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The Day I'll tell her

It was a nice and sunny day with no clouds.Sasuke was at the meeting place waiting for his teamates and teacher.

"Ok this is the day that I will tell her how I feel." said Sasuke quietly

While Sasuke was lost in thought he heard some yelling at him good morning.

"Hey Sasuke good morning!" said Sakura

"Oh hi Sakura" said Sasuke who was in a blush when she gave him a very happy smile just for him.

Just when Sasuke was about to tell her of how he feels Naruto came in screaming,"Hi Sakura will you go out with me after our training is done today?"

This made Sasuke really mad."Why don't you just go find another girl to bother Naruto? Sakura is mine! MINE! MINE! MINE!" thought Sasuke

"Ummmmm maybe some other time Naruto sorry." replied Sakura

"Oh ok then." Naruto sais sadly

1 hour later

Hello kiddos, sorry that I'm late its just that-

"WILL YOU STOP MAKING UP EXCUSES!"yelled Naruto and Sakura

"The missions are cancelled today,and I don't feel like training you guys." said Kakashi-sensei

"What! you made us wait you for nothing?" yelled a very angry Naruto

Naruto and Kakashi-sensei already left when Sakura was looking at the sky,and while Sasuke was looking at Sakura.

"Well I'm going to go now." said Sakura

"Um wait Sakura theres something I have to tell you." said Sasuke

"Oh? What is it Sasuke? said Sakura who gave him a big smile that will make ur knees fall to the ground.

"Ummm its just that I... that I... I... I'll tell you later so do you want to go take a walk with me? said Sasuke with a really dark blush on his face.

"Ok sure,I would love to take a walk with you,Sasuke!" said Sakura with one of her famous smiles

During their walk together

"Do you want to go to the park?"asked Sakura

"Sure, ok." said Sauke while he was trying to hold her hand but missed and it landed in her pocket.

"Umm Sasuke why do you have your hand in my pocket?"asked Sakura

"AHHHHH Its nothing!" said Sasuke in panic

"Oh ok then." said Sakura

At the park

"OH! cool the swings are there!" yelled Sakura

Sakura ran to the swings while Sasuke just watched her sit down and started to swing.

"HEY Sasuke come on over the swings are fun!" yelled Sakura

Sasuke came over and just watched her swinging happily.

"Oh yeah Sasuke didn't you wanted to tell me something?" asked Sakura

"Ummmm yeah I'll tell you soon, can I push you higher?" asked Sasuke in another blush

"Oh ok you can push me higher!"said Sakura

After the swings

"Wow I'm tired I'm going to sit down on that cherry blossom tree."said Sakura in a tired tone

Sasuke and Sakura went to the tree and sat down.

Ok Sasuke, this is the day that you will tell her remember? thought Sasuke Ok here it goes.

"Um Sakura?"asked Sasuke

"Yes? What is it Sasuke?"said Sakura in a curious tone

"Its just that Sakura, I loved you since the first day I saw you walk into that classroom." said Sasuke

"Sa Sasuke, Is that true?" said Sakura

"It is true I do love you"said Sasuke

"Oh Sasuke I love you too!"said Sakura in happiness

Then Sasuke did something the least unexpected, he kissed her.

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