She knows the sound her heart makes as it breaks.

After everything she's seen, everything she's done, she is surprised that it was that sound that tipped her over the edge into a spiraling panic and feelings of utter despair and desolation. She'd expected it to be different. Maybe the hollow clang of a metal baking tray crashing to the ground, cookies rolling away as her Mom leaves her forever. Maybe the gunfire deafening in its intensity as she fires on the enemy, extinguishing lives. She even wondered if it was the happy sound of children laughing as her biological clock started ticking unexpectedly over the last year…then she remembers that there is someone in her life who lives for a child's laugh even as he mourns for a laugh lost, and his heartbreak must be vastly superior to her own.

No, when it comes to the moment, the moment that everything she had hoped and dreamed for ceased to exist and her future was changed for the worse, there was only one sound.

How fitting that it was that snap of the hastily closed black velvet box, which signified her betrayal to the man to whom she owed everything, it was that snap that told her he wasn't going to fight for her…that snap which finally broke her.

Flinching, she knows what her answer will be now…