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"But Kakashi-sensei,you can't force us to fight!"yelled Sakura

"You have to,its part of your trainning."replied Kakashi-sensei

"Ok then."Sakura saiid sadly

"You guys may begin."Kakashi-sensei said while looking at his perverted book

When Sasuke and Sakura are about to fight,they heard an evil laugh.


"ARRRRGGGGHHHH WHAT DO YOU WANT TYRIKU?"asked Kakashi-sensei angrily

"I have come for Sakura Haruno."Tyriku said plainly

"Hey what do you want with Sakura!"Naruto yelled

"Hmmmm something to torture Sasuke with."Tyriku said plainly

Befor anyone can react to what he said,Tyriku poofed up right behind Sakura.

"SAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"yelled Sakura with all her might right before she was knocked out with a very powerful sleeping jutsu

"What have you done to her!"shouted Sasuke

"Sorry Sasuke...not she will never ever wake up again!"said Tyriku with an evil laugh

Sasuke gave him a death glare right before he left, and to God who knowswhere.

"We have to get to her to the hospital."said Kakashi-sensei

At the hospital

"I'm sorry...but we've all tried everything but nothing worked."said one of the medic-nins

"Oh,can then we see her now?"Naruto said with some tears coming out of his eyes

"Of course you guys can,her room is 145 at the right section of the hallway."

At Sakura's room

"Naruto, we should go and give them some privacy."Kakashi-sensei whispered into his ear and he obeyed his sensei

When they both left the room,Sasuke just stared at Sakura and he began to cry.

"Sakura,I'm so sorry for not protecting you.Why do I always have to let you suffer?"he said with tears falling out of his eyes and onto hers."I promise that I will not let anyone hurt you ever again."and he kissed her on the lips,after he departed her eyes flew open.

"Sasuke why are you crying?"Sakura asked with concern in her voice

"Sakura! Your okay!"he said happily and hugged her

By the time Naruto and Kakashi-sensei heard Sasuke yelled out Sakura's name they ran in.

"How did you get her to wake up Sasuke?"asked Naruto

"Long story you loser."Sasuke answered coolly


"Oh! Ms. Haruno your awake! you may be realeased now if you want!" said the medic nin

"Ok, thank you."said Sakura 'OH IM OUTTA HERE!'yelled inner Sakura

After everyone went out of the hospital,Naruto went to go eat at least 20 bowls of ramen,and Kakashi went to go to report what happened to the Hokage.So its just Sasuke and Sakura who was left.

"Ummm Sakura theres something I have to tell you."sadi Sasuke with a blush on his face

"Ok,what is it Sasuke?"Sakura sked concernly

"I just wanted to say that I was scared that you werent okay,and I promise to protect you with my life because I love you"Sasuke said seriously

"Ooooooooooooo Sasuke thats the most greatest thing that anyone has ever said to me!" yelled Sakura and gave him a big hug

"AHHHHHH SAKURA! I CANT BREATHE!"Sasuke yelled with blue appearing on his face

"Oh, I'm sorry, what about this?" Sasuke just stared at her and she gave him a kiss

The End!