Chapter 26: Malfoys do get what they want.

Draco slipped into his seat next to Pansy, ignoring the glares and confused glares from his housemates. The hall was still buzzing from the students hurried whispers; Draco lazily roamed his eyes up the table. Gray met Gray. A shiver ran down the blonds' spine causing him to clench his fists tightly. Narrowing his eyes, Draco met Blaize's glare with a sarcastic smirk. Clearly the boy hadn't enjoyed Draco's and Harry's display of affection unlike the rest of the student body.

A loud roar of laughter from the Gryffindor table forced the Slytherin's glares, redirecting them to the raven who currently had his head bowed a red tint to his cheeks.

"If I could have your attention" Professor McGonagall's voice sounded over the students. Turning the head table the hall once again grew quiet. Dumbledore slowly rose from his seat, a wide smile upon his face.

"I do not wish to hold your meal any longer than need be. So enjoy!"

Draco watched as the jug before him began to fill with pumpkin juice, his mind wandering to Dobby's warning. "You not having any juice?" Pansy had lifted the jug and begun to already pour into Draco's empty goblet.

His mouth felt drier than normal, his palms sweaty. With a sharp nod of his head Draco turned his eyes back to the Slytherin down the table. Blaize had already filled his goblet and begun to take a sip. Draco's mind was racing. He knew that the potion was hidden in the juice, but if he didn't take any surely it would look suspicious to everyone let alone Dumbledore that it was him and Harry who had slipped it to the Slytherin table to get to Blaize.

Turning his gaze to the orange juice before him Draco gripped the goblet, praying his hand wasn't shaking. Pansy smiled; pleased to see Draco was actually planning on eating. Lifting the goblet Draco looked over to the house of red. Emerald orbs connected with his own grey, winking Draco knew that the undoubted humiliation from taking the liquid in his glass was worth it, just to see the beautiful boy safe and happy. Placing his lips gracefully on the goblet Draco allowed the masked liquid to run down his throat.

Licking his lips Draco replaced the goblet on the wooden table. His head felt lighter than it ever had his mind clear from any thoughts. He shifted his gaze to watch Pansy out the corner of his eye. The girl currently was licking her lips, staring intently down into the empty goblet.

"Something wrong Pansy?" Draco noted how emotionless his voice appeared.

"Actually there are a lot of things." Pansy turned her body so she was fully facing the blond. "Like where did you run off to this morning? Why have you been acting suspicious for the past few days? Is it something to do with Potter? Or Blaize? What conditioner do you use, as your hair is always so soft and shiny looking?"

Draco's eyes widened slightly at the last outburst, noticing the horror and shock on his friend's face he couldn't help but laugh. Clearly the potion was working.

Harry couldn't understand why Draco had drunk the juice, knowing that it contained the potion. Ruffling his hair Harry watched the blond confused and unable to comprehend his actions.

"Honestly Ron, are you scared that the food will disappear if you don't eat so fast?" Ginny's face held nothing but disgust as she observed her brothers eating manner. The older red head paused his fork in midair as he gulped down the contents inside his mouth.

"No, I'm scared that if I don't finish eating soon and get Hermione out of the hall then we won't have much time to repeat last night in the charms classroom."

Harry snapped his head to his best friend, his eyes wide. Surely he hadn't heard him right. Ron's face was now entirely red, his eyes fixed on the brunette seated next to Harry. The coughing fit from Fred told him that Ron's voice had travelled and had been caught by a few surrounding students.

Ravenclaw's from the table over had turned round, smiles on their faces. Laughter suddenly broke out from the bottom of the Hufflepuff table. Harry watched as a small fair haired boy covered his face whilst a pale girl stared wide eyed down at him. Frowning Harry whipped his head round to a loud slap from the other side of the Gryffindor table.

His eyes travelling past the curly haired girl now shouting at her once best friend to the small figure that had popped its head around the large doors. Tears glistened in the large tennis ball eyes, upon catching Harry's attention Dobby frantically waved his hands beckoning Harry out the hall. Standing Harry was relieved that Ron's truthful statement stilled enraptured his friend's attention.

Out in the grand entrance Harry saw Dobby cowering in a corner near the dungeons. Racing over Harry allowed a hand to rest on the house elf's shoulder, hoping to comfort the creature.

"Dobby? What's...?"

"Dobby is sorry Harry Potter!" Harry stepped back slightly, unprepared for the elf's outburst. "Dobby failed Harry Potter. I placed the potion in the Slytherin's juice, so that the boy Harry Potter had intended would drink. But Winky saw Dobby, and Dobby didn't want to tell on Harry Potter so I lied to Winky. I'm sorry Harry Potter, I tried not to fail! Winky took the potion from Dobby and placed it in the juice for the rest of the school."

As he spoke Dobby had clung to Harry, his sobbing growing heavier. Once the house elf had finished Harry was unable to speak. The entire school had drunk the truth potion. Suddenly Harry's leg began to shake, unable to hold him up. Grabbing the stone wall Harry allowed himself to drop to the floor. Dobby began to sob harder.

"Did she give it to the teachers?" Harry felt his stomach tighten at the thought. Who knows what secrets they could reveal? However Harry was able to sigh in relief as Dobby frantically shook his head.

"Harry Potter had not given Dobby enough to give to the teachers and the students."

Nodding Harry smiled weakly at the sobbing elf, he couldn't blame Dobby. It was his own fault for not thinking of what would happen if Dobby was caught or accidently gave the potion to the rest of the school as well.

"It's alright Dobby. No real harm done." Placing his shaking hand on the wool covered shoulder of Dobby Harry squeezed reassuringly. He really didn't want to cause him distress. Unable to take the confessions of his friends Harry offered to walk back to the kitchens with Dobby, trying to calm the elf as they went. Heading back to the hall Harry's mind raced, he had to get Blaize to confess to the attacks but how? He needed others to be around, preferably a teacher. How would he ask Blaize? It would appear suspicious if he just went up and asked, if the teachers hadn't already figured that the students had been slipped a truth potion they surely would when Blaize confessed in front of a hall full of people.

"Harry!" The raven's concentration broke at the appearance of Draco before him. "Where you been? You missed a great show in there." Laughter tumbled from the thin lips as he remembered the 'show'. "I don't know what is going on in there but seems like everyone's feels that today is the right day to publicise their secrets."

"That's because they've drunk the potion."

"What? How?" Harry watched in amazement at the emotions playing on the usually calm and plain face of Draco Malfoy.

"Dobby got caught sneaking the potion into Slytherin's drinks and had to give it to everyone else."

More laughter escaped Draco's mouth.

"But that's not important; we need to figure out a way to get Blaize to confess now that..." Harry paused as a group of girls passed them; giggling as soon they saw the pair. Once out of earshot Harry continued, "Now we know the potion is defiantly working."

Nodding Draco replied, "Well we just need to get him into a confrontation, make it appear like before. Question him why he continues to harass us."

A mischievous smirk graced his thin lips.

They didn't have to wait long, as the pair decided to head back into the hall Draco spotted Blaize leaving. Slipping his hand into Harry's smaller ones Draco shifted his head, giving the illusion of him being unaware of his surroundings. Keeping his attention on the figure heading in their direction Draco manoeuvred his body, pleased when his shoulder connected with its target.

"What the hell Malfoy." Blaize spun round, spitting his words out through gritted teeth.

"What Zabini? Fancy another fight?" Draco's voice dripped with his humour. Harry glanced between the two boys, would this work? Butterflies danced in the brunette's stomach, surely the smirk on Draco's face would give the game away. A crowd had now begun to circle around the teens, clearly hoping for a repeat of their previous fight. Draco slipped his hand out from Harry's, bringing out his wand threateningly. Blaize mimicked the blonds' actions.

"Watch it Malfoy, I'm not in the mood to watch you throw yourself all over Potter." Blaize's gaze flickered to Harry, causing a shiver to travel down the spine of the smaller teen. Draco's smirk appeared to increase as he watched Blaize glance at Harry.

"What's the matter Zabini? Didn't you like seeing me kiss Harry? Seeing him kiss me, seeing him want to kiss me. What, remind you of how meaningless the kiss you stole from him was?" The hall was deadly quiet. Harry's heart pounded painfully in his ears as he waited.

"It wasn't meaningless! I got to him first; I got a kiss from Harry Potter long before your lips had any chance to touch his!" Blaize had raised his wand, his hand tightening around the handle.

"So you admit it? You admit you attacked Harry?"

"Yes!" Blaize's eye flashed with anger, Harry was unsure if Blaize intended it for Draco or himself. Harry felt Draco shift his weight next to him, his hand aiming his wand at Blaize's chest. An evil knowing smirk appeared on Blaize's face as he looked over Draco's body language.

"What's the matter Malfoy? Upset that I got to him first? Got to touch him, kiss him, and take him away from your clutches."

"Shut the hell up! You're disgusting. I hate knowing that your filthy hands have touched Harry, hate that your lips have touched him. And no not because, as you say, you got to him first. But because I care for him, because I love him and hate knowing that you hurt him!"

Harry's eyes grew wide, was Draco aware that he'd declared his love for him in front of the entire school?

"Bastard! Stupefy!" Blaize's voice echoed around the hall. Harry was forced backwards by Draco's arm as he deflected the spell. Feeling the arms and hands of others Harry regained his balance, whispering his thanks to Neville and Dean.


Draco's and Blaize's wand lifted into the air and landed in the outstretched palm of Albus Dumbledore. To either side of him stood Snape and McGonagall. All three projected an air of anger. Harry chewed on his lip, half praying that they'd actually heard Blaize's confession.

"Off to class. Mister Malfoy and Mister Zabini my office. Now!" Dumbledore watched the large huddle of students begin to shift and head off to their respected classrooms. They whispered amongst themselves as they moved off.

"Harry come on," Hermione appeared at Harry's side, tugging at his arm in the direction of charms.

"Actually Miss Granger, I'd like Harry to join me in my office as well." Dumbledore didn't look at the teens he addressed, rather allowing his tone to emphasise his mood. Hermione glanced apologetically at Harry before heading up the stairs away.

Snape and McGonagall took Draco and Blaize by the arm and guided them through the crowd; soon only Harry and Dumbledore were left standing in the entrance. Shifting his weight from each foot Harry scratched the back of his neck nervously. Moments passed before Dumbledore turned to him.

"Will you work with me Harry?" Harry felt his emotions tug at his heart as he stared into the disappointed pools of Dumbledore's blue eyes. They began to climb the stairs in silence; Harry became increasingly aware of how loud his shoes sounded against the stone floor.

"I'm unsure whether I need voice my disappointment at your actions Harry; however I do feel you need to hear how foolish it was of you to not only slip a potion into the students' drinks but to also manipulate the respect and trust that Dobby places in you."

Blood rushed to Harry's cheeks as again guilt stabbed at his heart.

"I understand that you took Miss Granger's and Mister Zabini's potion to use, I compliment you on taking the best and most successful potion from the class, though again I doubt I need to suggest the number of rules Mister Malfoy broke to obtain it."

Harry glanced up at Dumbledore at the mention of Draco, a smile formed on the old man's lips at the action.

"I am aware that this wasn't entirely your fault Harry. But I cannot ignore your involvement either."

The pair stopped in front of the large eagle statue that lead to the grand office. Without watching Harry heard the headmaster speak the password, he could hear the statue move and he felt Dumbledore's hand on his shoulder.

"Now I want to tell you that I fully understand why you took what actions that you did, so do not beat yourself up over this. Nobody was hurt, yes their prides and egos are most likely deflated, but nothing that time cannot heal."

Harry dare to meet the eyes of the man he truly respected, relief washed through him to once again see the mysterious sparkle he came so used to seeing. Smiling back Harry followed Dumbledore as he pushed open the large oak doors to his office.

Draco looked up as the door opened, unsure whether to smile or frown upon seeing Harry. Daring a glance at Blaize who was seated closer to the door he was pleased that the boy didn't even lift his gaze from the floor. Snape who was stood beside his chair squeezed his shoulder, whether it was to reassure him or warn him Draco was unsure.

Dumbledore flicked his was and a chair beside him appeared, gesturing it to Harry the headmaster seated himself in the large chair behind the oak desk. Placing his finger tips together Dumbledore surveyed the two Slytherin's before him.

"I know that you both are currently under a truth potion, one that you both yourselves made this year in Potions class. As the head of both your house's Professor Snape has granted permission and takes full responsibility for me to question you both. I will not lie, I know who is responsible for the students of this school being exposed to the potion," Dumbledore's eyes flicked to Harry and then to Draco before returning back to the two boys before him, "And I became aware of why after your argument. This is the time for you both to voice your sides of the story. Mister Zabini, firstly I would like to know is it true that it was you who attack Mister Potter and Mister Malfoy?"

"Yes," Blaize still hadn't looked up from the floor.

"And why did you attack them?"

"I'm sick of Malfoy always getting what he wants! I wanted to beat him for once, and I fancy Harry." Blaize's cheeks were now tainted pink.

"You're disgusting!" Draco spat.

"Mister Malfoy, please. Now I'm sure you are aware that any form of bully and physical abuse is against the rules of Hogwarts. I have no other choice but to suspend you for a month, your parents will be called for a meeting with, the head of your house and the school governors at the end of your suspension to determine whether you should be allowed back into the school. Hopefully you come to regret your actions. I must now ask you to pack your belongings before reporting back here to be escorted off the school grounds. I regretfully will have Professor Snape contact and inform your parents."

Standing Blaize nodded at Dumbledore before leaving the office, followed closely by Snape. Harry couldn't help but feel elated by the news, a huge weight felt as though it had been lifted. Turning to Draco his smile increased when he realised the blond was smiling back at him in triumph.

"Back to the suitable punishment of you two."

Moments later Harry descended the steps from Dumbledore's office and stepped into the empty corridor. A wide grin spread across his face as he took in a deep breath, feeling the most relaxed he had in months. Dumbledore had found it fitting to give him and Draco a week of detentions for their actions. Harry jumped slightly as arms entwined themselves around his waist, bringing him closer to the chest and Draco Malfoy. Who currently had begun nuzzling his neck.

"We did it Draco." Spinning round Harry grinned up into the face of Draco. "We finally got rid of him!" Draco grinned back to Harry, pulling the raven haired into a tighter embrace. Kissing the top of Harry's head Draco laughed, "Yeah we did."

Suddenly the corridor began to fill with students. Still holding Harry close to him Draco watched as the groups passed their eyes wide at the sight.

"You do realise that you declared your love for me to the entire school earlier?" Harry pulled back from Draco's chest to look him in the eye.

"I am quite aware, why? Does it upset you?" Draco frowned.

"No," Harry glanced nervously at a large group of students that passed. Draco watched the raven worriedly.

"Harry? Are you sure your okay with us being public?" Draco lifted Harry's chin so to meet his eyes. Grinning Harry nodded.

"Just another adventure in my long line of adventures." Reaching up Harry crushed his lips against Draco's'. Licking Draco's bottom lip he begged for access to more of his mouth. Willingly Draco obliged, a moan travelling up is throat caused him to pull Harry closer. Breaking for air, neither teen pulled away as their foreheads rested together, their breath mixing together.

"I Love you Harry Potter."

"I Love you too Draco Malfoy."

When his father had told him that Malfoy's always got what they wanted, he never thought Harry Potter would have been one of them.

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