Topsy-turvy: Cagalli and Kira Version

By Nareiya


They were ordinary teenagers until they fought fiercely with each other. Bumping their heads with each other didn't help and cause Cagalli and Kira to exchange bodies. Who can help these teenagers? What will be the reaction of Lacus and Athrun when they find this out? AsuCaga! KiraRaku!

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This fic was suppose to be out on the thirty-first but I'm quite industrious today so I'm giving this chapter to everyone in advance. I hope you guys like it! BTW, whatever or whenever you read Ledah's stories, never answer who is a greater writer or has a better writing style between the two of us. She is kind of a psycho right now.

Anyway, now I present of the latest and funnier version of Topsy-turvy that is Topsy-turvy: Cagalli and Kira Version chapter one!

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Chapter One: Surprise!

Today, as usual, Uzumi Nara Athha, the father of the twins Cagalli Yula Athha and Kira Yamato, was again in their university. Well…Kira has a different surname because when they were young, their parents got divorced and recently, they had been reunited and this is the cause of the meaningless and outrageous battles of the twins.

Back to the original topic, he was here today because of two things. First, he was here for the recognition day of the outstanding students and obviously, Kira was one of them. Second, the one that happens quite often or should I say daily, a talk with another teacher of Cagalli or the student council's president or moderator. It was not about her grades. In fact, she was heck of a genius if she will stop all of those fighting.

He sighed and shook his head; this will be a long talk. He slowly reached the knob of the door and turned it. There he saw his beloved daughter, tied in a chair as usual and there Athrun, the president of the student council, sighing as he sat on top of his table. The young man sighed again, stood, and shook hands with him. He gestured for the older man to take a seat that he did.

"Good morning, Mr. Athha," he greeted in monotone though he tried his best to keep a small smile visible on his face at the very least, "It's about your daughter again, sir."

He nodded in agreement and sighed while Cagalli rolled her eyes typically and continued to chew her bubble gum.

Athrun glanced at the window and his gaze came back to the person before him, "I caught her leading a group of illegal loggers in chopping down the trees in the university's Science garden. Luckily, I was the one who witnessed the scene and it hadn't been recorded yet so far…" his voice trailed off somehow in utter disappointment.

The older man flexed his fingers a bit to relieve stress although it doesn't help at all, "Thank you Athrun." He bowed his head slightly in gratitude and he forced Cagalli to bow her head, which she did, after all, it was Athrun whom she was doing it for.

Athrun nodded slightly, "I hope Cagalli, next time, don't repeat that." He said in a concern tone.

One thing that Uzumi can thank the Lord was the gift of having a good relationship with Patrick Zala's son, Athrun. It was to be another person who was bestowed on his position, and then Cagalli might have been transferring to numerous universities weekly. Thank god, he was there to help him a bit.

Uzumi stood and shook hands with the blue-haired boy friend of his daughter, "Thank you, Athrun." He then faced Cagalli, "And you should behave, missy."

"But dad!" she tried to share her true reasons of her actions, "It's because that—" "Kira planted the most number of trees and you let illegal loggers roam in your Science garden, is that it, Cagalli?'

She slowly nodded and her father sighed as he touched his forehead, not knowing what to do, "We'll talk about this later. For now, try to act civilize and like a princess."

With that, he left.

"Wow Kira! I can't believe you're in top one again!" Lacus said in amazement as she saw the quarterly class standing, "And Athrun came first in his class but you're great! You top again in the batch and emerged as the smartest!" she again was awed in his achievement.

Kira leaned against the wall and extended his feet a bit, "You know, Lacus, it isn't hard to TOP if you study hard."

A certain blonde-haired girl cannot stand this anymore but chose to ignore it, following her father's advice in mind, she walked faster but alas, she tripped on his extended feet!

She slowly picked herself up, raised her middle finger, and left as quickly as she can.

A smirk crept on his face, "Oh god, help me embarrass her today." He took Lacus' hand and went inside the cafeteria. Lacus spotted the table they usually sit in and sat there while Kira was the one who lined up and got there food. He then pecked her on the cheek and sat beside her.

"Yo people, what's up?" he asked as he took a bite in his sandwich.

Dearka shook his head, "Dude, Cagalli almost broke her wrist when you tripped her."

He feigned his sincere look, "Oh my," he said, again, feigning this act of sincerity, "I must visit my sister!" he exclaimed in a goody-goody voice and he laughed aloud after that sincere act.

"I think she'll be better off if you leave her alone, Kira." Shiho raised her index finger to emphasize her statement, "Besides, Athrun is with her."

"Fine." He feigned his lost of enthusiasm but an evil plan was quickly building inside his mind.

"Athrun, that hurts!" she winced in pain as Athrun applied the cold ice.

Athrun stared at her, "Would you rather go to the clinic and they'll call your father, saying you had another fight or would you be still and cooperate with this ice I am holding?"

"With you." She gave her response and he continued to apply the ice on her sore wrist.

"Let me guess," Athrun gazed at her, "Did Kira trip you as usual?" she nodded and he sighed, feeling sorry for her, "Even though we're best friends, I don't know why he treats you like shit, Cagalli. Honestly, tell me what's wrong."

"The quandary is…I don't know!" she shrugged her shoulders.

He tried to suppress his laughter that he managed to, "So it's like he was the one who started it and you don't why exactly?"

"Bingo!" she exclaimed and he sighed as continued rubbing the sore wrist with his cold ice.

"Anyway, I hope next time, you'll be Kira proof. Perhaps I will make you a Haro that can kill Kira if necessary. Do you like that, Cagalli?"

"Yeah," she added, "Can you give it some knifes or a nuclear bomb perhaps?"

He shook his head, "You're only up to guns, little missy. Bombs are out of the choices...except if there'll be some additional payment." His voice got weird.

"How much?" she asked him.

He tapped his chin, "One night in the bed with you would suffice,"

"In you dreams, Zala!" she punched his stomach.

Athrun raise his hands in surrender, "Fine, but only one type of bomb."

"What?" she again inquired.

"The F bomb."

She laughed aloud, "Whatever. Just get it done ASAP. Is this clear?"

He shook her hand and saluted, "Yes, ma'am!" he said jokingly and she punched his arm playfully.

"Cagalli!" Kira called out her name as he knocked. Damn it. He can hear her cry and it was not good. She was really crying because she was terribly scolded today because of his plans.

He cannot stand it anymore. He summoned enough courage to open her door, which he did.

Her room was dark and silent. Strange. He thought he heard her crying but she was not there.

"Cagalli!" he called out her name but there was no response from his sister, "Caga-"

Thud! He fell on the floor hard. Cagalli pulled him down. She smirked, as if she won some tournament she joined in, "Oh, sorry, brother!" she kicked him.

He glared at her and picked himself up. He charged and punched her on the ribs.


Shit! She thought as she felt her ribs loose. It was her turn to charge to him and she managed to kick his ass literally.

"That hurts!" he exclaimed and changed his pace and charging towards her, a head butt should suffice! He thought but unfortunately, she thought the same and…


They both feel on the ground and became unconscious.

The Next day…

"Holy macaroni…what happen?" Cagalli muttered as he slowly picked himself up and saw Kira glaring at him, "Bitch, get out of my room!"

"Go out!" she screamed and kicked him outside. He struggled to picked himself up and made his way to his comfort room which was connected to hers but it also had a separate door, which he entered in. He went to his bathroom, turned on the shower, and undressed himself. He went inside the showering room and took the shampoo. Before pouring it on his hair, it read, Head and Shoulders.

"Wait a minute!" he said to himself, "This isn't' my shampoo!" he went back to the mirror and wore his bathrobe. He glanced at himself and his eyes widen, "This isn't happening!"

He cried out and went to the other room, "Kira!" he yelled and she hugged him tight, "Sis, what happened?"

"I don't' know!" he was almost crying but he kept it, "Let's stay cool and act as if nothing happened, okay? And from now on, I should call you Cagalli and you should call me Kira, is this clear?"

He nodded and they separated ways.

End of Chapter One

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