Topsy-turvy: Cagalli and Kira Version

By Nareiya


They were ordinary teenagers until they fought fiercely with each other. Bumping their heads with each other didn't help and cause Cagalli and Kira to exchange bodies. Who can help these teenagers? What will be the reaction of Lacus and Athrun when they find this out? AsuCaga! KiraRaku!

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Chapter Two:The Mysterious Person

(In this chapter when I say Kira, I mean Cagalli, inside Kira's body; when I say Cagalli, it pertains to Kira, inside Cagalli's body)

Stay, calm, stay calm, stay calm!

The twins thought repeatedly as they went to the dining table. They both sat and began to eat silently which was new in the household.

Uzumi cleared his throat, "Is there anything wrong, Kira? Cagalli?" the two shook their heads and continued to eat in peace. Uzumi stood from his seat and touched their foreheads, "You aren't sick…but this is strange…" he said with a hint of suspicion.

Kira laughed all of a sudden, "Nothing is wrong, father." he tried to smile, reassuring that things are still normal to his father and he elbowed Cagalli to do the same.

"Okay," he gave in and stood, "I'll be going now." He then left.

The twins sighed at the same time.

"At least we pass one obstacle course for the day." Kira sighed again while massaging his temples. Something struck him, "How about Athrun and Lacus?"

Cagalli buried her face in her palms, "Shit, I forgot about them!"

Kira shook his head, "We won't tell them and pretend until we find how we exchanged. Is that cool?" he looked at her sternly and she nodded in agreement.

In School…

"Hey Cagalli!" Athrun ran to her and took her rather big knapsack. It was definitely heavy due to the books, "Are you studious today?" he asked with a tint of suspicion in his voice.

Cagalli laughed nervously, "Of course! You need to study to…er…get high grades!" she exclaimed and Athrun took that statement fare enough.

"Okay," he moved in closer to her, somewhat near in whispering a secret to a friend, "I built the Haro for you." He told her and continued, "The one…to help you to be Kira proof."

"Oh…" he didn't know that his own best friend was helping his dreadful and despicable sister and twin, in plotting his death and embarrassment in general public! She flexed his fingers a bit, "Thanks, Athrun." She flashed a very girly smile, the one that can make men act like pigs.

Athrun blushed, "Er…thanks, Ca-chan."

"CA-CHAN!" she asked out loud and it made the students look at them.

Athrun tried to apprehend the situation at hand properly, "Why?" he whispered, "Is it wrong to call you by the nickname I gave you?"

She cannot believe it. How come his best friend gave his loving sister a nickname while they don't have…well, excluding Pac-boy and Pika-boy, he never called her Kira-kun? Never!

Something hit her. She tried to laugh it away, "Yeah…Ca-chan! My nickname…almost forgot."

They turned to the other corridor, "By the way, Lily…I'm wondering why are you we—" "Did you just call me Lily?" she cut him short and he nodded. Again, something struck her, "Yeah! My other nickname…how silly of me!" she gestured for him to continue.

"As I was saying," he continued his cut statement, courtesy of Cagalli, "Why are you wearing a white mini skirt, white tank top and white boots? I think the one that's missing is a pair of wings for your back." He commented, hoping for her reply to come.

Again, she tried to laugh, to lighten the situation at hand, "Yeah…I'm feeling like an angel today!" she exclaimed and flashed another smile. Unknown to her, his best friend was beginning to think of something else.

Then the bell rang.

"There goes the bell," he said the obvious, "Let's go to the changing room to change." He began to jog away but she tug on his sleeve, "Why?" she inquired and he typically rolled his eyes, "Gym class." He replied and ran along together with her to the changing room.

With Kira and Lacus…

Lacus adjusted her leather jacket and walked beside Kira.

"What are you doing here?" he inquired as he briskly turned to the other hall. Good thing, she can manage and keep up with his speed although she was wearing high heels.

She flashed a smile, "Of course, we have same classes, Kira." She reminded him and smiled again.

He sighed.

Why does she have to flash that goody-goody smile of hers?

For the record, she never hated Lacus but only dislike her because she was with Kira and his father always compared him to her. People call her the gentle one but how come she can't discipline her brother and tell him not to fight with him? It just didn't add up at all! Now, he'll have the opportunity to know her better.

"By the way," he said coolly, "What's our first class?"

"Chemistry." She simply replied.


He was never good in chemistry. He knew Physics-Newton, Pascal, Faraday…and Physics-related scientist but not chemistry. He wasn't great in those atomic masses and those…ionic things! Today was the day he will face his fear in Chemistry.

Lacus opened the door as they entered the room and they promptly went to their seats.

Lacus moved her chair a bit closer to Kira's, "Kira, did you prepare yourself for the killer test that Professor Hawkins was talking about yesterday?"

Kira tried to remember. Oh yes, he remembered that his twin studied for it yesterday but he didn't. I think God will help me.

He flashed a smile, "Yeah, I studied it yesterday." he lied. What a liar he was. He didn't even know that the subject 'Chemistry' ever existed in College.

Lacus shifted her legs, "Kira, I think Professor is calling you."

He promptly stood and went to that old geezer. He wanted badly to faint or run away but for now, he is know as 'Kira Yamato" the 'intelligent' son of Uzumi Nara Athha.

He sighed and faced the old man, "Is there anything I can do, Professor Hawkins?" he meekly inquired.

The old man whispered something in his ear and his frown transformed to a smile. He nodded, "Yes, sir. I can handle it and you can attend the meeting."

The old man glanced at the class and left the room. Kira clasped his hands together, "Since professor would be having a meeting for this time, we will have a review for the up coming summative test." He took out his song hits, "Have you ever felt alone?" he sang the song 'Welcome to My Life' and everyone in the class was dumbfounded with this so-called genius.

With Athrun and Cagalli...

"What did you just said?" she asked her PE teacher, Murrue.

"Ca-chan, what's wrong with you? Don't you like dancing street dances?" Murrue said in a very concerned tone.

She shook her head, "How about..." he though about Lacus and she remembered her pointe shoes, "Ballet! Yeah, I'll try it!"

But her teacher shook her head, "Didn't you break your leg when you tried the pointe shoes?" But she looked optimistic in this decision, "Okay," Murrue gave in, "But for safety, your partner would be Athrun, get it Ca-chan?"

She nodded and changed in that cute costume

Minutes later, Athrun's jaw literally dropped. Is this Cagalli? It can't be? Since when was she comfortable in wearing a tutu and oh, those painful pointe shoes?

He shoved that thought away and dance with her. Oh how happy he is!

Lunch time...

"Hey Kira!" Athrun patted his best friend's back, "I heard you sang during Chemistry when Professor Hawkins was out. Dude, what happened to you?"

He tried to laugh it away. First of all, he didn't know anything about Chemistry. Atomic Mass? Protons-neutrons? Shit! He didn't even know that those stupid things existed. (He slept during elementary and high school science) But heck, it was hard stuff and good thing he survived for the day.

"Need to change tune once in a while, right, Athrun?" Athrun just smiled but he can feel it that his best friend was dumbfounded with his very stupid response.

"Anyway, " they sat in a nearby bench, "I didn't know that Cagalli could dance! It was...great...I actually touched know, her 'chest' during one of those jumpy-partner-ish moves! God, I became more alive. Kira-dude, I have just realize that your sister is really a woman after all!"

He wanted to smack him but he just can't because Lacus sat beside them, of course, Cagalli was with her.

He cleared his throat, "May you excuse us?" he grabbed her wrist instantly and dragged her in a place where only God and they, the twins, knows.

They sat on a bench, "You know how to dance ballet?" he asked out felt crying. God, his eputation as the number tomboy would be ruin if the public would obtain this information.

"It was her turn to ask, "You sang Welcome to My Life?"

They both slap their foreheads at the same time, "Oh God! What have you done!" they both said in unison and had very disappointed looks for each other.

"Dude, didn't you know that I am running as the number one tomboy in the district?" Kira reasoned out.

She tugged him by the collar, "Didn't you know that they don't know that I sing crappy songs?"

They again slap their foreheads at the same time, "Shit!" they again said in unison.

Kira tried to calm the situation at hand, "Cagalli, I think we should just play sick and go home right now." he suggested and she nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I agree with you but what should we reason out?" she inquired.

He tapped his chin, "I have a headache and you...have cramps!"

They shook hands.

"Okay. Let's go to the clinic." she suggested and they went to the clinic.

In the Clinic...

Talia looked at them and their medical slip. She quickly drummed her fingers on her table, "You have a headache?" Kira nodded, "and you have cramps?" she nodded.

Talia sighed. Something fishy is going on but either way, once she did this trick to avoid her hated subjects, "Fine," she signed the slips, "You twins can go home." she returned the slips to them and they bidded good bye. It was like good bye scorging desert and hello ALs Vegas...or something like that.

Athrun and Lacus rushed to their friends.

"You sure you don't want to be accompanied, Cagalli?" she quickly shook her head and flashed a smile. Lacus did the same thing and Kira declined her offer.

Their friends sighed and waved good bye.

As the twins entered their car, they both sighed and massaged their temples. "Kira, what are we going to do!" Kira screamed the inquiry to his twin. The window separating the driver side from the passenger lowered and their driver, the brunette-haired woman lowered her shades, "Did I just heard you right, Kira-kun?" she eyed them suspiciously, "Or are you twins starting to enjoy this exchange?" She quickly smirked and the window quickly closed.

Kira punched the window but it wouldn't budge, "What do you mean by that, driver?" this time, Cagalli also attempted to open the closed window but it wouldn't. They tried to open and unlock the door but it just wouldn't permit them to go out and find a place for safety.

"By the way," the woman spoke, "The name is Shiho Hahnenfuss. If there are any inquiries...well, just asnwer it by yourselves!" she laughed hysterically and the car zoomed in hyper speed.

End of Chapter

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