Hey I decided to do a comedy on Jak and Daxter. Yeah I got other stories going on right now but its okay I won't abandon anything. I hope I won't. This is kind of based of my Teen Titan fic with the same name.

A Big Mistake: Jak and Daxter Edition

"Jak let's go for a walk." Keira tried peeling Jak off the couch. "Come on."

"Not now I'm tired." Jak complained pushing her hands away.

"Stop being lazy let's go!" Keira shouted.

"Me? Lazy! How many times have I saved you butt little missy? I saved the world three times! What have you down with your life?" Jak screamed back.

"If it weren't for me you wouldn't have even made it to Rock Village!" Keira crossed her arms.

"Oh she got you there man!" Daxter laughed gleefully. "Daxter!" Tess the female osttel called. "We're out of mustard!" she walked in with a hot dog in her paw.

"So go get some." Daxter told her. Tess put her hand on her hip stuffing the hot dog into her mouth. "I would but somebody decided it would be wise to turn me into a rat instead of turning himself back to normal!"

"Are you talking about me?" Daxter asked pointing to himself. The door burst open and in walked Torn with his fingers in his ears. "Lalalalala!" he was singing to himself.

"And when are you going to commit? Jak married Keira and Daxter is engaged! I can't wait forever! My biological clock is ticking!" Ashlein was following right behind Torn. She slammed the door behind her.

"How did all you get in here? This is my house!" Jak stood up and everyone looked at him. "I don't know." Torn and everybody else pondered this for a moment before resuming their quarrels.

Just then the door opened again and an old man walked in. "What are you doing here!" Keira cried. "I thought you died!"

"No, I came back. Don't ask how long story. Hey Jak! My homie g dawg!" the old man hobbled over to Jak "Word on the street is you're the son of Damas."

"Yes Kor, we found that out in like the third adventure I think. Was it the third?" Jak asked Daxter. "Yeah buddy. I think so." Daxter was counting his toes.

"I'm pretty sure you did die." Ashlein said agreeing with Keira. "I'm a ghost okay! Happy now you stupid stupid-heads." Kor said.

"Jak don't let him talk to us like that!" Keira said. "Yeah Jak don't let him talk to them like that!" Torn repeated.

"So can you like eat stuff?" Tess asked Kor. "No, I'm a ghost now shut-up this topic is very painful to me."

"Aw the poor ghost is going to cry!" Tess giggled. "Can ghost cry?" Keira asked scratching her head. "I don't think so." Ashlein answered.

"Puny mortals! I will destroy you!" Kor transformed into a giant metal head. "Ahhhhhh!" the girls screamed together. Kor tried to smack Tess with his paw but it went right through her cheek.

"Hey that tickled!" Tess laughed. "Stupid metal head. Can't touch this! Haha!" Tess was rolling over.

"Oh no! Close the window!" Kor screamed but it was to late a gust of wind carried him outside. "I'll be back!"

"You guys are mean! He is just a poor metal head's ghost trying to get by in the world!" Torn sobbed. Everyone looked at him. Daxter made the crazy sign.

"That's it I have had it!" Ashlein cried. "Yeah I have had it to!" Keira said. "Ditto!" Tess agreed. "We don't have to take this." She added.

"Um, take what?" Jak asked. "I don't know." Keira shrugged. "What do we don't have to take?" she whispered to Tess who just shrugged and looked at Ashlein.

"I'm leaving you Torn!" said Ashlein. "Yeah me too! I'm leaving you Torn!" Keira said. "Wait I'm confused!" Daxter shouted. "I'm leaving you." Tess said. "And Keira and Ashlein are leaving Torn."

"But what about me? Who is leaving me?" Jak asked. "Keira is leaving you. I'm leaving Torn and Tess is leaving Daxter." Ashlein confirmed. "But I thought I was leaving Torn." Keira said.

"No your leaving Jak." Daxter said. "Alright someone is leaving me! Oh wait that's bad right?" Jak thought out loud.

"Let's go ladies!" Ashlein called storming out of the house Keira and Tess following closely behind.

The door slammed leaving the men alone together. "Alright boys' night!" Torn screamed. "Did somebody say boys' night?" Krew floated into the room. "Who invited tub-o-lard?" Daxter asked.

"Hey! You know that hurts my feelings! I'm leaving you!" Krew cried and floated into the kitchen. "What are you doing?" Daxter asked. "I'm getting some mustard to go." Krew shouted. "Uh we're out of mustard." Daxter called.

"No! My suffering is complete!" Krew cried. "I'll see you guys later." He said and floated out of the house. "Shouldn't we be likeā€¦getting the girls back or something?" Jak asked.

"We'll have to do that later Kor is stuck in a tree." Daxter said pointing outside. "Who wants muffins?" Torn held out a plate of freshly baked muffins. "I made them with love!"