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Sakura: 19

Naruto: 19

Sasuke: 19

Kakashi: 33

Dreams, thoughts and flashbacks, inner Sakura

Another day, another morning and another training session at the training grounds. The team 7 had trained much and accomplished many missions. Teamwork had partly died. All the fun had died. Naruto was now a Jounin so was Sasuke, Sakura was still a Chuunin. The training sessions had become just a habit. Sakura needed to be trained or so she said and Naruto and Sasuke just followed.

Sakura dragged herself to the training grounds. She was tired, another night when she couldn't sleep. Another night she had cursed Sasuke's name and another day more hating Sasuke. She had gotten over Sasuke right after he had come back, she was glad that she had no warm feelings towards him.

She looked forward. Sasuke was there. Naruto was there. Kakashi wasn't there. He was late again.

"Good morning, Naruto." Sakura smiled happily and sat on the ground next to Naruto.

"Good morning Sakura-chan!" Naruto said and grinned. Sasuke said nothing, he had given up. He didn't care anymore about her, like he ever had.

Sasuke had gotten back after he had killed Orochimaru and Itachi. He had gotten his revenge and the power. Everyone was glad that he had come back especially Sakura. That was then. He had come back as a totally different person, he was cold and harsh.

Sakura was checking her weapons as two feet appeared in front of her.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're almost on time." Sakura said in a shock and looked up. God, he's tall… Inner Sakura notified.

"Good morning to you too, Sakura." Kakashi grinned under his mask.

"Sensei! Sensei! What are we going to—" Naruto started but was interrupted by Kakashi:

"Training. We'll start with 500 push-ups, 500 sit-ups and 500 backs. And Sakura, you'll do women's push-ups."

"Kakashi-sensei. I prefer men's push-ups." Sakura said coldly and began doing push-ups. Kakashi looked at Naruto with questioning look but received only a shrug from him.

Sakura had begun acting weirdly two years ago, she had been talking with Sasuke and she had been happy before the day but after that day everything was different. Now she never needed anyone's help, she had started improving her in every areas, taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu, her stamina, speed and strength, all gotten much better since then.

She didn't talk to Sasuke at all. She was training all the time and when she wasn't training she was in the hospital helping Tsunade with all the patients. She was always busy and sad. But she wasn't the same Sakura anymore as she was when she was 12, she was just some strong Chuunin kunoichi. A lot more stronger than a Chuunin.

435… 436… 437. 438. 439. 440. Only 60 more, you can do it Sakura. You can do it. Do it. 445. Don't let him win. He's not gonna win.

"Sakura." Kakashi said from somewhere above her.

"One moment, Kakahsi-sensei. 450. 451."


"What?" Sakura asked angrily and stopped doing her push-ups.

"Rest." he said plainly.

"I don't need rest! I need to do these push-ups and sit-ups and backs." she notified angrily.

"There is a reason for that I'm your sensei."

"So? Get to the point!"

"I said that you'll do women's push-ups."

"The point is?"

"You are not doing women's push-ups. There is a reason for that there are women's and men's push-ups. Start doing sit-ups." Kakashi said looking sternly at her.

"Why can't I do some Goddamn men's push-ups!" she yelled which made Naruto and Sasuke look at them.

"Because I say so." Kakashi said.

"Why are you always acting like I'm some kid? I can do men's push-ups! Why don't you believe me! I am totally capable of doing all the things that Naruto and that bastard are doing!" she yelled to Kakashi and got up from the ground.

"Since when have I become the bastard! I just told you the truth!" Sasuke yelled. Sakura ignored him. She wasn't in the mood of talking to Sasuke and she would never be. Sakura glared at Sasuke and left the training grounds leaving the guys looking a bit confused. Kakashi and Naruto never thought that this situation could go this far. It was always calm, Sakura didn't speak to Sasuke and Sasuke didn't speak to her, Naruto had eased donw a bit and Kakashi was always reading his books. It had been calm.

Tears started rolling from Sakura's eyes even though she had done everything she could to stop the tears. She was hurt and no one understood and no one would ever understand. She had told no one what had happened at that day and she wasn't going to. She was getting scared, she believed what Sasuke had said, the words had found a place in her heart and that part of her heart was dying.

I'm strong. I don't cry! Stop crying! Sakura what the fuck is matter with you! Can't you see? He's already winning. He's winning.

Sakura tripped. She got up to a sitting position and hugged her knees. Her body was strong but her mind was weak. That day had been the worst.


"Sasuke-kun! You came!" Sakura screamed in happiness.


"So why did you want to meet me here?" Sakura asked looking around, they were at the memorial.

"I need to talk to you."

"Okay." Sakura smiled.

"First you can wipe that smile from your face. It makes me sick."

Sakura's world came crushing down, he really did hate her. Sakura said nothing, she just wanted to go home and cry.

"We all know that you are not that good ninja. So drop it. You can never become a Jounin. I even wonder how you can be a Chuunin or a medic. Everyone here just pities you. Even Kakashi-sensei pities you. Why else you would have two senseis at the same time? They just don't have the guts to tell you that you can never be as good as me or Naruto. You can't make it. You're pathetic."

"Are you finished?" Sakura asked quietly.

"No, I need to ask of you something."

"Then ask so that I can leave." she said angrily.

"I need an heir."

"You just expect me to have sex with you just after you insult me? Forget it!"

"Yes. We all also know about your fantasies. And I pity you so much that I'm willing here to fulfil on of those."

"Fuck you." she said quietly.




"Sakura." Kakashi said softly.

"Go away." she said quietly. Sasuke… You were right 'bout one thing… He pities me.

"Sakura." he said again.


"Let me take you home."

"You can stop the act." She said quietly gaining her confidence.


"You can stop treating me like some orphan that you happen to pity. I don't need that from you!"

"I don't pity you." he notified.

"And you can stop lying to me."

"You think I'm lying to you? I have never lied to you. You if anyone should know that." Kakashi said and sat next to her.

She didn't answer. She just wiped her tears and took a deep breath.

"If that's something that Sasuke said to you, you can forget it. He's not the same person anymore, he's something colder." Kakashi said and his words echoed in her body, she knew he was right.

"I'm sorry." she sighed.

"Don't be", he said and put his hand on her shoulder, "there's nothing to be sorry about."

"Why can't I do men's push-ups?" she asked quietly and leaned on him.

"Didn't you have the accident with your hand a couple of days ago? I thought that it would be better if you wouldn't overdo it."

"But, I thought that you were—"

"-Underestimating you? No, besides you need to train very much now. You're going to participate in the coming Jounin test."

"I'm not strong enough." she sighed.

"You are and I'll train you, Tsunade said that it was ok with her."

"Are you sure 'bout the test.. I mean I could wait a couple of years."

"You should've taken the test at year ago. Maybe sooner, you've waited far too long."

"Thank you, but I know that I was too weak year ago." she smiled to him. For the first time in two years she smiled a real smile, not anything faked just one true smile. That was something that he had missed. Maybe everything was getting better now, maybe she was changin back into her old self. If she was, he would be there for her and help her in everyway he could.

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