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Chapter 18: The Dinner with Lacus' Father


Kira was feeling nervous. In just a few short hours he would be seated at a table in Lacus' house; seated with her father.

The previous day had gone by without many happenings. Classes had their typical lectures and the lab had its normal tedious work. Afternoon he spent out in downtown with his sister, buying some things they would need for the trip.

That night the siblings met up with Athrun to watch a movie. Kira tried to get Lacus to come out but she had been feeling sick.

'They behaved themselves well,' Kira thought back to the movie as he set out clothes, for once in his life diligently looking over his wardrobe as to what to wear.

Today he had spent a bit of time packing. He had not planned on taking much but his sister did make him nervous about forgetting something. "Don't come asking me for something you forgot," he remembered her saying.

Kira took a shirt off the rack in his closet and threw it onto the bed above a pair of pants. 'This is supposed to help me imagine what it looks like right?' he asked himself. He quietly sighed and decided to just put that outfit on.

Butting up the shirt he looked at himself in the mirror. Never had he been so concerned, but Lacus had made him nervous about the dinner. "My dad is excited to see you, but being so busy he might not see you for a while after, so you better look quite good then." He remembered her sly voice as she said it.

Last night after the movie was over he did call her back. They talk for a long time, long into the night. It was getting easier to find things to talk about, which made him happy. He had been always worried that they did not share enough in common.

"You know, people always think that I am a girl that has had many relationships. I do not always understand it," she had said.

"Well you are an easy girl to talk to. I'm sure many guys wanted to date you."

"That is true, but I have only had one real relationship before and that was with our dear friend Athrun. Even so it was as if we were just close friends."

He somehow had felt good about that. But Kira wasn't sure as to why. What was it inside of himself that made him like the fact that Lacus had not been dating many other guys? Was it that he was still so nervous about his own lack of experience when it came to dating?

Or maybe he just felt good that she had selected so specifically whom to date? It was a nice idea to think he was special to her in such a way.

Kira wished he naturally knew more about how to act when dating someone and then could just be the smooth talker, the brave guy. He needed to work on it but yet everything about this relationship seemed like a dream at times.

Standing in front of the mirror, the young man checked out his attire. 'I hope this looks good enough. She did tell me not to actually worry about it, but I'm going to have to sit through a whole dinner this time.'

Walking out the bed room and into the living room, Kira picked up the phone, calling up a taxi to take him. This way, he figured, there was less chances of getting his clothes dirty and it would be a much shorter trip.

After some twenty minutes of sitting around, the taxi arrived. The drive would take a bit more than half an hour.

Kira sat quietly in the back, his head leaning up against the window. The cab veered around the small streets of his neighborhood. Small shops dotted the mostly residential area. Many were inside at this hour, getting ready or in the process of eating dinner.

But once the driver turned onto the major avenue, the whole city opened up. A road built with four lanes in each direction. The sides were filled with large buildings and bright signs. Varied people crowded the intersections and sidewalks. Shops, restaurants and cafés gleamed with life.

It was these parts of the city that never slept. At almost all hours of the night there where cars packing the roads and many times more people walking alongside them. There may be parts of the city that never saw a police officer after dark but here they walked around with the people, their cars sitting ready for anything.

It was not often that Kira found himself out like those around him. Except for the occasional movie with Athrun or dinner with his sister or friends, Kira mostly stayed at his small apartment. But here he was, out in the city's night life, out crowding the road.

Yet with it all he just hoped to get to Lacus' house soon. He daydreamed about being one of those people and walking along the brightness of the nightlife with her, with his girlfriend.

Of course, first he had to worry about making a good impression with her father.

The taxi eventually moved away from the main boulevards and off into more small neighborhood roads. After some minutes of driving the housing began to look noticeably bigger.

After some minutes more, the cab pulled up to a very familiar gateway.

"This is the place, yes?" the driver asked.

"Yea it's the right place. Thank you."

After paying the fare, Kira walked up the gate. He pressed the button on the wall.

"Yes hello?" the familiar voice of Lacus rang out from the intercom after a few seconds of waiting.

"Hey Lacus, it's me, Kira."

"But of course I know it is you Kira, come in," she gleefully responded.

As a noise rang out, Kira pushed open the gate. It felt like a long walk up the door, but as he approached it opened to the smiling face of his pink haired princess.

"Hello hello my dear Kira, it is very good to see you."

"Hey Lacus, you are looking nice," he commented. She wore a simple white dress. But on her, simple dresses let everyone see her natural beauty. She didn't need any fancy dress or make-up, he thought, she was born without any need for them.

When upon reaching her, she placed her hands on his upper arms and gave him a simple kiss on the cheek.

"Come in, we are very excited to have you over tonight," she said after walked back a few steps.

"Well, um, thanks for having me."

She giggled slightly. "You appear to be a bit nervous. But do not worry..." Lacus stepped up to him once again, and leaned up to his ear.

"Even if my father hated you, he couldn't keep me away from that shy face of yours," she whispered. With that Lacus quietly walked down the hallway.

Kira just watched for a moment. 'That has to be one of the sexiest thing she has ever done' he thought to himself. After a moment of shock he quickly walked up next to her. They exchanged smiles and walked side by side to the living room.

Lacus' father was there, reading the newspaper. He stood up and shook Kira's hand. Although remaining nervous, Kira politely said his hellos and took a seat when invited to by Mr. Clyne.

"Thank you for coming. I am rather busy these days and I have not had time to get acquainted with you yet. Lacus tells me so many good things about you."

"Ah well thanks for having me," Kira responded, trying to appear calm. He looked over to Lacus that had just sat in a chair next to his, with her casual gleeful smile.

"So I hear you attend the national university. What are you studying?" Mr. Clyne asked.

"Computer science."

"Oh so you enjoy working with computers?"

At that point Lacus stood up and excused herself to go check on the food. This only added to Kira's unease. He felt like a young teenager about to take a girl out on her first date. While Mr. Clyne's questions where all friendly, Kira still felt as if he was failing to make a good impression. To add to it was the fact that he knew Mr. Clyne was a prominent senator and here the young man was in this roomy house talking without the same articulation that the Clyne family seemed to share.

As Kira corrected himself in answering a question, he caught Lacus hiding behind the doorway, giggling quietly to herself.

'She left me hanging, and she's finding it funny. I'll have to remember this later,' Kira thought to himself.

He re-centered his focus on Mr. Clyne as the man asked him another question. After a minute Lacus appeared, informing them that dinner was ready.

The three quietly walked down the hallway to the dinner table. "How about you sit here, as my daughter enjoys sitting in the chair next to mine."

Kira nodded and took the seat across from Mr. Clyne, with Lacus sitting at the end of the table between the two men.

"For tonight, we have some nice raviolis. Something simple for this first meal together," Lacus said to the two.

"It looks quite nice," Mr. Clyne added, placing the cloth napkin properly in his lap.

"Yea looks really good," Kira agreed, following Mr. Clyne's example with the napkin.

Lacus took hold of the spoon and began to dish out some of the ravioli onto her father's plate. "Let us all eat then," she said as she moved over to serve Kira.

The three ate slowly as Mr. Clyne continued to feed his curiosity.

"So you are from the northern territories as well. You know, I am quite glad that things are at peace now so that we can all live here in the capital together."

"Actually back when the conflict was still going on we just lived in the southern providence. Things were fairly calm down there," Kira informed him.

"Yes they were spared the trouble we had to once live through. You are very fortunate to have grown up there. Does your family still live in the south?"

"They do. I mean, when things were bad, it was as if there was no problems going on. Guess we were sort of ignorant to it all. So I'm sure they still feel that safety there."

Mr. Clyne wiped his mouth before responding. "The south has been somewhat autonomous from our nation so I can imagine that would be the case."

The three ate on for a few moments without anyone saying a thing. It was then that Mr. Clyne cleared his throat and asked the question Kira was not expecting.

"So Kira, tell me, what is it that you like about my daughter?"

"Father!" Lacus interjected. "That is not a question you should be asking. It is quite embarrassing as well." She had remained quite through much of the evening but it seemed this was too much for her.

"Well I am just very interested in this young man."

"Yes but you should not ask such a personal question now. What he feels for me is between Kira and I."

Mr. Clyne seemed to almost laugh at the response his daughter gave. Of course Kira wasn't sure, as he never saw the man with much of a different expression.

"Lacus, come now, do not be so unreasonable. I do not see anything wrong with Kira. I am just inquiring what he finds when he think of you."

"And we were having such an enjoyable dinner," Lacus commented angrily.

Kira was feeling the need to answer as Mr. Cylne looked directly at him, still somewhat expressionless. "So what is it then that attracts you to my dear Lacus?"

"Um well," Kira began, a bit embarrassed as he shifted his look down to his plate. "It's the way she smiles, you could say. Not just that Lacus has that nice smile all the time, but how she really feels it, really does seem to be happy. I mean, I'm just a simple guy that goes on about his day like everyone else. But she seems to really live it, and I always look forward to seeing that smile. I suppose that doesn't make much sense."

There was a moment of silence that seemed to drag on forever. Kira was infinitely nervous over what he had just said so openly. Looking up he saw Mr. Clyne smiling and Lacus staring at him in a rather shocked manner.

'Uh oh, I wonder if she is mad that I ended up saying something,' he thought.

Mr. Clyne chucked for a moment. "Well said, you remind me of when I was younger."

Lacus turned to her father, looking a bit angered as before, "Yes but I'm sure not as rude."

"Oh my Lacus."

The noise of the phone ringing ran through the house. "The maid will get it," the father informed Kira.

A moment later the maid appeared, holding the phone. "Mr. Clyne, there is a phone call for you."

"Oh my, excuse me a moment if you will. I do hope it is nothing important," he commented as he stood up.

After her father walked away, Lacus looked at Kira and smiled.

Still feeling nervous, Kira commented: "I'm sorry about, you know, saying that."

"Did you not mean it then?" she asked.

"Oh well no, but you didn't really want your father asking such things and all."

She smiled at him once more. "You did quite surprise me. I am glad that you said what you said."

My. Clyne appeared at the doorway once more, informing them that he would not be rejoining the two for that evening. Important business had come up that he had to attend to. He thanked Kira for coming and then left the couple alone.

"How about I show you around some more?" Lacus asked.

Kira agreed and she took his hand, guiding her boyfriend around the house. The tour itself was actually quite short, just showing off a small study, a guest room upstairs, and then ending at Lacus' room.

"So this is where I sleep," she simply said, extending her arm to usher him in.

The room was big with a desk for studying, a tv on a stand, and a large bed. There was a lot of pink, blues and whites in the room. It was simple but vibrant, much like her.

"Wow you have a lot of stuffed-animals," Kira said as he walked over to a large shelf by the bed that displayed them.

"Yes these are from my childhood until now. They round ones here are Haros. Our friend Athrun made them for me. At first it was all he could do in his class but I enjoyed it so much that he made more for me. I do like them but he is much better when he works with electronics."

"Yea he can fix anything," Kira lightly said as he turned to the woman standing next to him.

They looked at each other for a quiet second when Lacus suddenly leaned up and kissed him on the lips.

She placed a hand against his chest, at first softly but then he felt some pressure behind it. It threw the young man off balance and he found himself falling against her bed. Instinctively he garbed a hold of her arms, pulling her down with him.

Kira looked down at her, as her head rested against his chest. She looked back at him with a smile.

"Hello," Lacus whispered.

"You did that on purpose didn't you?" Kira whispered back with a grin.

"Yes I did. What you said earlier, it was more than unexpected." She turned away from him for a few seconds, resting her body against his. Lacus brought her legs up along the bed so as to not have them hanging over the side but kept her torso where it was.

"What it was my Kira, it was wonderful. Thank you."

"I meant it all of course, I sometimes feel a bit strange around you because you are so... great."

She giggled slightly and looked up at him once more. They locked their eyes on each other, so close now to each other's.

"You know, it is typically the man in those romantic stories that says such a thing but you will have to excuse me for saying it myself."

Kira gave her a questioning look.

She sighed and began: "You know, I hope you do not mind but I have to kiss you now. And I probably will not stop for a while to come."

As if driven by what she said, Kira rolled himself over along with Lacus so that now he was on top of her, his body hovering above hers. They smiled at each other and she even giggled nervously which caused him to laughed slightly. But with that he moved closer and closer to her lips. He closed his eyes, letting the sensation of touching her lips with his fill his mind.

He was nervous, he was shy, he was unexperienced. Yet for that moment, he was in love and all that did not matter.