It's gone now.

It can't come back.

One vial of anti-plastic and it is destroyed.

He's made sure of it. Well, he and the ape have made sure of it.

He knows this one is a keeper. He can feel it. This has happened before. He's gone about on one of his adventures and the same being - the same ape - has been helped him with the destruction and/or defeat of an alien who he deemed to be having a bad influence on the earth.

He knows this one is different. He can feel it in his bones. He's never felt this way from simply looking at someone even after nine hundred years of life. He feels as though she's going to be his salvation.

No less than a few days ago, he was preparing to finish his life and the Consciousness with it. Now he knew that he had to go on. Just holding her hand had given him further reason to live.

He was shaken from his thoughts by the sound of the TARDIS door opening and footsteps running hurriedly across a street. The sound of police sirens was in the air as he steps up to the door of his TARDIS.

He watches with jealousy as Rose kneels to comfort her boyfriend, thinking that that is exactly what Mickey is. A pathetic boy. This feeling is amplified as Mickey points his finger at him, whimpering in fright. He looks as though he is terrified.

The Doctor spares little thought for the human boy though, his thoughts are clouded by Rose. He can't seem to stop looking at her.

If he didn't know better, he'd claim love at first sight. Which is impossible.

That's far too domestic, and he doesn't do domestic. It causes too many set backs. Which is why the thought of hoarding Rose, of taking her with him and claiming her for his own makes absolutely no sense to the Doctor.

Again, he is shaken from his thoughts, but this time by the object of his wandering mind.

"Well, fat lot of good you were!" She says and he's almost offended until he realises that she was talking to Mickey. His mind straysfor a moment, struggling to think of a way to get her to stay with him. He only had one shot at this, that's all he's ever had. But he knows that in the past he's only needed to ask once and they'll agree. If not then it wasn't worth it.

He comes up with an idea. He can tell by the way she took the news about aliens that she was made of strong stuff and possibly invited the thought of a challenge. Best to work with that then.

"Nestene Consciousness?" He says, nonchalantly clicking his fingers. "Easy!"

She had been fantastic with the Consciousness, and it looked as though she had enjoyed herself. Maybe - if he could get her away from Ricky-The-Idiot for long enough - she'd agree to come with him on the promise that things were never boring with him. That maybe he could show her that life wasn't all fish and chips, that it got better.

"Oh yeah!" She replies, smiling despite the sarcasm evident in her voice. "You were useless in there, you'd be dead if it wasn't for me!"

She has a point, much as he's loathe to admit it. Maybe she likes the whole saving the world thing, he thinks. Maybe he could explain that he could show her entire galaxies in a day. She could help him. She could save him.

"Yes I would. Thank you." He replies, and the two share a smile. He hopes that he can convince her to come with him if he smiles at her enough. He knows it's futile but is trying to put of just asking her to come with him. After a few minutes of no word exchange, he decides to jump in with both feet.

"Right! I'll be off then. Unless… I dunno." He decides that it's best to use the new planets tactic and just ask her. "You could come with me. This box isn't just a London hopper, it can travel anywhere in the universe. Free of charge."

He thought that perhaps it would be best not to mention the fact that he wouldn't charge her because he felt that she was the one who would help bring him out of his depression. He hasn't forgotten what he was planning on doing before her. He no longer feels the need to do it, but he hasn't - and wouldn't - forget.

Then that idiot started to speak.

"Don't, he's an alien, he's a thing--"

"He's not invited." He interrupts, forcefully cutting Ricky of and nodding his head towards him. "What d'you think?"

He's given a slither of hope when he sees her hesitating, a look of pure temptation on her face. Seeing her like that encouraged him to continue.

"You can stay here. Fill your life with work and food and sleep, or you could go…" This is where he should get her tocome with him. "Anywhere."

"Is it always this dangerous?" She asks, yet he sees something in her eyes which makes him think that maybe the danger is what she's after. Maybe she's fed up of the mundane lifestyle she leads.

"Yes." He replies honestly. She deserves honesty and he promises himself never to lie to her. Not even about his cuts, though maybe she'd receive the shortened version of that.

As he replies, Rose stares at him, her expression both shocked, yet hopeful. Then Mickey wraps his arms around her protectively.

"… I can't. I've got to go and find my mum." She replies, and then she laughs, pats Mickey and continues. "And someone's got to look after this stupid lump!"

He smiles at that, silently agreeing with her. Inside, he feels shattered. She wasn't coming with him. She wasn't coming with him. She'd said no. Turned him down. She didn't want to come with him.

He'd fell in love with a woman in barely two days and she was staying where she was. He didn't mind that she was in a relationship with someone else, ergo wouldn't be interested in him;he still wanted to travel with her. She was his chance at survival. But he could not hold her back.

"Okay. See you around." He says, knowing it's pointless. He's never been back to see someone once he's left. Not even Sarah-Jane, and she was possibly the only companion to break through his defenses.

He took a step backwards and entered the TARDIS, closing the doors behind him. He walks over to the monitor thinking about what to do. He decides that just this once, he'll go back and see her, but this time as a child. He sets the co-ordinations and lets the TARDIS take him to see Rose when she should be around eight years old.

There's a girl in a bike shop, running around with one of the other kids. She turns to look at a red bike, and she and the other girl admire the bike.

The Doctor almost laughs as he realises that Rose is not the eight year old he was expecting to see, but is, in fact, a twelve year old.

A woman comes into the shop, and the Doctor recognises Jackie Tyler, from Rose's flat. He remembers and shudders at the thought of being propositioned by a woman who he didn't even know.

She tells littleRose to come along; before turning to the lady she had been talking to. The Doctor leans in to hear what is being said.

"I'm so proud of her; my little Rose!" Jackie said. "She's really starting to get her head down now. She got a good news card from school the other week."

"Yes, I heard Shareen telling me about that; didn't she win a cross-country run or something? I'm sure being so athletic must mean she misses out on academic stuff." The other woman returned.

"Oh, don't worry, I know my Rose studies really hard. She'll do her best and more if she can. She might be able to manage a shop one day!" Jackie said, proudly. "That's far better than space travel in my opinion!"

"Oh! Doesn't she want to be an astronaut anymore then?"The lady asked in mock surprise.

"Nah, I think she finally accepted that 'Star Gate' and 'Star Trek' is a load of made up tosh! Poor girl still wants to find a way to save Pete though."

The Doctor frowned. Who the hell was Pete? He thought back to the rest of the sentance. So, she was interested in aliens.

Maybe she'd be interested in seing aliens in different time perios, too. He smiled. He knew how he could get Rose to come with him this time.

"It is a shame though." Jackie said to Shareen's mum.

"What is?" The lady asked.

"That she keeps picking Christmas presents like that," She said, looking at Rose. "She should know that we can't afford it!"

Hearing this, the Doctor stopped. It was a good seven years till he met Rose, judging by the look of her. One little thing to give her a happy Christmas might be a good thing. He waited until Jackie and Co had left the shop before purchasing the bike.

He took it to his TARDIS, assembled it, and but a bow tag on it with the inscription 'Merry Christmas Rose, Love St Nick .' Before jumping ahead a couple of days and leaving the bike somewhere for Rose to find.

Then he went back to the TARDIS and set the co-ordiantes for when he had asked Rose to come with him.

He arrived just as he'd left Rose and saw her and her idiot 'boy'friend walking away from the TARDIS. Rose turned around hurriedly and stoped walking to look at the Doctor. He knew in that instant, she would be coming with him this time, that they would leave together, and have great adventures. Together.

He leant out of the TARDIS holding on to the door frame and, smiling, threw the bait.

"By the way, did I mention? It also travels in time."

He could see the cogs of her brain working behind those honey brown eyes of hers. Then he turned round and went back inside the TARDIS, leaving the door wide open.

He looked at the TARDIS monitor in time to catch the end of theconversation between Mickey and Rose.

"--anks for what?" Mickey asked her.

"Exactly." Rose returned firmly, and the Doctor could have laughed as he saw her running towards the TARDIS looking as beautiful as it was possible to be, no matter the species.

He tried to ignore the wave of jealousy that had swept over him when she'd kissed Mickey good-bye, reminding him that they were a couple, and concentrated on the factthat she was still coming with him.

He knew that they would be a great team, Time Lord and Companion,working side by side, laughing danger right in face.

He could have laughed when she said forwards as a response to his question on where -in time- she wanted to go first. He was going to show her stuff she couldn't have dreamed about.

He could feel his earlier depression draining away. The adventure that he and Rose were about to embark on was going to be Fantastic. He could feel it.


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