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Summary: six years since Ryoma Echizen left Japan for the U.S. to follow his dream to become the world's champion tennis player, leaving behind a broken hearted Sakuno Ryuuzaki and something more.

Chapter One: A Memory

"Uncle Tezuka, finally you're here." A young boy shouted after the boy had answered the door. "Mom, hurry up! Uncle Tezuka is already here." The boy added while Tezuka lifted him up off the floor as he in turn wraps his arms around Tezuka's neck.

"Ryu, you forgot to put a bottle of water in your bag." A woman voice said as she steps inside the living room holding her son's bag while putting a bottle of water inside. "Hi Tezuka, are you sure it's still okay for you to take him and practice with him?" The woman added after greeting Tezuka Kunimitsu.

"Of course Sakuno." Tezuka answered eyeing Sakuno Ryuuzaki's outfit. 'She looks different than she had been when she was young.' Tezuka thought looking at Sakuno's long brown hair that hang loosely in the air, her black slacks that hug her legs emphasizing the shape of it and of course the white blouse she was wearing just enough to show the swell of her breast but not enough for anyone to see everything.

"Thanks." Sakuno said to Tezuka as she smiled at him. "And you young man, you're very big already for your Uncle Tezuka to carry." Sakuno said as she turned her attention to her five and a half years old son.

"It's no big deal Sakuno, besides I take this as part of my exercise." Tezuka said giving the boy a secret smiled that only the two of them know.

"We better go Uncle Tezuka or we'll be late." Ryu suddenly said as he wiggle from Tezuka's arms to let him go.

"You're right, we better go before your Uncle Momo and the others go crazy waiting for us." Tezuka agreed lowering Ryu to the floor.

"Bye Mom!" Ryu said getting his bag from his mother and kissing her on the cheek.

"Bye Sakuno!" Tezuka said after Ryu as he also kiss her on the cheek. "Don't forget about tomorrow Night." Tezuka added to her as he helps her son with his things.

"I won't!" Sakuno said smiling at Tezuka. "Have fun you guys!" Sakuno added standing on her porch waving at Tezuka and Ryu as they pulled out off the drive way and wave at her in return.

Sakuno close the door behind her as she went to clean up the mess in the kitchen before getting ready for work.

As Sakuno wash the dishes, she can't help but look back at her life. She has wonderful friends which mostly are the regulars of the old Seigaku's tennis players whom love her and threat her as their little sister especially after her grandmother's death which had made her relationship with them to grow even deeper; they had become the brothers she never had well all except Tezuka who is something more in her life right now than before, she also has a successful Bake Shop Business which is a total dream come true and of course the last but not the least is her loving son, Ryu whom she adore so much fro he reminded her about a love she had once had that lead to another that became the cause of Ryu's existent.



Sakuno Ryuuzaki and Ryoma Echizen are sitting on Sakuno's living room as tears started to fall from Sakuno's eyes. Ryoma, her very long time boyfriend since 3rd year high school had just told her that he was leaving for the U.S. to follow his dream to become the world's champion tennis player. She loves him so much and she understood him even if she hated the idea of being away from him for God knows how long.

Ryoma had kissed her tears away before slowly kissing her mouth to try and comfort her but all she could think of is that he was going away in the morning, that she wouldn't be able to see him again for a long, long time and a possibility that she might never see him again. Her only consolation had been that at least she would have this one night to remember him by.

Ryoma laid her down on the big couch as he deepened the kiss. Sakuno answered every kiss giving all that she had including her virginity to the man who dearly holds her hearts and is about to break it by leaving her the next day.

As Ryoma thrust himself inside her for the first time, he stilled for a moment when he realized too late that it was her first time, but Sakuno started to move beneath him, urging him to continue while whispering to him that everything is okay, he complied not able to fight his control and started to thrust himself in and out of her fast and hard giving pleasure as well as taking as they both loose themselves in each others arms.

Afterwards, though, when the explosive heat of their tumultuous love-making had finally ebbed away, he'd seemed to regret what had happened.

"I'm sorry Sakuno," he'd said, "That should never have happened… not here, not now… not when I'm leaving for the States tomorrow. I don't know why it did- I couldn't have been thinking straight, and perhaps I was a little crazy for a while." He's studied her intently. "I'm sorry for taking your virginity but will you be all right? I mean, you're not likely to get pregnant, are you?"

'Ryoma must have been trying hard to make himself believe that a one night stand wouldn't be a big deal.' Sakuno thought and she wanted to tell him he was wrong but instead she remembered shaking her head and assuring him by saying the words he wanted to hear, "It's all right. You don't have to worry about that, it doesn't matter."

By the look on his face, he looks relieved. "That's good," he'd said, and he added with a rueful smile, "I don't think I'm ready for fatherhood just yet. I have too many other plans to see through first." And he does because he left the very next morning without looking back on what happen that night, the night their baby was conceived.


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