Ratchet meets Jimmy

In jimmys lab he was working on a new channel of videogame portal worlds,that would lead him to videogames worlds like ratchet and clank,jak and daxter,crash bandicoot,mario,spyro,donkey kong,and others.Soon a prison planet transporter ship crashed into a moon,and out came a freed dr.nefarious with chairmen dreks new cybernetic body with his brain in it.Then nefarious shot through the videogame channel portal and flew through retroville until he met a defeated twonkie named"doom",soon nefarious talked about his world and his enemies,and then they both decided to help eachother,doom the twonkie was injured badly from being one of the twonkies defeated by jimmy neutron and his pals,dr.nefarious gave doom a dr.doom/darth vader/saiyan armored armor and a mask and then the two rebuilt chairmen drek,and they called upon 3 other villains,professor calamitus,vlad plasimus,and the junkman.

Vlad Plasimus had been defeated by the 4 heroes back in the "nicktoons unite"saga(a made up saga,but a real game,basicly all the events that happend in nicktoons unite made into a saga and umm..backed up with some cool made up info)he had escaped them and traveled to jimmys world and adapted to jimmys large bulbous 3d dimension.Then the villains all went forth and took over retroville,soon jimmy was rammed to the ground,by the old werewolf sheen,vampire libby,cindy,and carl,and frankenstein hu.The junkman teamed up with professor calamitus building a machine with the pumpkinators brain had made a dimensional resurrection portal to bring back old evil forms of jimmy and his friends.Soon jimmy was thrown into ratchets world,and ratchet held up a quackerray to his large head.

Ratchet:You!You big headed henchmen of dr.nefarious! I demand that you tell me where dr.nefarious and the other villains have gone,and what they are planning,and who this other herr...oo..is.

Clank:Ratchet dont you remember that,that big headed kid is no ordinary child,but the heroic boy genious known as jimmy neutron?

Ratchet:Oh yeah..now I remember.Youve teamed up with some great heroes jimmy,including spongebob,danny phantom,and even timmy turner and his fairy programs.

Jimmy:No time to talk..wait you think theyre fairy holograms too?Timmy actually said to me one time that they were real,but that couldnt possibly be..nevermind! Anyways 2 old enemies of mine,2 old enemies of yours,1 old enemy of danny,and lots of old evil forms of my friends have teamed up to take over retroville and steal my plans for the worlds 10 greatest super powered rockets,that have been equipped with the latest technology from different worlds,if they get their hands on them.Theyll be able to find out the secrets of almost 5 worlds per rocket,and use their old weaponary to make new adhanced weaponary that could easily defeat heroes from other worlds weapons,powers,or even fighting skills.

Ratchet:We need to call the Q force,plus maybe jak and daxter,and maybe crash and donkey kong.

Jimmy:What happend to spyro,mario,and the others?

Ratchet:Well a lot of heroes from mario and dks world plus a lot of heroes from spyro and crashs world have teamed up to defeat both leagues and armies of villains in eachothers worlds.

Jimmy:Well me might as well defeat these guys first!

Ratchet:Lets defeat nefarious and the others!

to be continued...