Eisei Senshi: The Soldier of Illusion- Sailor Pandora
By Traser SyberJedi

Disclaimer: I do not own the setting of the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millenium, or Sailor Pluto. We all know who they belong to. Sailor Pandora/Triala/Trista Ashton, on the other hand, is my character. I do own her.

Author's warning- This tale gets a bit violent, but nothing too graphic. There are mentions of dead bodies though.

Name: Trista Ashton
Silver Millenium name: Triala
Area of Infuence: Illusion
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey
Fuku colors: Light purple and orange
Talisman: yes, Pandora's Box
Guardian: yes, Tsuki

She stood there with her back pressed against the Gates of Time, blocking the intruders from gaining access. Her light purple colored skirt flapped in the breeze. Sailor Pandora grinned, as she watched the invaders who were hoping to go back in time via the Gates while Sailor Pluto was away.

"I'm sorry, but I can not permit you to pass through the Gates. Time must be left alone." Triala warned the intruders. She could feel her Talisman in her hand, ready to appear at a moment's notice.

"And just who are you to be telling us whether or not that we can pass through? You're not Sailor Pluto." The leader of the group called out, challenging the Senshi. Pandora laughed at that, causing the others to stare at her.

"Haven't you ever heard the statement that "Time is an Illusion." before?" Triala asked the group. Her Talisman dropped into her hand, coming completely visible to everyone. A couple of the invaders stepped back in fear, knowing exactly what the Talisman was. Sailor Pandora continued speaking. "Well, I just happen to be the Senshi of Illusion, and Time's backup for when it's Senshi has to be elsewhere. Mystical Illusion..."

As the Senshi said her primary attack phrase, she opened the Talisman that rested in her hands, Pandora's Box. A thick grey mist poured out of the Box, enveloping everything. It completely hid Sailor Pandora and the Gates from view of the invaders. The Senshi of Illision just remained leaning against the Gates, listening to the screams of the men as they tried to attack the illusions that the fog caused them to see. What the men did not know is that they were attacking each other, wiping themselves out.

When the thick mist finally began to dispurse, one man was left standing. The bodies of his companions lay scattered around his feet. However, he didn't have any time to react, as the purple and orange clad Senshi straightened up from where she had leaned against the Gates. He started backing away in fear, at the determined expression on the face of the warrior woman. Sailor Pandora brought her hands together in front of her, almost like she was grabbing a stick or a bat. She swung her arms, first to the right, then crossing her body to the left. As her arms were moving back towards the right, Sailor Pandora seperated her hands, revealing a mass of purple and orange mist.

"BACKLASH!" The Illusion Senshi cried out at that moment, releasing the colors from between her hands. The purple and orange energy mist went flying towards the remaining intruder, killing him on impact as it threw him back. Pandora then returned to her spot by the Gates.

An unknown amount of time later heralded Sailor Pluto's return. The tall, elegent looking Senshi of Time looked at the remains of the bodies as she made her way over to the Gates.

"Problems, Triala?" Chiyo asked, once she reached the other Senshi.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." Triala replied, indicating the remains with a nod. "And as you can see, the Gates are dealing with the remains."

"So I see. What did you do?"

"I opened my Box. They did the rest to themselves. Well, except one anyways. A simple Backlash took care of him." Pandora stated. "That's my weakest attack too."

Chiyo chuckled. "It might be. However, since you were guarding the Gates, they empowered your abilities to make them more effective."

Triala also laughed. "Yes, I would believe so, especially since I reminded them of the phrase about time being an illusion."

Sailor Pluto broke out in laughter hearing that, Pandora joining in.

"Yes. That would certainly do it." The taller woman replied.