Sasuke, Sasuke I am Sick

By Assassin ninja girl and XXlady-avengerXX

It was Saturday and the Konoha Soccer Team (Male & Female) is having their weekend practice. Today, the coach mixed them with each other to form 2 opposing teams.

"Sakura!" Sasuke kicked off the ball towards her direction.

Sakura caught it and started kicking it. She then passed it to Ino and Ino gave it to Sasuke. Sasuke made the goal.

The practice went on the whole afternoon. It was almost sunset when the coach told them that should do for today. They went to their changing rooms and began fixing themselves.

"Sakura, are you alright?" Sasuke looked at the very pale looking girl beside him.

"I'm alright. Don't you worry." She chuckled as she continued walking with the dark haired boy.

"Do you want me to take you home?" Sasuke unlocked his car with his automatic control. "I'll give you a lift." He offered.

"No, don't bother. I'm all right. My house isn't far from here."

"If you don't want then it's up to you." He opened the door of the driver's seat. "You sure that you don't want?" Sasuke asked his back turned from the person he is talking.

He waited for a few seconds for the pink haired girl to answer. But she didn't. Sasuke spun around to see what was wrong. As he caught sight of her, color began draining out of his face.

"Damn it!" he exclaimed as he came towards Sakura who was lying unconscious on the floor. "Great. You said you're all right that's why you fainted. Not to forget that you're burning hot." He said as he tried to feel her forehead with his hand.

He carried her unto his arms and put him inside the car. Problems began to persist when he realized that he doesn't know where she lives.

"Now what?" he frowned "You fainted without telling me where you live?" he began rubbing his temple. "Don't be angry with me. I guess I'll let you stay in my house for tonight.

Sasuke took her to his house. Sasuke asked one of the family drivers to park his car on the garage.

He asked one of the maids to immediately prepare a guest room next to his room. He put her down on the bed. Afterwards, he asked a maid to summon 2 towels and a basin of water.

"You can leave now." He dismissed his maid out of the room.

"Yes young master." She bowed down and disappears out of the room.

Sasuke began tending the still unconscious girl. He dipped the towel n the water and then rinsed it. He began rubbing the damp towel on her face and arms. The second towel was used to be place on Sakura's forehead.

Because of taking care of her, he skipped his meal. He stayed up late until he dozed off on a couch.

Next morning, Sakura woke up and saw Sasuke sleeping on the couch. She smiled as she began calling her. "Sasuke! Sasuke!"

Sasuke stirred and saw Sakura sitting on the bed. He stood up and went near her. "Do you feel better now?" he asked as he sat down at the side of the bed.

"Yeah much better now." She said. "Am I in your house?"

"Blatantly obvious forehead." Sasuke sarcastically said

They remained silent for a while and stared at each other.

"Thank you Sasuke!" Sakura finally said.

"Welcome forehead." His face expressionless.

Sakura suddenly came near him and pecked his cheek and then hugged him gently. This made Sasuke blushed madly.

"Thank you." She whispered to him.

Sasuke smiled as he wraps his arms around Sakura's slim waist.

It's the first time we've been this close………………….