Title: Hunting Passion
Part: 22/22
Author: Usagi-Atemu-Tom [miakalikestamahome at hotmail dot com]
Warnings: lemon, incest, death
Genre: Romance, Angst, Supernatural, AU
Pairings: Yami no Yuugi x Yuugi, Malik + Rishido
Criticism: Constructive criticism welcomed
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, I don't make money from fanfiction.

Description: They came at midnight. He didn't know how they were able to intrude into his house, but somehow they succeeded. They were a male and a female. HE, was the leader, obviously. She seemed to be some kind of apprentice to him. Not that it really mattered. For they were both strong and deadly.

But when a young teen is able to run from the grasp of his captors, it is the start of a long game of hide and seek. He finds a new side to himself he would have never dreamed he had. And it helps him to keep the game to his advantage. But he knows the game will never end, at least not before his death. Because his hunter is a vampire.

Thanks to my betareader Lee-Ann for the usual quick work. ^^

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If Yuugi would ever be forced to answer the question when he got the idea to stow away lube in his nightstand he was sure he would die of embarrassment. Because if he chose to answer he would be forced to admit that he bought the tube already weeks ago, shortly after Atemu and he started their truce.

Thankfully enough the vampire did not ask any question for now. It seemed he just had his own thoughts on the matter, grinning teasingly at Yuugi, waving the small package of gel in his hand. Closing the drawer, the older Mutou allowed his body to fall back into the mattress, the lube held high above his head.

Loosening a finger from its hold on the package Atemu gazed sensually over towards the small built teen who sat slightly apart from him on the bed with bated breath.

"Come here, aibou!" he purred in a dark, alluring voice, his finger motioning provokingly. Yuugi could not deny the command, not that he wanted to. Slowly crawling forward with sweaty hands and a hard pounding heart, the shifter allowed the other to grab his wrist to pull him forward. With a small umpf, Yuugi landed right on the naked body of the vampire, for once barely able to keep the Sennen Puzzle out of the way as he had successfully done before. The touch of their bodies set their skin on sweet fire.

On instinct, Yuugi moved slightly, causing a delicious friction to overwhelm their nerves, though it was only the shifter who let a moan escape his mouth while his head fell backwards. Atemu on the other hand simply buried his hands, after he put the lube besides him, within the soft hair and pulled Yuugi towards his face.

Expecting another kiss, the shifter closed his eyes immediately, his lips already opening slightly in invitation. He was surprised though then instead he found the cool breath of his hunter to brush his right ear and the quiet chuckle seemed so loud that his eyes flew open widely once more.

"I need to prepare you, aibou", Atemu whispered hotly, licking the inside of his ear after each sentence he now spoke. "Are you willing for me? Are you ready for this step?" He paused shortly, though not long enough to give Yuugi a chance to speak before he added something more. "Do you have any idea how much I've been craving to claim you since the moment our game started?"

Shuddering in delight about the words, the touch, the voice, the shifter's breath escaped loudly, shakily. He needed three deep breaths before he was able to voice his reply and it was still only a small sentence.

"I'm ready", Yuugi croaked hoarsely before he gave in to the overwhelming urge and pulled back just enough that he was able to dive forward and kiss the vampire hard and deep.

Tongues started to battle intensely, as they both fought for control. Their bodies rubbed against each other instinctively, the urge to satisfy their desire increasing further. One of the two hands that were massaging Yuugi's scalp left him, though he barely noticed as he was engulfed once more in the pleasant haze of heat and desire the other sparked.

Atemu grabbed the lube that was bouncing beside him on the mattress and with skill he opened the cap single handed. Pouring some of the contents on his fingers took him a bit longer, but the vampire simply refused to break either their heated kiss, or the touch of his other hand buried deep within the shifter's hair. The first warning Yuugi received about what was to happen came in the form of a sudden thought inside his head.

'Aibou, I need you to kneel', the voice of the vampire whispered in his mind as teeth were lightly biting down on his tongue hidden inside the other's mouth. Snorting through his nose Yuugi shuddered and only the hand pressing his head stronger against the other's face prevented the shifter from breaking their kiss.

Needing a moment to get himself together, Yuugi lost his control fully towards his namesake who used the advantage to push the tongue back inside the shifter's mouth, his own tongue following immediately. Atemu explored every single corner of the sweet cave he invaded, his tongue stroking sensually over teeth, skin and the other muscle inside, intent on heightening the pleasure the teen was already feeling.

Never fully out of the daze Yuugi was finally able to release his hands from where he had been gripping Atemu's shoulders. It took even more difficulty to stop his body's automatic movements against the other, the pleasure simply too nice to be abandoned immediately. Breathing deeply through his nose twice, Yuugi concentrated fully on the wonderful feeling the vampire created inside his mouth and slowly his body moved until he ended up kneeling above his hunter on all fours. His hips still jerked slightly in an unconscious attempt to return the touch of their erections against each other while the Sennen Puzzle dangled barely out of the way, more often than not hitting their unprotected skin softly with every of Yuugi's movements.

'Done!' the shifter informed the vampire within his thoughts, while a moan escaped his throat as Atemu managed to stroke over a specially sensitive part inside his mouth.

'Good boy', the vampire sent back and how he managed to purr while not even speaking verbally Yuugi would never know. Not that he cared about the question too much because no sooner had the other sent his thought did he feel a finger lightly stroking his backside until it reached the cleft between his cheeks.

Shuddering violently over the sensation and implications, Yuugi's whole body started to tense until another stroke of fingers and tongue got his attention.

'Relax!' the order was soft, only a whisper even inside his mind and somehow the teen could not help but comply. He continued to concentrate on their kiss, forcing himself to fully get lost inside the pleasant haze that had never left him for what felt like days now. Occupied like that and with the help of further strokes and ministrations from Atemu the shifter barely realised when a first slick and slightly cold finger suddenly entered the most intimate part of his body.

By the time Yuugi became aware of the intruder the first discomfort was already gone and though he could not deny it felt still strange to be filled as he was, there was no pain. Atemu was gentle, a total opposite from the kiss he was still indulging the younger Mutou in. He worked his way inside with care and the movement at the beginning was barely felt, only slowly increasing in speed and depth.

It was not until Yuugi all of the sudden started to push back against the finger that the vampire broke their kiss. The shifter did not even realise what happened. Both of them were panting hard and all Yuugi felt was that burning heat and the tightening of the knot inside his belly which caused wave after wave of exquisite pleasure to crash through his veins.

He moaned, while his hips bucked and pushed against the intruding finger, until all of the sudden he realised what he was doing and his eyes opened wide, staring at the smirking Atemu under him with disbelief.

The vampire did not say a word. Instead he released the hand buried inside the teen's hair and touched one cheek of his ass. He pulled, indicating for Yuugi to move a bit forward which the teen complied without question. It was a rather strange position for the shifter to be in, above the other, now looking down onto a crown of hair.

Atemu used the distraction of thoughts and feelings the younger was lost inside to raise his upper body slightly until his lips reached the naked chest above him. Hungry lips kissed receptive skin, moving forward in blind search until they found what they were looking for.

A surprised gaps escaped Yuugi's mouth as he felt Atemu's mouth enclose over one of his nipples, a still faintly heated tongue stroking over too sensitive skin. Moaning his pleasure right over the other's head Yuugi's knees nearly gave out from the next strong assault of passion that he could feel rolling through his body.

"Atemu!" the name was out before he knew it and this time, even though he was burning and floating in the primal feeling of lust, he immediately felt the second finger joining the first inside his body. There was a short twinge before more discomfort filled his senses, but it was not too bad. Already knowing he would get used to it soon enough, Yuugi concentrated on keeping his body relaxed and to think nothing over the fact how his inside felt strangely filled and slick.

Atemu released the nipple he had been taking care of, the small bud now hard and erected. Scrapping his sharp teeth carefully over responsive skin, the vampire kissed what he could reach of the chest above him until he finally found the other side where the second nipple was waiting for his attention.

By the time greedy lips enclosed over the other nub, Yuugi's back was pushing back against the fingers inside of him, an urge to be filled deeper overtaking his hazy mind.

"You are doing well, aibou", Atemu praised against the other's skin and Yuugi threw his head back in a howl when all of the sudden the fingers inside him hit something that made him see light behind closed eyes. His body tingled and spasmed, even the tips of his toes seemed to curl on themselves as the heat from before became a wave of fire now, leaving him panting and moaning repeatedly without any control left of his voice. The sounds just had to come out because if they did not he felt like he would burst from the inside.

And then all of the sudden the gist of the heat stopped and he felt empty, his befuddled mind needing a long moment before he realised that Atemu's fingers were no longer inside him. Blinking rapidly, Yuugi looked down where burning, hungry eyes stared back, leaving the shifter breathless once more.

Before he could question the vampire's actions, the body under him moved and in a quick, strong motion Yuugi's world turn upside down as he found himself all of the sudden lying on his back staring up into passionate orbs of the other; so close he was unable to see anything else. A cold nose brushed against his own as Atemu purred and moved above him before all of the sudden he groaned and his head fell backwards while a sound of pure bliss released from this throat.

It was only then that Yuugi realised what was happening. Now able to see more, he noticed Atemu kneeling between his legs, one hand stroking his erection which was standing proud and tall, twitching with every stroke it received. Hands and skin of the vampire's member glistered slightly, proving to the wide eyed shifter that it must be the slick gel of the lube his hunter currently coated his erection with.

The sight Atemu offered while he pleasured himself slightly was something the small built teen was sure just burned itself into his mind to stay there for all eternity. It was exquisite, arousing and mind numbing to watch that gorgeous creature above him bending backwards, usual glowing, red eyes now closed in utter bliss, mouth opened slightly and panting as he fought to hold back his body's urges towards passion.

Yuugi shuddered as his gaze returned to the other's erection, knowing that in a few seconds this one would be buried deep inside his own body. And while he still felt a bit nervous about it, he was also so bursting with need and want, which clouded any insecurities that might be lingering in his mind.

When Atemu opened his intense eyes again and stared down at the younger Mutou, the shifter knew he was ready. Allowing his body to fall back deeply into the mattress Yuugi laid there silently and invitingly starring up at the vampire above him. The hunter let out a deep purr, face showing nothing but hunger and satisfaction about the teen's actions.

Throwing the now closed tube of lube away carelessly, Atemu bent down and grasped the shifter's hips, lifting them slightly. Understanding what needed to be done Yuugi immediately bent one of his legs for better hold while raising the other and resting his foot against the vampire's back.

Satisfied with their new position, Atemu moved forward slightly until his throbbing erection was finally touching the entrance towards Yuugi's body. Passion filled red eyes meet their glowing counterpart both men silently communicating. Only when the vampire had assured his partner's readiness did he take the last step.

Slowly, with barely controlled restraint Atemu pushed the tip of his erection inside, teeth gritting nearly painfully as he fought to keep control. Yuugi meanwhile gave his best to leave his body relaxed, not allowing his nerves and pounding heart to spoil the experience of his very first penetration.

He was doing it, he was having his very first time and while the feeling of being filled was indeed a bit strange, just like the fingers had felt at the beginning, there was a rushing deep inside his ears that had nothing to do with discomfort but everything with pleasure and the joy of being connected to someone more deeply than he had never been before.

Slowly, but steadily Atemu was filling his inside until the vampire ended up buried to the hilt. His namesake stopped moving altogether, his harsh panting and the slightly softer breathing of Yuugi the only sounds in the room. The shifter allowed his senses to roam, to take in everything he experienced and felt while his insides got used to being stretched and filled like they were.

Very quickly the discomfort vanished, improved especially when Atemu controlled his body's urges enough to dare and move one of his hands to enclose over the twitching erection of the shifter.

Groaning, Yuugi fisted the sheets under him with all the power he had as pleasure spread quickly, making him forget everything else. His chest's movements increased and he was breathing loudly, desperately craving for more of those feelings he received.

It seemed that was the very sign Atemu had been waiting for because all of the sudden the teen felt the vampire moving inside him, the feeling of being filled slowly vanishing as the other pulled about half the way out of his entrance. Only to burry himself fully inside once more, causing a friction and heat to built up within the shifter which he thought he could not receive.

Yuugi had suspected he already reached the highest point possible when the vampire's fingers found his prostate earlier in their preparations, but now the shifter realised he had been wrong. Between the soft, yet strong strokes on his erection, coupled with the movements of the other's member deep inside, Yuugi could not help but let out another howl of pleasure. His body slowly adjusted to the movements and his hips started to move on their own accord, quickly falling in into the rhythm set by Atemu.

As soon as the older Mutou realised that Yuugi was meeting him thrust for slow thrust, the vampire increased his speed. The movement became stronger, more powerful. He pulled out further only to slam back inside, all with strength, finally hitting the shifter's prostate once more straight on.

The wonderful feeling this left to his body, the knot tightening even further as he saw the burning light behind his closed eyes explode again and again caused Yuugi to lose the last bit of restraint he had. Throwing his head from side to side, hands shooting up to clutch around the vampire's underarms, the teen let out moan after throaty moan, some louder, some more quiet but never ending.

His body moved under the other, still able to meet him with each thrust, while every hit to his special spot deep inside of him left Yuugi gasping for air and his body felt like it curled around itself pleasantly.

"Soooooo, good, so good", the shifter all of the sudden groaned fervently, his eyes opening as Atemu hit his prostate once more before stopping his motion altogether to allow both of them to bask in the current sensations they experienced together.

Clutching the older's arms in spasms, Yuugi panted, looking into those burning red eyes that reflected the same passion and lust he was feeling himself.

"Move!" the shifter begged, his voice hinting a hitch of desperation. "Oh gods, mou hitori no boku, move!"

Smirking shakily, the vampire complied and started to move once more, this time nearly putting his erection nearly all out before slamming right back inside only to repeat the action again and again. Yuugi was howling now, the intense feeling absolutely overwhelming and he realised that he would be unable to hold back much longer. The knot had tightened as much as it could. All that was left was the explosion, the release it would bring.

Whispering Atemu's name like a mantra, the shifter continued to moan and plead, barely conscious of what he was doing, only aware of that overwhelming feeling of lust, of wanting to be higher, faster, being filled deeper and held by that one creature above him that he knew he loved with every fever of his being.

"Atemu, Atemu, Atemu!" he chanted, then with a deep groan and one last thrust and stroke to his own erection the knot inside his belly burst. White exploded in front of his eyes even though they were wide open and a long but silent scream escaped the small built teen's mouth as his release coated the fingers of his sweet tormentor and his own body.

He was still lost in the euphoria of his very first orgasm caused by someone else, when Atemu all of the sudden pulled him upwards, the body of the vampire falling backwards at the same time, leaving Yuugi to end up sitting on the other's erection still deeply buried inside him. He arched his back, throwing his head backwards as a second assault of all consuming pleasure invaded all of his senses, a small aftermath of his first orgasm.

The shifter could not move a single muscle, but he did not have to, because Atemu was there, keeping a tight grip on his hips and moving the body above him, slamming him down on his erection until all of the sudden a deeper, yet no less satisfied howl of completion sounded inside the room as the vampire voiced his pleasure to the world.

Yuugi could feel the release of the other filling him, surprisingly warm, so unlike the cold he had been used to feeling from the vampire. Yet maybe it should not have surprised him so much, since Atemu so far had warmed up the more heated their play had become.

Feeling the last of his strength leave his body, Yuugi slumped forward, the Sennen Puzzle pressing uncomfortably against their bodies as it was sandwiched between them. Yuugi's head came to rest tiredly against Atemu's shoulder and it was only after a moment of trying to catch his breath that he felt heated, shaking lips caress the skin on his neck, carefully biting down until all of the sudden he felt the small prick of pleasurable pain as his skin was penetrated just slightly.

Knowing what the other was planning to do, Yuugi had a hard time getting rid of the pleasant haze of his aftermath to remind them of one important thing.

"Atemu", he finally was able to whisper, for once using the other's name outside their lovemaking, just as lips enclosed firmly against the point where his neck met his shoulder. "You have to touch the Sennen Puzzle!"

Yuugi enclosed his own hands over said item and quickly felt the already cooling hands of his namesake join his actions, their fingers touching here and there while both held on to the puzzle.

"Yuugi, will this really protect you during the turning?" Atemu whispered, his voice a little bit unsure for once, his body shaking. Releasing one hand from holding his treasure just for a moment to softly stroke over the vampire's cheek, Yuugi could not help but smile, even though the other was unable to see it.

"Yes, mou hitori no boku", the teen whispered while grabbing both the puzzle and the other's hands once more, squeezing them quickly. "Don't be afraid, I'll be totally fine. Trust in the magic of our treasure and the magic Isis-san possesses. I believe in her prediction and I believe in us."

Nodding his head once Atemu took another moment to collect himself while Yuugi waited with baited breath. And then he bit, just as the last of the wonderful aftermath had left the shifter's body, only to return with vengeance as heat so familiar and yet so different engulfed the teen's body and mind once more.

A rush could be heard inside his ears while Yuugi felt the blood being taken out of his body, sucked right inside that greedy mouth of his hunter. Atemu drank from him in strong, hungry gulps and the pleasure the whole process caused made the shifter moan throatily. His hips started to rock on their own accord, the length of the vampire still buried inside and before he realised what was happening Yuugi was moving his hips wildly up and down, riding that hard, pulsing erecting taking it inside of him as deep as he could.

Atemu did not stop once in his feeding, though he let out the one or other moan himself, as Yuugi took both of them up into heaven once more. It did not take long to find release together for a second time, the vampire and the shifter nearly coming at the same moment.

Yuugi was left in a daze this time that did not lift at all. His thought turned sluggish and it took him what felt like ages to realise that this must be the effect of his blood loss. The shifter never noticed when the vampire was finally done drinking nor when he pulled out of his tired body.

He barely felt being laid down on his back. Senses only enhanced once more for a moment when all of the sudden something rather wet was pushed against his mouth. Acting on intuition alone, his survival instincts kicking in, Yuugi opened his mouth and drank what was offered, his tongue not really registering the rather metallic taste of blood.

The pleasant haze of warm heat still engulfed his body when Atemu forced the teen to stop drinking and while one of the vampire's hands was holding on to the puzzle, keeping also Yuugi's hands attached, there was suddenly burst of light from the gold, blind radiance that exploded in front of their eyes. Yuugi had barely time to scream in surprise, though in his weakened state it came only out as a quiet moan, then sweet, inviting darkness fell over him and he knew no more.

When Sugoroku entered the room in the early morning hours, he found Yuugi lying on his bed, covered by a blanket, looking as if he was sleeping. Atemu sat at the edge of the bed, wearing only boxer shorts, gazing at the boy entranced.

"Is he dead?" the old Mutou whispered, rising the vampire from his thoughts, yet unable to startle him since he still sensed his younger brother's entrance. Looking at him, Atemu nodded his head, a wistful smile on his face.

"He'll be like this for the next three days, oto-chan", the vampire whispered as if afraid he might wake the teen up if he spoke too loud, no matter how impossible that was. "I hope you have something of an excuse ready for his absences, because this is the time needed for his body to turn. And when he wakes up, he'll be very thirsty therefore it is better if no one besides me is in his room until he drinks his first blood."

Shaking his head, Atemu looked up at his younger brother, red eyes weary.

"I just hope that Ishtar's letter told the truth. I am staking a lot as it is and I am still afraid Yuugi might wake up becoming like Rebecca, no matter how much he reassured me that he would not. Vampires are rare and I did not meet a lot during my time of being one, but those I did meet were not too different than Rebecca or my sire. They are crazier than anything else and I have to admit that till today I do not understand how I stayed sane."

"About that, nii-san, I think I developed a theory", Sugoroku interrupted the older's talk, sitting down in the chair from Yuugi's desk. "When I was first confronted with one of the Sennen Items, I started my research, which only intensified after Yuugi became a shifter and when he returned from Egypt, telling me the whole story about the young pharaoh and his banishment of the power the shifter possessed.

"The Sennen Items are very powerful and already in the past their power acted up without their owners consent to protect them or something similar."

"And what does that have to do with my sanity?" Atemu wanted to know, eyebrow raised.

"I am getting there, nii-san", the old man replied with a small chuckle over his older brother's impatience. "I remember that night they found you very well. You had the Sennen Puzzle with you, nearly completed. My theory is that with it being as good as completed, there was already the first amounts of power activated and that power reached out to protect your soul after you were bitten and turned.

"Since you were unable to complete the puzzle, you could not be acknowledged as the newest shifter with full power over everything. But I guess the power recognised your lineage and the pureness of your soul and it tried to save that as best it could."

Looking thoughtfully at the Sennen Puzzle that was lying on the nightstand right now, Atemu tilted his head slightly.

"I guess you might be right", he finally agreed. "And if that really is the truth, I hope it had been recognising Yuugi's soul and is protecting him right now as well."

"I'm sure the Sennen Puzzle has done just that", Sugoroku words were soft, trying to reassure not only his elder brother but himself. "Just to be on the safe side I called Yuugi's school asking the director to inform his class that he is down with a nasty, infecting virus and that no one is allowed to see him until it's safe to approach him.

"Good thinking", Atemu nodded, a smirk playing around his lips. "I can't wait until he's able to return to school. I remember how taken aback he looked when I told him about using make up to cover my too pale skin. But to ensure that he doesn't look too pale around school, Yuugi'll need to wear some as well."

Chuckling about the picture of an indignant Yuugi, that popped into his mind the old Mutou got out of the chair, smiling kindly at his older brother.

"Well, I need to get ready so I can open the shop in time. Please tell me if something changes or when it's becoming too dangerous to enter this room. Thank god I heard about my son's business trip in time so I could encourage Yuugi's mother to go with him. They already left half an hour ago and since they know Yuugi needs his sleep on a school day they did not enter to say goodbye."

"Wouldn't have been nice to find their son not breathing and a stranger sitting besides his bed, I am sure", the vampire stated with a smirk, before becoming serious again. "I promise I keep you informed, oto-chan. But I can nearly guarantee you, that you'll be safe for the next two days at least."

"That's fine with me", Sugoroku replied, a smile playing around his lips. "Do me a favour and take good care of him, will you, nii-san?"

Nodding his head in affirmation Atemu watched the old man leave before he resumed his gazing to the dead teen on his bed.

True to his words, Sugoroku's excuse was able to keep nearly everyone away from the house. Yuugi's friends did call out of concern of course, but they were put off with the excuse of Yuugi trying to sleep off his fever and that he would give everyone a call as soon as he was over the worst.

The only one that did not allow for himself to be kept away so easily was Yuugi's best friend Jounouchi. Instead of calling like the others had done, he showed up in front of the Mutous' house unexpectedly, happily ignoring everything he was told about virus and infection. At first Sugoroku was at a loss what to do with the blonde. In fact he was all the ready to assure that Yuugi was doing as well as expected under the circumstances and ask Jounouchi if he could come back in one or two days.

However, Atemu, who had left his place by Yuugi's side just to wash his hands after he dirtied them while cleaning the room from last night's mess, noticed the commotion and he entered the shop part of the house to greet the shifter's friend.

"Oto-chan let him through", he advised, a small, amused smile on his face. "I know for a fact that Jounouchi was supposed to be told the truth anyway. I guess my visit last night came just so unexpected for him that he had no time to warn his friend."

"Huh, what do you mean by that", Yuugi's best friend wondered confused before he added rather cheerfully. "Oh, hey Atemu, by the way!"

Chuckling the vampire motioned for the blonde to follow him inside the house and upstairs where Yuugi was lying silently in his bed, skin already pale and cold in death now. At first Jounouchi didn't notice that fact. He only saw the small built teen lying there and rushed to his side worriedly.

"Hey Yuugi", he breathed, sitting down beside him, wanting to stroke his cheek. Only then did he realise just how cold the shifter was and his eyes widened when he noticed the other was not breathing. Quickly paling in shock Jounouchi turned around, eyes wide in fear.

"Atemu, what is going on here?" the blonde growled out through gritted teeth, his expression a mixture of fear and anger. The vampire sat down beside the only teen alive and stroked over Yuugi's pale skin with soft touches.

"You did notice right, Jounouchi", the hunter started quietly. "Yuugi is currently dead. But he'll be waking up in two days. As I told oto-chan, I know he originally wanted to tell you beforehand, what he planned to do but circumstances caused a change of plans."

"You mean, YOU caused a change of plans", the blonde corrected dryly, calming down slightly. His comment elicited an amused chuckle from the vampire.

"You are right, it was my unjust timing, I guess", Atemu agreed and smirked. "That doesn't change the fact however that Yuugi was determined to allow me to change him into a vampire. He wants to stay by my side forever while at the same time give me the chance to never be forced to kill people for blood again."

"Never kill for blood again, how is that possible?" the tall built teen wanted to know, so Atemu showed him the letter from Isis that Sugoroku had left with him in the morning. After the blonde was done reading it through his eyes were even bigger and he looked at the other with an open mouth.

"And Yuugi was willing to do just that?" he gasped out, shaking his head. "Crazy boy, but I guess I can understand to some extent. "And you promise that he'll be all right when he wakes up once more?"

Smiling a bit crookedly, Atemu shook his head.

"No, I am trusting YUUGI and his faith into Isis and the Sennen Puzzle", he corrected. "I don't know that Ishtar woman as well as he does, so all I can do is rely on his judgement. I've been very sceptical at the beginning but Yuugi has this ability to pull one's trust into his words. It was the deciding factor for me to give in and agree to the changing. Believe me if I tell you, should he turn out to be wrong it will be the end of my world."

"That serious, huh?" Jounouchi let out a short whistle, his eyes gazing at the vampire with a whole new understanding. "With the way you two have been hanging around each other at school and how well you fit in the tournament I already suspected something deeper going on."

He looked over at the dead body under the blankets one of his hands ruffling the lifeless hair before he turned back, smirking at the vampire.

"Though I have to admit I never expected Yuugi of all our close friends to lose his virginity first. Not that I doubt his perverseness - I've corrupted him enough with the videos I have at home - but he can be damn shy when it comes to relationships."

Atemu took the declaration with a straight face, merely raising an eyebrow. He did not deny the obvious since he sat in the chamber just in his leather pants while the naked shoulder that showed over the edge of the sheet Yuugi was covered with made it obvious the teen wore nothing under that small piece of fabric protection.

"You are going to tease him endlessly about it when he wakes up again, won't you?" the hunter concluded with a dry voice, though an equal smirk could be seen on his face as well.

"Of course", Jounouchi declared, chuckling. "What are friends for if not to point out things like this?"

Snorting Atemu and the blonde both grinned at each other before the vampire became serious once more.

"Honestly, Jounouchi, I am thankful you are taking this so well", he admitted, his hand stroking over Yuugi's still face. "I'm aware that at the beginning you did not think the best of me, therefore I was rather wary how you would take the news when you showed up today."

"Tell you the truth?" the shifter's best friend replied equally serious. "The fact that you told me truthfully what happened to him was a helping factor in judging you. Also, you already said it before, Yuugi has a way of pushing people into believing his judgement and back then he made it clear that he trusts you completely. So who am I to question you? Not to mention the time we spent together was very nice. You are not half bad for a vampire that hunted my best buddy all around the world for over a year."

"Thank you", Atemu returned quietly, showing the blonde one of his rare smiles. "I appreciate your honesty, Jounouchi, I really do. And I think you are not such a bad friend either."

The blonde returned the smile honestly before he broke out into a grin, stretching his hands over his head.

"Well, now that we are over with all that buddy-buddy stuff, how about we kill a bit of time by you telling me some of what you went through with Yuugi during that time you still hunted him?" he suggested eagerly. "Yuugi told me some things here and there, but I am curious to hear about your point of view, not to mention I know that this one", he pointed towards the dead body on the bed, "has the bad habit to play his actions down. He's far too modest for his own good, really."

Atemu could not help but chuckle.

"Don't I know it", he smirked. "The only time aibou seems to be full of confidence is when he plays games, doesn't matter what kind of game."

"True", Jounouchi agreed with laughter and it did not take long for the two to exchange stories about their experiences with Yuugi. The day had never gone by so quickly.

Two more days went by and just as predicted on the early morning of the fourth Yuugi showed signs of waking up. Atemu, who had barely left the room within these three days, too afraid he might have miscalculated and miss the other's waking, quickly warned his brother before closing the door to the room and sitting down on the bed, silently awaiting what would happen.

When Yuugi finally came awake, he was barely aware. His first moments as a vampire were spent in a haze, his mind working only sluggishly, trying to get used to the fact that it was alive while his body was in fact dead.

He did not know where he was nor who was with him. All he knew and felt was a burning hunger as if he had not eaten for months. Groaning, the shifter sat up slowly, red eyes glowing in the dawn of the day. The first real thing he registered and was able to recall later on, was when all of the sudden arms wrapped around his body and something heavy laid down on his shoulder.

Yuugi did not care who exactly was so stupid to stay near him in this condition, instincts simply telling him what to do. Before he knew it, his mouth found the joint of neck and shoulder, fangs sinking into the willingly offered flesh.

For the newly created and feeling half starved vampire, the first drops of blood tasted absolutely divine. The more he drank, the clearer his mind became. He was aware now of his arms, that had taken a hold of his willing donor, how the body was shuddering under him. Soon he remembered where exactly he was and then he noticed the small glow from the corner of his eyes.

Not stopping his drinking, Yuugi opened his eyes and registered quite astonished the Sennen Puzzle on his nightstand which was glowing in a faint light. Never averting his eyes, the newly turned vampire continued to gaze towards his treasure as he finally noticed his body showing signs of being sated.

Another shudder went through the body he was holding and then all of the sudden a groan could be heard as his donor threw his head back and tensed before everything seemed to glow.

The shifter immediately let go, now finally aware that it was Atemu he had been drinking from. Eyes wide in shock and slight fear Yuugi watched as the light engulfed the other vampire. The strange event did not last long. In fact, just with a blink of an eye everything was dark once more, even the puzzle. The newly turned vampire needed a moment longer though to get rid of the dark spots his oversensitive eyes had produced from the light.

When Yuugi's was able to see once more, he found to his great surprise that there was only one human left in his room - him. On the spot Atemu sat before there was now a regal looking lion; his fur the most beautiful golden colour with a mane of bleach blond that shaded to dark brown. The animal did not look threatening, instead it seemed calm and the unusual red eyes rested on the small built teen without blinking.

"Atemu?" Yuugi could only whisper and the lion showed his teeth in a form of an animal grin. Sobbing in relief, yet disbelief the shifter threw his arms around the mane and pressed himself against the soft fur. Soon, there was a shifting of the body under him and then all of the sudden arms, human arms, wound around the teen's body to return the hug given.

"Hello Aibou", the older vampire greeted softly, a small smile playing around his lips.

"Mou hitori no boku!" Yuugi exclaimed and it was that nickname alone that assured the other that all went well and the shifter was still his old self. The two occupants of the room sat on the bed, bodies intertwined for a long time, simply basking in the feel of the other and the fact that all was right and well.

Their moment was only interrupted when a knock sounded at the door.

"Nii-san? Yuugi?" Sugoroku's voice could be heard and the two vampires finally released from their hug. It was Yuugi who stood up to open the door, because Atemu found himself slightly weakened by the amount of blood Yuugi had needed for his first meal.

"Jii-chan!" the shifter greeted joyfully throwing himself at the old man as soon as the door was open. It took not long for the two Mutous to join the third one left on the bed and Sugoroku had both pressed against his chest, eyes shining with happiness.

"Seems all went well", the elder observed and Yuugi beamed up at him from where he had his cheek buried against the old man's chest.

"Atemu even received the ability to shift because he touched the puzzle", Yuugi exclaimed excitedly. "He's a lion, jii-chan!"

"Really now", the old man observed with a grin, nodding his head. "A pharaoh's name for a king, I guess you really had the perfect idea when you came up with nii-san's new name, huh?"

Laughing the small Mutou family remained on the bed for a long time, talking and discussing how life would continue for Yuugi now. Moreover the teen would live, even if his body was technically dead. In fact, the future looked bright with tons of opportunities ahead.

And Yuugi was already looking forward to experience it all. For him, his whole life seemed like a big game with lots of chances and opportunities. And the best was, just like in their last tournament, he would face this new, exciting challenge with that man he loved by his side - together.


After talk:

Well, and here I am at the end of it all, wow. I guess the ending is a bit cheesy but I've always had my problems finishing a story up. To be honest it feels strange to know this story has come to an end now. It all started with a stupid and strange dream of a vampire chasing me around while I turned into animals. Back then I had planned a storyline that was supposed to take no more than 10 chapters. In fact the ending was supposed to be just after Yuugi had won his duel against Atemu. However, then the writer's block happened and I was unable to write for six fucking years. While I never really gave up on this story I cannot say I had a lot of hope to ever return to this and continue. But then my friend fell into a YGO phase, taking me with her - thank you K-chan - and there I was back deep inside the story and all of the sudden full of tons and tons of new ideas.

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