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Sasuke, at the moment was pulling off his shirt in his own room before he felt something warm hug him from behind.

"Thanks for the gift..." the voice was muffled.

Sasuke smiled and turned around, patting the shorter boy on the head, "Happy birthday, Naruto..." he replied.

Chapter 14


The next morning, Naruto was trying to sleep, which would have been a rather easy feat if not for an annoying pecking on his head.

He snuggled his new stuffed animals closer and tried to bat it away, "Mm... Sasuke, five for minutes..." he muttered more to himself then anyone else.

The pecking continued, unfazed. Absently, the blonde heard his door open.

"Naruto..." a voice said, sounding somewhat irritated.

"Sasukkkkee... I SAID five more minutes..." Naruto yelled back while he pulled the covers over his head.

"...Naruto, there's an owl with a message for us on your bed..." Sasuke tried to explain as calmly as possible.

Instantly, Naruto sat up and looked at the owl. He blinked before looking between the owl and his best friend, "... you mean that wasn't you?" he asked, obviously confused.

"Baka!" was all Sasuke said as he walked over and took the letter from the owl's claw. He sat at the edge of the bed to read the short note and sighed slightly as he felt something on his shoulder.

"So what's it say?" the blonde, who now had his chin resting on Sasuke's shoulder, asked.

The black haired one decided against commenting on it as he answered Naruto's question, "After guarding the Great Hall during breakfast, we're to meet the headmaster in his office. My guess is that he's finally going to ask about the attack."

"Whatever. It's about time the old man starting taking control of his school..." Naruto responded before breaking out in a grin. He had plans for today, fun plans.

Sasuke, hiding how unnerved he was from the sudden happiness, suggested they get ready to go to the hall. And that they did, well, of course, after Naruto had finished some of the early steps in his plan.

A few minutes before breakfast was over, the two shinobi were on opposite sides of the Great Hall, one observing th students without emotion and the other looked like he was restless, but only if you took a good look at him. Needless to say, Sasuke had noticed.

Dumbledore turned to the eldest of the ninjas and gave him a smile and a nod before he stood from his seat at the front table and left.

The two boys took his lead and started to leave. Perfect timing in Naruto's mind. The morning owl mail had come and Harry and Draco would be getting their letters right about...


Naruto looks as both wizards began to open their letter at the same time. Time to work his ninja magic. Thank Kami for his lessons from Kankuro about chakra threads.

A slight pull of the string brought a mug of cold pumpkin juice into the lap an unsuspecting Ravenclaw. The boy screamed in surprise as he jumped up while every students eyes were brought to him.

What a coincidence it was, however, that that boy helped form a perfectly straight line from Draco to Harry. Yep, coincidence...

Both boy's eyes were drawn to each other and and with a quick blush, both looked away at the same time, but no one had noticed, everyone was watching the boy jump around out of his seat. (1)

An evil laugh seemed to echo through the castle as the doors to the Great hall were slammed shut.

There was a silence as the shinobi walked to the Headmaster's office, besides the giggling of a blonde, but eventually, Sasuke couldn't take it anymore.

"Honestly now, if you're going to interfere with their lives like that, try to make it at least a little less cliche!" the boy couldn't help but yell.

Naruto had yet to stop his chuckles, "But come on, you know that that took some skill to pull off..."

Sasuke just shook his head and sighed in frustration

After Harry's blush had faded back to normal, he was thoroughly confused.

'What in the world was that all about?' he asked himself before looking down at the letter he was opening before the incident.

There was a small slip of paper with typed handwriting- indistinguishable- that had one sentence of it:

I hope we'll get to know each other a bit... better soon, if you know what I mean

And in an instant, the blush returned with a vengeance. What Harry didn't know that just little farther away, ever the Ice Prince of Slytherin was a bit pinker then usual.

When the pair got to Dumbledore's office, they greeted him with a salute.

The old man chuckled and gave them a wave to dismissal, "No need for that, boys, we should really get on about your report of the attack..."

Naruto's attention was fading out as he noticed a strange stone basin in a corner of the office. Curiosity was starting to get the better of him as he noticed bits of wispy smoke escaping from the basin.

The headmaster, being the clever man he was, only smiled as he stood and walked to the stone bowl.

"Ahh... so I see you find this Pensieve interesting, Mr. Uzumaki." when he received an absentminded nod and a roll of eyes of the other towards the blonde, he continued, "It's very simple... just take your wand, luckily, after you've lessons with my students it has become more then a useless back scratcher..." he chuckled at the incredulous looks from the boys, "Now... I've always thought this device was excellent to help sort out memories and clear my thoughts, so feel free to come use it anytime you want."

Naruto nodded as Dumbledore continued to explain. When he was asked to put his wand to his temple to bring out his memories, he wasn't sure which ones to look at first. A glance over at his partner made him want to sort out some of the most confusing moments of his life.

He thought of the incident at the Valley of the End and brought it to the basin in a wispy thread.

Sasuke sighed from the other corner of the room. They were here to give a report, not to reminisce about foolish things. Knowing Naruto, he would probably choose the time when he won the 'all you can eat ramen contest'.

He coughed slightly, "Sir? Weren't we brought here to discuss the attack?"

The headmaster laughed, "Of course, of course, I forgot all about that. Mr. Uzumaki, feel free to come back later to look at the memories you have chosen... Now come and have a seat, both of you and explain that dreadful night..."

And so the boys explained in full detail, excluding of course, when Naruto got hit. That would raise one too many questions.

The Golden Trio stood outside Dumbledore's office, trying to figure out the password.

An hour or so had passed since breakfast and today they decided to give up their Hogsmeade time to talk with the headmaster and finally tell him about the attack and the lessons they were giving the guards.

"Dumbledore has a right to know, Harry, I mean, they are his employees..." Hermione had reasoned.

So that had brought them up to the ugly gargoyle statue, guessing miscellaneous candy types.

"...Chocolate frogs?" Ron called out. No movement.

"Acid Pops?" Hermione guessed. Still nothing.

They had gone through practically every sweet they knew. Canary Creams, Blood Pops, Cockroach Clusters, Fudge Flies. But still nothing.

Harry thought for a moment before asking, "...Reese's... Pieces?"

The gargoyle spun around, slowly revealing a staircase. "Reese's pieces, what in the bloody hell are those?!" Ron wondered.

"Language, Ronald..." Hermione scolded before walking up the stairs.

They opened the door to the office and asked, "Headmaster? Hello?"

But no one answered, so they creaked the door a little wider.

"Guess he's not here then?" Ron said and the other two tried not to roll their eyes at how obvious that statement was.

The three walked into the room- even Fawkes was no where to be found- and took the chance to look around.

"Guys..." the female of the group said, worried, "We shouldn't be here if Dumbl-"

"Hey look! Someone left their memories in the Pensieve!" Ron called out. The other two walked over to the basin.

"You can't just barge into other people memories, Ronald!" Hermoine yelled, slapping him of the back of the head.

Said redhead rubbed the spot where she hit him, "Well they shouldn't have been stupid enough in the first place to just leave it here! It's just screaming 'look at me!'"

Harry, though remaining silent, was also curious, "Well... come on Mione, what would it hurt?" he fianally suggested

Ron cheered before going into the memories, bringing the other two with him.

They appeared at a large waterfall, on either side were amazingly carved out statues right into the mountainside. Each side had a giant figure, staring at the other.

But what was more interesting was the fact there were two boys, each on the head of one of the statues.

'That one.. the blonde, looks a bit like that first year i helped...' he thought in confusion. But the hair- it looked even more familiar. And the other boy- Harry could have sworn he had seen them before.

His question was answered instentaniously.

"Sasuke!" The blonde screamed over the roar of the waterfall.

The Golden Trio was in shock- could these really be the guards?

But Sasuke didn't turn to face the blonde, 'Naruto?' Harry asked himself. In fact, Sasuke slowly started walking in the opposite direction.

The blonde then yelled, "Are you running away from me?!" and Sasuke stopped midstep. This seemed to get his attention.

Sasuke slowly turned around and the trio gasped once more. The boy's face, well half of it, was covered in what seemed like black tattoos.

"Hey," Sasuke said simply, then added, "Clumsy idiot..." and the two stayed silent for awhile, staring at eachother, "So it's you this time?"

Naruto remained silent still.

"I already told Sakura. Don't concern yourself with me anymore..." Naruto gained a surprised look and Sasuke chuckled at it, "What's with that face?" he teased.

Naruto stared at Sasuke again, lost in thought, before his hands clenched and this time took the black haired one by surprise, "Why... Why did you become like this?!"

"...What does it matter to you what I've become? I have my own path to follow...So I'll keep this simple, I'm not associated with Konoha anymore. Go home."

"Everyone risked their lives for you!" Naruto screamed, but it was brushed off with a flick on Sasuke's hand.

"Well good for them..." he commented emotionlessly as he started walking away.

The blonde growled before launching himself across the water and at Sasuke, "How could you think of us that way?!" He landed on the Uchiha and punched him. The raven spat at Naruto.

Much of what was going on confused the trio entirely. Naruto continued screaming at his friend about more things that had no meaning to the wizards. But they were shocked, to say the least.

Soon both shinobi jumped up at continued to fight.

Sasuke threatened that if Naruto continued to stand in his way, he'd be forced to kill him. But the blonde didn't stop.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione watched, awestruck, and the boys would beat eachother through the rock, leaving giant craters and how then fought on the water. Sasuke explained, as they were fighting, about a man named Itachi, but it went unheard by the teens.

Soon, Sasuke screamed, "Chidori! as Naruto yelled, "Rasengan!" and the two ran towards eachother.

The smoke cleared and the scene was revealed.

"Bloody hell..." Ron whispered, close to passing out.

Sasuke's arm was going through Naruto.

The blacked haired child grinned and pushed Naruto off his arm, letting him fall through the water.

But that didn't last long. The shock the wizards were experiencing though, tripled to say the least. While the three were still trying to get over that, something else caught their eyes.

Naruto was back and.. and.. glowing an eerie red.

Sot he fight continued with the now transformed Naruto and a transforming Sasuke.

"This can't be real..." Hermione muttered, but no one heard.

The boys went for one last attack, again the Chidori and the Ragengan, but now with all the strength they had.

This time when they connected, there was a sphere of light that grew until the trio was blind.

When they regained their vision, dread seeped through them as they saw Naruto, lifeless on the ground.

Had Sasuke won? They watched as the boy standing limped toward the unconscious one.

Hermione was in tears now, "No..." Obviously, they had forgotten that these were just memories.

It started to rain, but that went unnoticed as well.

As Sasuke fell to his knees and stared at Naruto closely, they felt a forceful pull backwards and the forest in front of them disappear.

They all blinked, surprised to be back in the office, an angry Lupin in front of them.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione, what are you DOING here this late, invading someone's memories?!" Lupin yelled.

"We were... um.." Harry started, but could find no reason.

"All of you, OUT of this office now! When the headmaster returns I be SURE that he knows of this! Out! Now!"

The three shuffled out, but only after Harry took one last look at the basin. He couldn't find any words to describe the scene he had just witnessed...

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