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Chapter one: It's a miracle (prologue)

Raine Loire was yelling out for Laguna desperately a nurse was doing her best to calm the mother down a little baby boy had been born only a few minutes before a healthy boy it was too it turned out she was having twins.

A little girl with pig tails sat outside the door walking around impatiently "Ellone it's late you can see her tomorrow," a young woman named Sarah Jordan said to the four year old girl in front of her the little girl yawned but still tried to protest.

The woman was one of Raines friends and promised she would look after Ellone during the birth "what would Uncle Laguna say," she said calmly a hint of hatred in his voice she dispised Laguna he had been a stranger and yet Raine fell for him and of course he was not here at the birth of his own children.

Ellone yawned again "okay can I see the baby tomorrow then," the little girl asked the woman smiled and nodded before leading the girl to her house watching for monsters.

Meanwhile back at the house

Raine looked up at the midwife "is the baby okay," she asked worriedly she had heard the doctor say something about complications the midwife faked a smile "of course oh Raine do you have names for your children," the mid wife asked.

"Of course me and Laguna discussed it once,"she replied

"you did then can you remember them please try Raine ,"the mid wife asked calmly Raine thought for a moment and began to speak "Squall or was it…,"Raine tried to finish but felt a huge amount of pain as she looked at a second baby in the doctors hands he looked concerned.

"is he okay please tell me," she asked very concerned the doctor told her he was fine and asked once more for the name "Zek we never decided …,"she uttered before gasping in pain and passing out .

With Raine asleep they spoke again "he's having trouble with breathing doctor I think something's wrong," the mid wife said worried at the infants breathing the doctor sighed "I know and I'm afraid Raine ain't going to last long either he'll have to get attention Deljing ,"he said the mid wife gasped .

Raine passed away the next day Squall and Ellone were sent to the Kramer orphanage in Centra. (A/N short explanation on what happened).

The next day in deljing hospital in a room a doctor looked the child over he was being aided in breathing by a machine .The doctor spoke "so the kids a orphan now well there's not much we can do if he lives it will be a miracle not many kids like this survive and if he does he may suffer quite badly too."

The nurse looked at the infant in sympathy and sadness "I hope he does but still he will grow up alone won't he that's sad,"she said, the doctor sighed "Nurse Kadawaski I know your new to the job but please don't get too attached,"the doctor in charge said.

A month passed and by some miracle the child seemed to be getting better the doctors were shocked when the child woke and began to cry he just ran off to tell the head doctor. Leaving the trainee nurse to calm the infant "calm down kiddo um lets see what your name is," she said calmly the infant seemed to smile.

"Let's see its Zek…Kirk Loire what a nice name it's a shame you'll end up in an orphanage it's so dangerous these days," she said the child seemed to have understanding beyond his years she smiled.

The doctor came in again he seemed pleased and the head opened the crib and lifted the child in his arms he smiled as the boy seemed to play with his blond hair "well I guess we will have to call the nearest orphanage he will be fine but there may be some problems later,"the doctor said.

The next day he was taken by a man from an orphanage in timber "goodbye Zek Loire I hope I see you again," the young trainee nurse said to herself as the man took the infant with him in a blanket.

Six years later

"Zek come back here,"a man yelled as a six year old Zek ran out the room crying some boys around his age laughed only to receive glares from their Matron .Zek ran out to his favourite place where he felt no one could find him well he thought it that way anyway the mans name was Jason smith he had always felt a strong attachment to the young boy from the first time he saw him as an infant.

"Zek you should not listen to them you'll find your family one day they are just jerks,"he said to the sobbing Zek.

Zek crawled out from his hiding spot and hugged him tightly "Jason what does jerk mean," Zek asked innocently Jason explained it before realising he had taught the boy yet another word he should not know.

This was his one weakness with Zek he felt so strongly about him that Zek had a horrible habit of picking up words fast his wife said this could be a good thing and a bad thing he remembered asking her how it was bad her reply was "because you have a horrible habit of swearing and he looks up to you."

He had grinned sheepishly and replied "yeah I guess but at least he'll be intelligent enough when he's older to know what not to say," She glared and snapped back "but what about the Galibadian soldiers you know what they are like so hasty to react."

"Jason ...Jason are you having a fit like Andue,"the boy said poking him a nearby stick Jason snapped to and smirked "no Zek just thinking come on I think dinners ready I can smell her burning it again ."

One thing about this orphanages Matron was that she was an awful cook and you always knew when she cooked dinner hence the reason they had a helper who did the cooking as children can be very picky.

Zek smiled and held Jason's hand allowing him to lead the young boy into the room he had ran out so hastily to get away from.

However when they were about to enter Jason heard a gruff voice yell "I know your holding rebels here hand the rebel over or we'll burn it down with those things," the man in a red Galibadian army uniform demanded pointing at the young kids in front of him. One soldier seemed to disagree with his superior "sir they are just kids we can't hurt innocent children can we," the soldier asked.

The gruff man turned to him "what are you saying private Sanders are you challenging a superior,"the soldier gulped then bravely nodded "yes sir only a real prick would hurt innocent children."

The Sergeant was furious and grabbed the nearest child which happened to be Zek by his shirt Zek screamed as the man took a double bladed pocket knife out and attempted to stab him.

The mans hands were slippery so the knife slipped and struck Zek leaving two large cuts across his left cheek the man attempted to grab it and dropped Zek hard on the ground .

Jason was furious and grabbed Zek away from the mans reach taking a nearby cloth to stop the excessive bleeding on Zeks cheek while trying to calm the child down.

"How dare you hurt a child so cold bloodily,"Jason yelled at him lunging at the man only to be knocked back by another soldier "well I guess I'll have to burn it down after all,"he ordered.

As soon as the order had been given the soldier that had rebelled grabbed Zek and another girl he planned on taking them to a safe house nearby "where are we going ,"a little girl managed to say though sobs .He smiled slightly and went to her height "somewhere safe ," he then looked at the boy who was struggling to keep up and attempted to carry him Zek refused and bit him "oww that hurt ,"he yelled grabbing a nearby soldiers attention to his luck it was seed who was on a field exam nearby.

"wait are you kidnapping those children ,"the Seed responded holding the soldier at gun point he shook his head and replied "no my Superiors burning an orphanage nearby down he struck this boy and I couldn't stand it anymore …,"he said before being cut off by a bullet striking his back .

Zek screamed as the man who had helped him slumped on the ground lifeless "come with me,"the young Seed said taking Zek who had now passed out in his arms and the girl by the hand to where his transport back to Garden was.

The next day

"hello there you just keep surprising me you know," a kind voice said to Zek who woke up startled "where…am I where's Jason and Matron," Zek said in a startled six year old voice the woman smiled and placed a hand on his head gently he winced.

"you should relax kiddo yelling does not help those injuries heal any faster besides you going to have a visitor soon ,"she told him gesturing him to lie down again he winced again as he laid his head on the pillow once more.

Amelia Kadawaski was now the Doctor at Balamb garden "really who is it Jason," he asked eagerly she chuckled to herself he heard it "what you laughing about lady," Zek asked confused. She soon recovered "oh nothing you remind me of a certain boy about your age who always asks for his sister," he looked at her even more confused "did they burn the orphanage down ,"he asked with tears beginning to form on his face.

She sighed "I'm afraid so you and a young girl called Julia were the only survivors,"she said calmly Zek was now in tears she looked around and hugged the little boy comfortly his tears striking her white coat.

All of a sudden a boy with a frown on his face entered he had a large bruise on his face "let me guess you got into a fight with Seifer again," Doctor Kadawaski said a sense of nostalgia evident in her voice.

The boy nodded and sat on the seat next to Zeks bed "hi my names Zek what's yours,"he said offering his bandaged hand the boy ignored him Zek seemed to insist causing the doctor to laugh "whatever just leave me alone I'll come back later," the boy said heading for the exit .Doctor Kadawaski would not have it and dragged the boy into her office "oh no you don't Squall Leonhart."

Zek was alone for a while being six he could sit still if he tried so he looked at the boy closer he looked like he had a permanent frown on his face suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder "the doctor would freak if she caught you out of bed you know ,"a voice behind him said .

He spun around to face a man with glasses and a brown suit on "who ...who are you," he stammered out fear evident in his voice the man smiled kindly Cid was used to this after all he had helped orphans out before and this kid had seen a lot.

"I'm Cid Kramer headmaster of Balamb garden what's your name ,"he said kindly Zek realised he was not a threat and replied "Zek Loire sir," Cid smiled and helped the boy back onto the bed "please call me Cid I've got a proposal for you ,"he said seeing the boy eye him awkwardly.

"I'm afraid your orphanage was burnt to the ground so how would you like to live and train here since there's no where else to go your friend Julia agreed she wants to see you," he said Zek smiled and nodded "sure ,"he replied happily.

"I'll see you later then Zek ,"Cid said waving as he left the Doctor soon came back to finish checking him over "well I guess I'll have to give you your check up then," she said getting a clipboard out Zek winced as she told him to put his arm out "come on it won't hurt honest."

Zek didn't quite agree with her the doctor shook her head "typical even the seeds wince at medicals," she said to herself he winced as his shoulder hurt again causing Doctor Kadawaski to grab him. She put him on the bed once more and gently told him "okay I'll give you something for the pain right after this," Zek gave in and gritted his teeth though it she sighed again after it was over she gave him some medicine for the pain.

The next day Zek began his life at Balamb garden of training and education.

Six years later

"Zek come on wake up if you don't instructor Ricks going to give us detention again,"a boy with jet black hair said causing Zek to stir slightly "okay give me five minutes,"he muttered the other boy sighed and whispered "its eleven o clock,"Zek woke up with a start "what man I'm screwed,"Zek yelled aloud before realising the trick.

"Very funny James,"he said sarcastically at the other boy who was a fit of laughter "you fell for it ha ha ha man your thick at times Zek," he said though giggles.

Zek rolled his eyes and put his uniform on he was soon done he sighed and ran out of the double dorm he shared with James bag hanging loosely behind him as he ran. He was soon stopped by the disiplinly committee "where you going Loire you do know running in the hallway is against the rules," their leader Seifer spat out at Zek.

"When since I read the rules there's nothing listed like this in them,"he replied snidely Seifer grinned "there is now here's your detention slip have a nice day," Seifer said evilly Zek yelled back at the three "I will you creeps."

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