Eisei Senshi: The Soldier of Destruction and Rebirth- Sailor Saturn

By Traser SyberJedi

Disclaimer: Other than collectables, I don't own Sailor Moon or it's characters. Sailor Pandora, on the other hand, is mine.

Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Silver Millenium name: Mai
Area of Influence: Death and Healing
Height: 5'2"
Hair color: dark purple/black
Eye color: violet
Fuku colors: purple and burgandy
Talisman: yes, Silence Glaive
Guardian: no

She stood there waiting, clad in her light purple and orange uniform that marked her as one of the Sailor Senshi. Her eyes were focused upwards, watching the Ring that surrounded the planet on which she stood. The orange mark of Saturn glowed on her brow, causing the various people around her to shift with unease. They all knew who she was, and why she was there, dressed as she was. After all, Princess Triala had visited the planet Saturn many times as a child. However, this was the first time she had ever been there as Sailor Pandora.
The Senshi of Illusion sighed to herself. She knew it was going to be hard. It had been an extremely long time since there had been a new Sailor Saturn. Even Sailor Pluto admitted that fact. The Time Senshi also admitted that it things were not looking that good with the fact that Fate and the Cosmos decided that it was time for a new StarKnight to appear, one that hailed from their own stellar system- Sol StarKnight.
"People are going to take this as a bad omen." Pandora muttered to herself, just loud enough to hear herself. Movement caught her eye, causing the woman to look towards it. "It's about time."
The Saturnian queen was in tears, clinging to the small dark haired girl that stood in front of her. Pandora felt bad for the older woman. It was not an easy thing to have to give up a child to her destiny. She also knew that she was lucky in that her own father was a Senshi. It made it slightly easier for Triala to go off to her own destiny. As it was, she had her own difficulties to deal with, being the first of a new generation of Sailor Soldiers. Because of it, Pandora was determined to make it as easy as possible for the newest Senshi to join their ranks.

"My Lord, I am Triala, Senshi of Pandora. Her Majesty, Queen Serenity asked me to escort Sailor Saturn to her court." Pandora informed the Saturnian Royals, as she bowed. "She felt that you both might feel more at ease with me watching out for your daughter leaving home for the first time in her life."

"Thank you, Princess Pandora. It does ease my mind knowing that a Senshi from our own satellite grouping is protecting Mai as she makes her way to her new home." The King stated, before he asked his question. "Are you going home before returning to the Moon?"

"No. I have a shuttle waiting for us. It will take us directly to the teleport station just past the farthest orbitting satellite. Her Majesty, Queen Serenity, felt that it would be best to make the trip as short as possible. She wants to minimize the risk of something happening to the Princess. With her powers, if an enemy were to manage to successfully kidnap Sailor Saturn, they would have a means of destroying everything we know and hold dear to us." Pandora answered, honestly. There was no way she could, or would soften the knowledge that Saturn had the power to destroy the entire system.

She watched as the King and Queen gave their daughter one last hug, before giving her a gentle push towards the older Senshi. Pandora crouched down, to bring herself closer to the small girl's size. A big grin crossed her face.

"Well hello. My name is Sailor Pandora. However, if you want, you can either call me Pandora or Triala." Pandora told the little girl. "What's your name?"

"My name is Mai." The girl replied. "I've been told that I am also Sailor Saturn. That looks like the mark that glowed on my head, except orange."

"Yup. That's right Mai. Mine is orange because I'm from one of the satellites of Saturn, while you are from the planet itself. We were both chosen by our worlds to be their living avatars." Pandora answered.

"Will I get a fuku like yours?" Mai wanted to know.

"Yes. Not exactly the same as mine, as your's will be different colors. But I can promise that you'll have one." Triala swiped a fingertip down Mai's nose. "So, are you ready to take a trip to the Moon?"

"With you?"

"Yes, with me. And there, you'll meet others who are like us, both boys and girls. Mostly girls, but there are always a few boys."

"Will they be friends with me? Mai asked, in a poignant voice.

"Yes, I'm sure that they will gladly be friends with you. After all, they're friends with me, and I consider you a friend too." Triala answered, hugging the younger girl.

"Okay. Let's go then." Mai returned the hug.

Sailor Pandora stood up, and the two Senshi boarded the shuttle that was waiting for them.

Two months later.................

Princess Triala, dressed in her court gown, paced the floor of the area in front of the Throne where Queen Serenity sat. Anger blazed in her eyes, and was evident in her voice and posture. With the exception of Mai, all of the Senshi present were adults, or in their late teens. None of them were thrilled about the Illusion Senshi's tirade. Granted, with the exception of Sailor Pluto, Sailor Pandora was the oldest of them, and one of their leaders. And while they respected her, and liked her, none of them could see what Pandora saw when it came to Sailor Saturn. Not even those who hailed from Saturn's other satellites.


"Her powers are too dangerous. She can barely control them." Queen Serenity replied, in a calm voice.

Pandora growled in anger.

"So you're banishing her instead. Fixing it so that the only time she can be a Senshi is when she's summoned by the combined might of the Talismans of the three Outer Planetary Senshi." Triala retorted angrily. "You're making her an outcast, and someone to be feared. Allow Chiyo and I to take her to the Gates and let Mai train there. At least there, Saturn can learn how to control her powers so that none of you have to fear her."

"I'm sorry Sailor Pandora, but even Sailor Pluto agreed with this decision." Queen Serenity declared. "If you keep on in the manner that you have been, you will be stripped of your abilities and sent home, never to leave Pandora."

Everyone within the chamber gasped in shock. Pandora's face blanched, as her mouth dropped. A tear glimmered in her eyes, as she made her way over to where Mai stood, bound.

"I am so sorry Mai." Pandora appologised, hugging the younger girl. Mai did her best to return the affection, but was unable to do so. Tears streaked down her face, wetting the material that covered the older girl's shoulder. When she straightened up, Saturn could see a single tear drift down Triala's cheek.

"It's alright, Triala. Thank you." Mai told her, as her sole supporter stood up and stepped back.

Bowing to the Queen, Sailor Pandora headed out of the Throne room, glaring at her fellow Senshi that were present. There was no way that she could watch as they permitted Sailor Saturn to be banished. When she reached her rooms, the Senshi of Illusion threw herself on her bed, and sobbed with grief.

A short bit later, Triala felt a weight land on the bed. She looked up long enough to see her feline friend, Tsuki, standing there.

"I am so sorry, Triala." Tsuki said, as she sat down next to where the girl lay. "If any of us Lunar cats were permitted a vote, I would have cast mine with yours. I did let Her Majesty know that I was against the banishment."

Pandora shifted enough to gently pull the cat into her arms, and cry some more. This time tears landed on silver and grey fur.