Daisy around the messy room, wondering how she was going to fix everything before her parents woke up and didn't remember the fight.

She looked over at Ax and smiled. She knew what she wanted now and she wasn't going to let her fear of what might happen in the future ruin the present.

"Hey." He looked at her, a quirky, knowing smile graced his lips.

"Hey. That was quite a fight. That's some hefty magic you've got there." She snorted, embarrassed, looking down at her feet. When she looked up he was right in front of her.

"Wow that was qu..." He broke off her words with a kiss. Her eyes fluttered when he pulled away and she looked at him, smiling. "'Bout time. Hmmm I wonder..."

Daisy turned around to the destroyed room and muttered under her breath:

"Let the object of objection become but a dream,

As I cause the seen to sight to be unseen."

The room lit up briefly as it tidied itself and Daisy turned back to Ax with a self satisfied smile.

"I don't think I'll ever have to worry about being too normal ever again." He chuckled at her and she pulled him into a hug whispering in his ear. "Well that's done. A lot sooner than expected to. Whatever shall we do now?" He looked at her briefly.

"Why Daisy, are you trying to seduce me?" she put on a shocked, caught in the act expression before threading her fingers through his hair and kissing him once again.


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