn't succeeding well, "Sauuukkeee! Read it out loud!"

The dark hair shinobi threw an irritated look at his teammate but started to read.

To The Fifth Hokage, Tsunade,

The news of which you just informed me is quite dreadful, I understand the lose, Sarutobi was a very good friends of mine, eventually I must travel back to your village to pay my respects.

As for my request, as you should know, my school in Scotland has been going through many hard times in the last few years, many enemies are trying to invade the school and hurt my students, but I will not stand for it. I am willing to pay however much you demand to hire a few of your skilled shinobi, preferably an ANBU or two.

As well as protecting the school from invaders, I would also like for them to keep a special eye on a particular student who seems to be a magnet for trouble. If you accept my offer, your shinobi will be filled in with more of the details once they arrive in Europe. My carrier owl shall wait until you send a reply before it returns.

Albus Dumbledore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

When he finished, there was a silent pause...

"A carrier owl!" Naruto stated loudly, giving off a confused aura.

"So we're going to Europe..." Sasuke said quietly, deep in thought.

"Now that's the spirit!" Tsunade said happily, pulling the paper away from Sasuke and getting out her own stationary, "Think of the money we'll rake in from this!" She quickly scribbled a reply and called the owl over, "You two!" she pointed to the teens, "Be here by midnight tonight, hopefully we'll get more information by then and a reply from this... Dumbledore..."

The two shinobi left her office, quietly making their way back to town, "How are we going to speak their language?"Sasuke muttered offhandedly.

"Well we'll just have to find out at midnight..." Naruto said, you could almost hear his grin, "Come by my house later to pick me up, I'll leave the door unlocked for you..." Then with a small wave, Naruto jumped to the rooftops and bolted home (A/N: Heh, I'd get really pissed off if I were one of those people who lived in those houses, their roofs always being used as walkways...)

"Dobe..." Sasuke mumbled before walking home himself.

It was almost midnight, time for him to pick up Naruto. Sasuke stood in front of his friend's apartment.

'I wonder if it's really unlocked...' he thought to himself, wondering if the blonde was really that stupid. He turned the doorknob and, unsurprisingly, the door opened. Sasuke rolled his eyes at Naruto's stupidity and walking into the apartment. Wat was surprising though, was the lack of garbage on the ground, the dark haired teen had expected a war zone of clothes and old ramen bowls, but the only items one the ground were a few discarded books. Whoa- wait- what? Naruto? And reading? Sasuke had an eerie feeling go through him, 'The world's ending...' he randomly thought before finding his friend, asleep on his bed with an open book against his chest.

"Naruto?" Sasuke asked, walking up to the blonde and taking the book away. The title read 'First year Spells' Sasuke raised an eye brow 'Spells?'. He closed the book, putting it on the beside table, and picked up one of the books on the floor, 'Wizarding Etiquette'.

"Skay, what are you doing here?" Sasuke heard from the bed. Naruto was rubbing his eyes with a yawn.

"We have to go see Tsunade again, remember?" He watched as Naruto stretched, having just woke up. The blonde grinned, hopping to his feet with all remains of sleep gone.

"Yeah! The mission, let's go!" he said eagerly, stumbling to put on his jacket and mask and hurrying out the door.

Sasuke followed behind him, "Dobe! Why did you actually keep the door unlocked! Who knows who could have just waltzed into your house and killed you while you slept!"

'My my, being a bit protective of him, eh?' a voice in Sasuke's mind told him 1. He almost stumbled in surprise.

'Whoa, where'd that come from?' he thought.

"That's exactly what everyone would think..." Naruto said with a fox-ish grin, "Someone who's trying to get in will think it's too obvious to check the front door, assuming it's locked, so they won't even check to see if it's even locked in the first place..."

Sasuke was honestly surprised that Naruto was as clever as that. He smirked, knowing he could be even more clever (A/N: Get ready for your brain to melt...) "But what if they knew that's what you're thinking, they think you'll think they won't try the door, so they assume that you've assumed that they've assumed the door is locked, thus, they end up going to the door first, knowing it will be unlocked..."

Naruto's eye twitched, "I think you've just caused a blood clot in my brain..."

The black haired teen laughed, "Come on, we're going to be late.." he said with a small smile, hurrying his pace. Naruto was still the only one who could make the Uchiha laugh, no one else in the village had the power to even make him crack a smile. Many of the girls have asked him what his secret was, but he honestly didn't know.

It took another couple of minutes before they reached Tsunade's office, "Baa-chan! We're here!" Naruto yelled, waving happily.

"Did the owl come back yet?" Sasuke calmly asked the Hokage. She handed him a note, trying the shoo the owl off her desk.


Wonderful news! I will not try to delay the mission because we need your shinobi here very soon, I will try to make this brief.

My owl has brought along a box with this letter, correct? Now, in the box there are four bracelets your two shinobi shall wear at all times, one one each wrist, when guarding the school, preferably before they are transported here to eliminate all confused between the person picking them up, they are language bracelets so your guards can speak fluently in English, they will still be able to communicate to each other in their native languages if they need to, just thought you should be aware of this fact.

The other item in the box is a port-key, which the guards should be holding at exactly 12:32 (your time, not Scotland's). This item shall transport you to an inn called the Leaky Cauldron. A man named Remus Lupin will be waiting there for you to give you more details on your mission.

Albus Dumbledore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

P.S- My aunt used to make the best strawberry jam- it was my favorite

"Ha ha... we're going to make so much money off of this..." Tsunade giggled to herself, handing Sasuke, who was pondering over the last statement in the letter, an old soda can.

"We should change before we go..." Sasuke reminded them, "We only have about five minutes..."

So when both ANBUs were back, in their black uniforms with white armor on the forarms and chest, they finished strapping on their masks, "It's almost time..." Sasuke muttered, picking up the can.

Naruto put a hand out to touch the can also, "How much time do we have left?" he asked, trying to get a good hold on the metal cylinder.

"About..." Tsunade looked at her watch, "... 10 seconds..."

"What!" Naruto exclaimed and Sasuke held his half of the can tighter.

They felt a strange tug on their bellybuttons and saw colors spin by them through their masks. This continued for about 20 seconds before they felt ground beneath their feet again.

"Uch... I think I'm going to be sick..." Naruto moaned, clinging to Sasuke's arm for support, but Sasuke was too busy scanning their new surrounding to notice his sick friend.

A/N: So! There's chapter one, it was really hard finding a place to stop it since i just feel like writing the whole thing out right now. Um... Yes, cliché, I know, but if it's a cool plot, who cares how repetitive it is!

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