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A Big Mistake: Jak & Daxter Edition

"Breathe in! Breathe out! Breathe in! Breathe out!" Sig coached. "I can't breathe!!! My wife is having a baby!!" Jak shouted

Keira was giving birth behind some bushes, Tess was helping her and so was Ashlein. "Why can't I give birth in a hospital?" Keira shrieked. "Hey I think its coming!" Tess shouted. "Look you can see the head!" Ashlein wrinkled her nose "Ew no!"

Meanwhile on the other side of the bushes Jak was pacing, Daxter was talking to Sig, and Krew and Kor were talking about what it is like to be dead. Suddenly a baby started o cry.

Tess jumped out and shouted "It's a girl!!!" Jak fainted but everyone just stepped over him…or in Daxter's case stepped on him to go look at the baby. "Aw she's cute! What's her name?" Tess squealed.

"Her name is Supercalifagilisticexpeeallydoces!" Keira sighed. Everyone looked at her with eyebrows raised. "Just ignore her she is high on medication." Samos said.

"Look at the little baby waby." Torn cooed as he pinched the baby's cheek. "Whoa I have a baby guys." Keira laughed "Is this crazy or what? Ah man Tess I can see the air and stuff!"

"How much medication did you give her?" Daxter asked Samos. "Lot's she kept screaming for more. I couldn't control her! It's not my fault!" he cried and ran away.

"Why is everyone crying and running away?" Ashlein asked now. "We don't have time to ask the author we have to fawn over Supercalifagilisticexpeeallydoces!" Tess answered.

Just then Jak woke up and went to go see his baby's momma. "Hey Jak my main man!" Keira shouted when she saw him. "Psst Jak." She whispered. "You'll never guess what just happened." She finished

"What just happened?" Jak whispered back. "I had a baby." Keira whispered again. Jak fainted again. "Somebody wake him up please." Daxter groaned.

"No problem friends. I'll have him up in no time at all." Krew's ghost positioned itself over Jak. "Uh, what are you going to do?" Ashlein asked. "Well sit on him of course." Krew answered. "No!" everyone shouted at the same time.

"Fine do you have a better plan?" Krew asked. "I'll wake the cherry up." Sig stepped forward and began to sing. "At first I was afraid I was petrified! Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side!" Sig sang. "Shut up!" Everyone shouted again.

"Aw I wasn't at the best part yet." Sig cried and ran away. "They need to stop doing that." Ashlein complained again. At this point the author would like to warn Ashlein that if she doesn't stop the author will make her run away crying. "Ok, ok geez." Ashlein defended.

"Ok we still have to wake up Jak." Daxter pointed out. "R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T-" Sig jumped out and was singing again.

"Oh I love this song!" Kor shouted. "Me too!" said Krew. "Suck it to me suck it to me suck it to me!" they sang together. "Oh my Mar my ears are bleeding!" Tess shouted over them.

"Oh man we rock let's take our show on the road!" Sig declared. So Sig Krew and Kor all went off to start a band. "Jak is still asleep." Daxter complained. "Who cares let the man sleep." Keira sighed.

"Keira…this is an intervention." Tess said sternly. "You have a problem." Keira looked around wildly. "I don't have a problem what are you talking about?" she said.

"Ashlein came forward. "YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!" she shouted and slapped Keira. "Hey you can't slap her she just had a baby!" Torn objected. "Ok, ok I'm sober now. You guys are the best friends I've ever had." Keira started to cry.

By this time the baby started to cry and Jak woke up quickly. "Oh cool he has father-radar." Tess giggled. "I want father-radar!" Torn complained. "We'll get to that later." Ashlein winked.

"So this is my daughter? What are we going to name her?" Jak asked. "Well I was going to name her Bob because I thought she would be a boy but now that she is a girl I was thinking Bobina." Keira said.

"I think Bobina is a great name!" Jak answered holding his baby girl. "Hello Bobina." He cooed.

"Ok wait! Stop the whole story!" Jak suddenly cried out. "I have done a lot of stupid things in this story but I am not going to name my daughter Bobina!" he shouted.

"Well what would you suggest then?" Tess asked. "I don't know. What about Amanda?" Jak shrugged. "Amanda is fine with me." Keira said. "So her name is Amanda?" Daxter questioned. "Yup Amanda it is." Jak answered.

"No fair she gets a normal name and I get stuck with 'Torn'" Torn moaned. "Who would name their kid Torn??"

"Quit complaining you cry baby." Daxter said. "Why you little!" Torn jumped on Daxter and the two began to fight again.

Off in the distance someone started to scream for help. "Hey I think that's my daddy." Keira sat up. "Who cares he is old his going to die soon anyway." Ashlein said as she stepped out of the way of Torn and Daxter rolling around on the ground.

"Yeah but we should probably go save him." Jak pointed out. "Ok but let's do it next chapter I'm kinda worn out." Keira sighed. "Sounds good to me!" Tess nodded and laid down for a nap.

Until next time…let us hope Samos is not dead by then…