All of them. Just gone.

No one left to tell the tale.

Apart from him, the Last of the Time Lords.

Time Lord. He didn't deserve that title. He was lower than the Daleks. He was scum.

It was his fault that they were gone. He was the one who started the inferno. He massacred a whole race. A species. His own species. Daleks don't count.

And for what? He couldn't answer this. Not really. He'd tell himself it was to end the war. The Time War. To stop more planets from being destroyed. But it still wasn't worth it.

He mellowed in his pain, not caring if anyone noticed the TARDIS. He'd parked on a primitive planet, where no-one knew about his race, or the war. Earth, Twenty-first Century, London.

Soon, the pain that came with the memories was like a dagger cutting through him, never letting him free, coming to him seemingly from nowhere and everywhere at once. Cutting through him till there was nothing left, just an empty shell and more pain.

The pain became so much that soon he began replacing the emotional with physical.

He rarely ate, but when he entered the kitchen, he'd always find a knife. He sliced at his arms, not enough to kill him, but enough to hurt. There was no point in death. Only in suffering. It would be his punishment for murder.

He did this regularly, cutting deeper each time, the emotional pain lessening.

He gave in to sleep, and in his sleep, he let his memories consume him.

Heat. To hot to stand.

Screaming. So many people screaming for their lives.

Burning. The acrid smell of burning flesh and metal as people die. Men. Women. Children. Dalek. All burning and screaming as one.

Bodies. He was surrounded by bodies, watching as the Time Lords regenerated, again and again before death. The ultimatum of life.

Smoke. He could taste it. Taste the burning flesh as it rose with the smoke. He threw up, again and again, wondering why the fire wasn't consuming him. Wishing to die, and not be left the only witness of the inferno.

But no, his TARDIS had other plans. As he repeatedly vomited, he heard the whirring of the TARDIS around him. He opened his eyes, expecting to see the bodies of his loved ones, his family around him, but no.

No. He was slumped in a corridor of the TARDIS, tears streaming down his face. He decided to end it once and for all.

No more life. He, the last of the Time Lords was now to die.

He reached for the knife, and started cutting. He was going to go deeper this time than he had before.

He didn't get the chance.

Suddenly the TARDIS started flashing mauve. She shook violently, knocking the knife out of his hands.

He felt an irrational worry for the TARDIS and got up to help her.

When she started beeping he looked over to see what the problem was.

"Oh!" He said to himself. This primitive little planet was being invaded. By another victim of the Time War. The Nestene Consciousness.

A change seemed to occur when he saw this. He became taller, his back straight, and his eyes fiery as if he realised he had a purpose.

He tracked the source down, to a shop called Henrick's, and went in looking for the problem, determined that this planet shouldn't suffer because of his actions.

It didn't take him long to find them. Autons. He watched as they killed an innocent man. The Chief Electrician. Another dead because of the war. He ran to the TARDIS and got a device he knew would destroy the receiver, which he knew to be on the roof. It was just a small bomb, and he knew it wouldn't hurt anyone unless they were in the building.

Maybe it'd kill him. He hoped.

He was going back in, planning to use a lift to the roof.

That's when he saw her. Possibly the most beautiful thing in the universe. And she was about to die to. The Auton raised its hand above its head, ready to strike.

He ran over to her in a flash, and gripped her hand. He was shocked at the electricity that shot up his arm, but let it pass.

"Run!" he said, and she did. They run along the corridor and reach a lift. He pulls her into the lift, slamming the button to close the lift. One of the Autons arms gets stuck in the doors. He pulls, noticing the arm is still trying to strangle him. He yanks it off, realising that the beautiful girl is horrified.

As the doors close, a calm settles over the lift. Then she speaks.

"You pulled his arm off." She says, startled. He realises that she thinks her attacker was human.

"Yup!" He says, as he throws the arm at her. She stares at it, realising its –


"Oh, very clever, nice trick, who are they then, students? Is this a student thing or what?" She asks, and he's nonplussed as to why they could be students.

"Why would they be students?" He asks, wanting to know how her logic worked.

"I don't know!" She replied, indignantly.

"Well you said it, why students?"

"Cos… to get that many people, all dressed up and being stupid, they've got to be students."

He feels something strange happening with his face. Then he realises. He's smiling, for the first time in months, he's smiling. He doesn't bother stopping, immediately deciding he likes this human, and her logic. Maybe they're not all stupid after all.

"That makes sense. Well done." He tells her.

"Thank you." She seems proud that she's come up with what she assumes to be the right answer.

"They're not students." He said, to stop her from questioning later.

"Whoever they are, when Wilson finds them, he's gonna call the police." She said, with the self-confidence of someone who's seen what she assumes this situation to be before.

"Who's Wilson?" He enquires, half knowing, half hoping he was wrong.

"Chief Electrician."

Oh, he did know. How to let someone know of someone's death gently? There isn't a way to do so.

"Wilson's dead." Straight forward. Blunt. He couldn't think of another way. But then again, what did he care that one stupid little ape was dead when his whole race had been burnt to cinders. By him.

PING! The lift reaches its destination, and he strode out of the lift. The girl follows him, and she's still holding the plastic arm. She looks disgusted.

"That's not funny, that's sick, I've had enough of this now, who are you then, who's that lot down there?"

Uh-oh. It's another inquisitive one. He had a strange feeling he'd be meeting her again soon.

He pulls his sonic screwdriver out and destroys the lift, preventing anyone from getting up to them.

"Hold on, mind your eyes-" he said, moving so she wouldn't be caused any harm from his device.

After he's destroyed the panel, he smiles again for show and walks away, still being followed by the girl.

"I said, who are they?"

He felt a strange kind of trust towards the girl and decided their was no harm in telling her.

"They're made of plastic, living plastic creatures, and they're being controlled by a relay device in the roof, which would be a great big problem if! I didn't have this-" he says, pulling out the bomb "-so I'm gonna go upstairs and blow it up and I might well die in the process but don't you worry about me, no! You go home, go on, go and have your lovely beans on toast."

He really didn't want her to go, but there was a chance she could be hurt. He didn't even know her name, yet he felt something strong for her already. He pushed her out the door, with a final word:

"Don't tell anyone about this, cos if you do, you'll get them killed." He closes the door, wondering how someone he doesn't know can effect him so much. He didn't even know her name.

He paused for barely a minute before opening the door again.

"I'm the Doctor, by the way, what's you name?"

"Rose." He found that ironic. She was as beautiful as a rose, for sure.

"Nice to meet you, Rose-" He showed her the bomb again. "Run for you life!"

He slammed the door again, in wonder at the girl. At Rose. He doubted that she would ever know that she had probably saved his life. He had a reason to live now. He knew he had to try to show otherwise but as soon as he had got rid of the Nestene Consciousness he would search for her, and ask her to be with him.

He sighed and ran towards to roof, hoping that he did get out of this alive and knowing that all of Gallifrey lived on in him. He might have killed them, but there was a chance that by letting others know of him, he could save them again.

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