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By: Panthera1984

Chapter 1: Awakening

The classroom was abuzz with activity. Rolls of parchment could be seen on every desk gaining length, whilst the occupants of the class scribbled down notes from the lecture the teacher was giving. For the first time in ages, they had a rather decent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and he was already making his mark.

He wasn't like most teachers. Even when first meeting him, he literally took your breath away with his undeniable beauty. When Dumbledore had introduced him at the banquet every student there had stared at the tall, well-built man. It was only after the explanation of him being part Veela that panic started to rise. Hushed whispers began to fill the great hall. When Cho flat out told her pimple faced friend her parents wouldn't want their daughter to be taught by a potentially dangerous creature, the dam broke and people started talking like mad. Each house reacted differently to the news. Slytherins were positively buzzing, probably ganging up on the newly acquired teacher, while Hufflepuffs were quietly whispering in a huddle with the occasional outburst of 'forgive and forget'. Ravenclaws settled down discussing amongst themselves, everything they knew about Veela, even spinning new theories. Hermione scoffed at some of their so called 'new theories', and was ready to give the Ravenclaws a lecture of her own. Surprisingly enough, the only table that was truly dived in two was Gryffindor.

A scraping sound silenced the murmuring students and they returned their attention towards Dumbledore once more.

"I see that this year's choice raises delightful debatable topics, however, let me assure you Professor Takashi is quite capable of tuning his more natural persuasive attractions to a bare minimum. On top of that, the ministry has set upon itself to add several charmed protection spells to that. He is perfectly safe, even if he still looks quite yummy," he said.

Several of the students scowled after Dumbledore's last remark, but most accepted the explanation and waited for the food to arrive. Some of the students resumed their discussions in hushed whispers. At the teachers table, Snape looked murderous and gave Professor Takashi the usual welcome rite he gave all DADA teachers. Next to Professor Takashi, Professor Flitwick seemed interested in the mention of charms. Food arrived and Dumbledore welcomed everybody to tuck in.

On the Gryffindor table, Hermione seemed the only one who wanted to continue exploring possibilities. After several attempts to get Ron to react, she gave up and turned to Harry instead. Behind her back Ron gave Harry an apologizing look before continuing to devour his Shepherd's pie.

"A Veela Harry!" said an excited Hermione. "I read about them once. I need to get back to the library to thoroughly research them again, but from what I can remember-"

Then she shot into a rather longwinded explanation about rites of Veela, which consisted mostly of Hive order and mating rights. Next to her, Ron choked when she mentioned her fascination with sexual relationships with Veela.

"Really Harry they have the most intricate system, it consists of…"

This time Harry shot Ron a sympathizing look.

"Veela have only one mate and most of them spend their entire lives looking for them. It's a good thing they live so long; otherwise they would have died out long ago."

Harry grunted, hoping it would be a good enough response, and cleaned his plate. He could tell she was getting excited and would most likely visit the library first thing in the morning. Soon after, the great hall emptied as students went to their dorms; most of them looking were at the table with the teachers, all were watching one in particular.

Harry had to admit the man was gorgeous. Long, fine, silver hair fell in waves to his middle catching the dying rays of sunlight; in a fetching way it made his hair appear flaming red in some places. His face was built catlike with normal trace female Veela features. Even the slender build of his body was the same as theirs, albeit somewhat more masculine. It was the eyes that did it though, a brilliant shade of lavender, filled with passion. Their persuasive power was felt even after all the necessary precautions.

A soft thump made him break his gaze from the professor to see a group of Ravenclaw third years tumble over each other. Next to Harry, Hermione made a clucking noise and Ron was out right smirking. In the back, a group of Slytherins laughed nastily before disappearing through the door towards the dungeons.

"Well mate, looks like school has officially started." Ron commented while they made their way towards Gryffindor tower. Hermione humped.

"I still think that we should have taken points off for that." Ron rolled his eyes behind her back.

"Aw come on 'Mione we start tomorrow lets just enjoy our last day peacefully. Personally I prefer going to sleep normally instead of dodging hexes before going to bed." Ron grunted, Harry nodded and Hermione treated them one of her milder glares before letting out another humph and going ahead of them to the tower.

"Well that went rather well." Ron said, watching Hermione's disappearing back.

The following days had been spent getting back in school routine and complaining about the amounts of homework they had already received from McGonagall and Snape, and in Hermione's case Professor Vector. Thursday was the day they had been all looking forward to, the first time they would be taught by Professor Takashi. It arrived agonizingly slow.

Now that they finally experienced first hand the teachings of Professor Takashi, many students had to grumpily admit (in Harry's case) that he was on the same level as Professor Lupin, even if he did things completely different. And so now, three weeks later, they were back in Professor Takashi's class taking notes. Since entering NEWT level courses every class was a double hour and DADA was split in one hour theory and one hour hands on practice.

With a soft sigh Harry put down the last notes on wild magic usually found in magical creatures. Next to him Hermione was positively delighted, there was a big smile on her face, and her eyes shone with delight while she scribbled down the necessary notes and at the same time looked through her school book to take additional notes. On his other side, Ron was using telegram style notes; it looked like he would be pestering Hermione for her work when examinations started.

In front of the class Professor Takashi stood up and clapped his hands to gain the attention of his class. Several of the Slytherins scowled at the childlike treatment and in the very back of the class Draco and his friends produced a strange hissing sound while watching the teacher through half closed eyes. The Ravenclaws put down their quills and watched with anticipation while the sparse addition of Hufflepuff looked worried. Gryffindors were whispering excitingly, and Harry had to agree, using what they learned for real was ten times better than just taking notes.

"Today I have a special treat for you all." Professor Takashi said his voice velvety and seductive. "I have arranged for the stadium to be slightly rearranged." His voice trailed off and some of the female body and a few boys leaned in to catch everything, their eyes taking on a slightly dazed look. Professor Takashi looked up and snapped his fingers, everything went back to normal.

"As I was saying, the pitch has been slightly altered thanks to Professor Dumbledore, and we will have a mock battle with beasts provided by Professor Hagrid." By now the few Hufflepuffs looked positively frightened as did some of the other students, most just swallowed hard and tried to calm down raging nerves; most of them still remembered the Skrewts quite vividly. Harry dreaded what could be awaiting them as he remembered the spider he had faced at the end of the maze two years ago.

Next to him Hermione looked half delighted and half horrified; Ron was more on the horrified side. "What do you think we're going to face?" The red head whispered towards Harry as they lined up in pairs and went after their teacher who was leading them towards the pitch.

"Don't know, but if we're dealing with Hagrid I would say be prepared for anything."

"Well Hagrid wouldn't take out anything too dangerous, I mean not in front of another teacher, surely..." Hermione looked unsure. "He really wouldn't…" her voice died down again and Ron snorted. "Remember the Skrewts." Was all he said and Hermione lost some of her delighted look. Harry followed them his thoughts turned towards the maze, he was sure everyone from the DA would be able to handle whatever they were going to face, but fighting magical animals turned his thoughts towards Cedric and his death. A stab of pain made his eyes water with sadness and a boney white face with red eyes flashed before his eyes while it laughed with sick pleasure. Sadness was replaced with anger and hatred.

The Quidditch pitch was once again lined with a wall made of plants. They had to walk towards the east side were they could see Hagrid waiting beside what seemed a door made from branches. He waved when he noticed Harry, Hermione, and Ron who all waved back weakly. The huge man looked happy and he rubbed his hands when the whole class had finally arrived. Professor Takashi nodded pleasantly at him, and Hagrid with one final wave left. Harry felt slightly ill, next to him Ron had started to murmur the spells the DA had practiced while Hermione looked like she wanted to go back to the castle get some books from the library and research more spells. He knew he would feel a bit better if he knew more.

Another snapping of fingers caused everybody to look at Professor Takashi. "Good, as you can see I have borrowed the idea of the maze from the Triwizard Tournament. Inside you will need to navigate towards the other exit, on your way you will find several beasts you need to overcome. Do not worry I made sure it was nothing too dangerous, you should be able to handle them just fine." He reassured the fidgeting students and used hand motions to strengthen his words.

"Now I altered the maze so that when you are all inside there is no chance of meeting, this way you do not need to worry about accidentally hexing your fellow student. When you feel you can't make it just shoot up red sparks and I will come to get you" Malfoy smirked and Crabbe and Goyle looked disappointed. "Now you will enter with intervals of ten seconds starting with Abbott Hannah." The Professor called out. A quivering red haired girl walked towards the door of branches that, when she came close, slowly unfurled and let her pass through, closing as soon as she entered.

One by one the students disappeared through the branch doorway; soon Harry was one of the only few left. "Potter Harry." Takashi called out. When Harry walked towards the door he saw the professor give him a warm smile before looking down at the notebook in his hands. Hermione had whispered just before she left that he was probably monitoring them and writing results down in it. Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath Harry entered.


Within the maze Harry felt as if he had entered a completely different world. The light was filtered by trees to a soft green and even the air smelled different. With wonder he felt himself walking towards the maze but stopping just before the road branched off. Using his wand he used a point me spell to find north and decided on the left branch. Carefully proceeding Harry spent less time on looking at his environment and more time checking out for beasts. Somewhere ahead of him he heard a high pitched scream and suddenly red sparks shimmered in the sky. 'One student down. I wonder what she walked in to.'

Shaking his head Harry focused at the problem at hand. A group of Doxies had just come buzzing down from nearby oak tree and headed straight for him. With a quick swish of his wand he murmured Impedimenta and the doxies stopped in midair and dropped to the ground. Quite pleased with himself Harry continued.

Red sparks became more frequent as time passed and every now and then you could hear someone yell or scream, at one point Harry could have sworn he heard Ron right next to him, but no matter how hard he looked or what kind of spells he used he could not see his friend. Sighing he had to give it to Professor Takashi, the man knew how to cast his spells. When he said they wouldn't be meeting each other he could have mentioned that while everybody was in the maze they were all in a different level.

Waiting for a few minutes longer Harry did another point me spell and found he had gone too far west. Adjusting his route he took one of the many paths and went on. Just when he entered yet another clearing he felt a sharp stab in his neck. Sucking in his breath he turned on his heel wand at the ready thinking it was a beast, but he found nothing behind him. When he touched his neck he found a faint warm trickle that turned out to be blood. Frowning Harry slowly went in circles while making his way towards the left road, his green eyes wandered over the clearing feverishly but finding nothing.

Just when he reached his destination another jab in his neck made his knees buckle. With a gasp he turned around and found nothing yet again. Throwing caution to the wind Harry started to swing curses everywhere whilst backing out of the clearing. Just then another jab in his neck hit something vital and Harry's world went black before he could shoot out red sparks. His consciousness lasted a bit longer though.

The process of feeling yourself faint and fall but unable to stop it was strange. Harry felt himself fall with his head against the tree he had been standing next to but there was no pain to go with it. Just when he hit the ground with his shoulder he could hear loud laughter. His stomach protested and did a flip, his heart sunk. Malfoy. Malfoy had found a way around the spell the teacher had cast over the maze. The last thing Harry noticed was a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach and a steady stream of liquid running down his neck onto the ground.


"Is he okay?" Hermione whispered her face wet from tears. She was sitting next to Harry. Professor Takashi kneeling next to Harry was using his wand to heal the puncture wounds in his neck.

"Don't worry Miss Granger, the curse only punctured him a few times. The most damage was his blood loss, but that's something Madam Pomfrey can easily solve." With a final wave Takashi lifted Harry's unconscious body from the floor and started for the exit. Hermione followed hovering near Harry the whole time. She kept checking his pulse and his breathing. At the entrance the whole class gathered when they saw the three coming out of the maze.

Ron pushed through the Ravenclaws and joined Hermione and Professor Takashi on their way to the hospital wing. "What happened?" Ron asked Hermione.

"He got cursed; my suspicions are that one of the students found a way around the spells the Professor used." She whispered back throwing a nasty look towards Malfoy and his gang. The Slytherins saluted back. "Seems like Potty can't handle a little danger." Pansy screamed at them, next to her Blaise pulled up one perfect eyebrow. "Well, I can clearly see the world is in safe hands." He commented sarcastically, the rest of the Slytherins smirked at that.

Ron jumped back when Hermione produced an angry hiss. He was just in time to stop her from hexing the Slytherins. He grabbed her wand arm and shook his head, Harry needed them now. Hermione looked almost disappointed but relented when one of the former DA members shooed her away with a wink. Nodding her head she turned around and ran up to Ron thanked him and returned to hovering protectively over Harry's unconscious form.

"Well I guess weak fool mudbloods breed weak half-breed children." Pansy sneered with her eyes half closed. With a small sweet smile she watched Draco for any sign of appreciation. When he smirked she felt her heart flutter. This distraction was all the members from the DA needed to throw a hex towards her. Soon the air was filled with the putrid smell of burning hair.

"You, how dare you." Pansy screamed her face twisted with anger while she used water from her wand to put out her hair. Goyle was already shooting hexes back, but his aims were way off. Next to her Draco sneered and with one flick of his wand rendered the Gryffindors defenceless, as he did some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws.

"Let's go, there is nothing even slightly challenging to be found here." He drawled, Pansy threw the immobile students a triumphant smile before following Draco. "You are so good Draco; I do wonder why you still follow school." One of the unmoving Gryffindor's managed a low gurgle. A Ravenclaw rolled his eyes. "You guys could have seen that coming." He said knowledgeably, the Gryffindor made another gurgle. "I guess I better get a teacher to fix you guys up he mused. This time half DA produced strange grunting noises. "Yeah, yeah I'll hurry up. I wonder if dinner has started already though." He mumbled leaving the frozen statues.

Neville choked when he heard that and produced a pleading whimper, but the Ravenclaw was already out of hearing distance.


"So there really isn't anything wrong? Hermione asked for the third time. Madam Pomfrey sighed and bristled at the hint that her work might not be good enough. "I assure you Miss Granger; Potter will be up and about tomorrow. Now get out of my ward or I'll have you bodily removed by one of the house elves." This time it was Hermione who bristled, but she obeyed all the same and left the hospital wing.

In the hall Ron was waiting for her looking anxious. "Is he going to be fine?" he asked. "I've never seen him look this pale before." He mumbled to himself. Hermione nodded.

"He's fine, just a lot of blood loss, that's why he's so pale. Madam Pomfrey has already given him a blood replenishing potion; she says he will be up tomorrow."

Ron shook his head and both of them turned towards Gryffindor tower. "You think Professor Takashi will be able to get Malfoy?" Ron said after a few seconds of complete silence startling Hermione who had been in deep thought.

She frowned and shook her head. "Well that's the thing I can't get. If he did it, how did he break the spell? I mean honestly inter-dimensional spells can only be broken by the caster." She then started to mumble under her breath, Ron tried to stay focussed for once but was lost the moment she started her one sided conversation from which he could only hear snippets. To be honest she had lost him at the mention of inter-dimensional.

"But I'm sure Professor Takashi will be able to do something." She suddenly finished. By now they reached the painting of the fat lady. "Gargoyles." The painting swung open and Ron and Hermione went inside.

The common room was almost empty but for a few DA members. They came rushing towards Hermione with concerned faces; she went to calm them immediately. "Don't worry; Harry will be only staying the night. Security an all, you all now how Madam Pomfrey gets." Apparently this was all they needed to placate them. The rest of the night was spent planning Malfoy's downfall.

By one in the morning most Gryffindors had abandoned the plan for direct revenge to one to proof what Malfoy did because 'we can get him expelled that way' as Hermione had pointed out. Ginny who had joined them somewhere around 2 o'clock threw an admiring look at Hermione and Ron smiled evilly.

"That's great and all, but how exactly are we supposed to do this?" Seamus asked.

"Well, I think it's time for another batch of the P potion." Hermione whispered softly so that the others had to bend towards her to hear her. "P potion." Ron whispered back looking clueless. Hermione looked miffed and hit him over the head. "Remember second year." She screamed softly.

Ron thought back to second year and sudden understanding hit him. "Oh, you mean the Pol..." Another whack from Hermione stopped him mid-sentence. "Watch it we don't want anyone to hear." She hissed. Behind her Ginny gave her a curious glance before looking around the room. Neville seemed to be the only one to understand as Dean and Seamus looked rather clueless as well. "The house elves listen in and report to the head of the houses and Dumbledore." He explained. Dean turned an interesting shade of pink after hearing that.

"You think they report everything?" he asked trembling. Seamus shrugged and turned his attention towards Hermione who was scribbling down something. "Don't know mate, but I know I'll be thinking twice before having sex again." Dean nodded in agreement; behind him Ginny swallowed hard and looked nervously at the walls.


Back in the hospital wing Madam Pomfrey checked on Harry for one last time. Satisfied she closed the curtains around him and put a silencing spell on them to ensure an undisturbed night of sleep. Yawning she turned away from her patient and walked back to her small office and the bedroom that lay behind it. It had been a rather busy night, a first year Ravenclaw had wondered in sporting a third degree burn. Not much later a Slytherin had snuck in sporting wounds very much the same. Soon after that she had a group of Hufflepuffs that were suffering overdoses of cheering charms. Really students did the weirdest things at night.

Taking a mental note to write the reports for Albus in the morning she changed into a nice thin nightgown and slipped underneath the cool blanket. Back in the infirmary Harry moaned softly.

Then with a gasp he shot straight up. For a moment he didn't knew who, what or where before his memory kicked in and he found himself burning with a desire to kill Malfoy. That slimy git had really done it this time; Harry was going to find a way to take revenge even if it killed him.

This state only lasted for a few seconds, and then a huge wave of pain made him double over and forget everything around him. His insides seemed to be burning and Harry clutched his arms around him as he hissed in pain. His knees buckled and he fell face forward on his bed. Unable to contain himself Harry let out a cry of pain when he felt like his muscles were slowly being ripped apart.

With another yell Harry felt his body starting to convulse and he slipped towards the edge of the bed. As seconds passed the condition seemed to worsen and Harry lost himself in the waves of pain. At one point he couldn't even tell top from bottom and his voice was nothing more then a hoarse whine. Hours passed and Harry slipped in and out of consciousness, his waking moments being tormented with pain and never ending burning.

It was early morning when Harry had one of his more lucid moments. For the first time he felt that the pain was somewhat less and he very carefully worked himself from the ground back into his bed. Apparently he had fallen from his bed somewhere in the night. Just when he tried to pull himself up something heavy hanging from his back made him topple over. With a hoarse scream Harry felt something twist and snap. Tears of pain streamed over his cheeks and he used his last reserves of energy to flip over into his stomach.

After a few moments he felt he would be strong enough to remove what was stuck to his back, and he made a feeble attempt to reach backwards. Pushing himself up with a shaking arm he used his other arm to reach back. He felt a soft leather-like fabric and started to pull it forward. The fabric was quite heavy and Harry found he needed to rest every few seconds to gather energy before he could start pulling again.

At least he could finally pull it close enough to see and he found himself looking at what looked suspiciously like a part of a dragon's wing. Curious he pulled some more and found himself looking at a joint with a small claw protruding from it, Harry also noticed rather tiny nails. Then the claw moved.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrggghhhhhhh." Harry screamed or at least tried to as he didn't manage to produce much sound, and made an pathetic attempt to get away from the strange animal that was stuck to his back and was now making an attempt to grab him. From the corner of his eye Harry could see the claw clenched and unclenched frantically as if desperate for something, this only served to freak Harry out more.

Suddenly the curtains around his bed were pulled back and Harry lifted his head to plead for help. He found himself looking at Madam Pomfrey, but before he could do anything the elder witch sucked in her breath and pulled him from the ground and onto the bed.

"Do. Not. Move. Potter." Was all she said before running out of the hospital wing. A sinking feeling in his stomach told Harry things weren't looking too good. Then he thought about the animal again and he glanced sideways to see if it was still on the ground. After a careful glance he was pretty sure it wasn't there.

Feeling slightly sick Harry turned his head and fainted from shock. Behind him seemed to be two huge midnight blue wings with each a tiny claw protruding from the joint. The wings seemed to be coming from his back and now that Harry noticed that, he could feel a heavy weight hanging from his back. It was all too much and with the lingering pains from his abused muscles the Boy Who Lived ungracefully fainted like a girl.


Poppy finally reached the Headmaster in his office at that time. "Professor Dumbledore… Albus." She said seriously. Dumbledore who had been writing at the moment left his papers immediately, only once before had Poppy sounded this serious and it hadn't been a very good situation last time. Something told him this might be worse.

"It's Potter sir. Dragonseeker blood." She choked out. Dumbledore reacted fast as lightning.

With a wave of his hand he drew a chair for Madam Pomfrey and ushered her in it before going towards the roaring fire and throwing in floo powder. "Severus, Minerva, I have need of you."

Within seconds both teachers stood inside his office, one looking rather worried while the other looked annoyed.

"Ah, thank you for the quick response. Now not to be rude but I need you both to do something for me. Minerva." Albus looked at the witch in a green and red chequered bathrobe. "I need you to go down into the vault and get the books; the seven magic clans, the elemental and Blood call." She frowned at his request, but left it at that and went to get the books.

In the back of the room Severus looked worried. "What do you need those ancient books for?" he asked eying Dumbledore suspiciously. He only got one short sentence for answer but it was enough to tell him everything. "Harry is a Dragonseeker." Snape paled.

"Are you serious?" He blurted out. "But, that's impossible, surely he is… not…" Snape fell silent and forced himself to accept the truth. When he felt he had himself in control again, he turned towards the Headmaster and a pale looking Madam Pomfrey. "What branch is he, and how much of dominance is he showing off?"

Dumbledore looked at Poppy and put a hand on her shoulder to show his support. The silent encouragement was all she needed. "I'm not sure what branch; I would need to do some research for that. As for dominance, there is a problem there." Snape raised a brow at that. "Potter is a submissive; he has claws on his wings rather than one finger (think bats)." She said looking at Dumbledore with worried eyes.

"Well that's a relief. Submissives are easy to handle." Snape said.

"No Severus, your looking at it the wrong way, young Harry might not cause a ruckus but out there is a dominant Dragonseeker who will come to hunt it's mate." Albus said, his blue eyes holding Snape's in an iron lock. The potions master swallowed noticeably. Even if there was not much known about Dragonseekers is was common knowledge that dominant males were a hazard while hunting for their mate. Atlantis was a prime example; those idiots had tried to keep a dominant from its submissive. In the end the whole country had paid, with its life.

A few minutes later McGonagall came back carrying three old heavy books. She dumped them on the nearest table and cleaned her robe with her wand. Dumbledore picked the top book up and opened it. "Severus, I want you to get Sirius. We will need him to tell Harry about his newly acquired status. I don't think he will take it well if being told by anybody else."

Snape looked disgusted but went for the fire and used a rather large dose of floo powder. The green glittery substance covered him and almost everything else near him. "The Order." Was the only thing he said before being swept away by green flames.

"Minerva, could you look up the mating of Dragonseekers?" Dumbledore asked, his head still buried in the book he held. McGonagall nodded and picked up the third book and settled down in a chair she had just conjured near the fire. "And Poppy, you should keep Mr. Potter company. Try to keep him from doing anything silly, also, keep all the other students away from him. Especially the males." Madam Pomfrey nodded and stood up. Her thin nightdress fluttered around her ankles as she left the room.

When she reached the hospital wing she found Harry unconscious and one of his wings twisted. Clucking she pulled out her wand and fixed it. She then proceeded and making him more comfortable and spreading his wings so that he wouldn't squash them when lying on his back. With a soft look she brushed back some of the unruly black hair.

With a sigh she started to move Harry's bed towards the back of the wing and set up a permanent curtain. Once this was done she went to fetch a cool washing cloth and cleaned the boy's face. She was careful when brushing the now dark blue scale's adorning his face in an intricate pattern. She knew that those scales could be found on his lower arms and legs and probably the small of his back. Soon his wings would be covered with these tiny glittering scales too. Pulling the thin blanket around the boy's body she looked back at his face that still looked like Potter's but also different.

The angles were more feline and from his head two horns twirled up. The ears were only slightly pointed but when she checked she noticed that his pupils had already become slits. The poor child must have been suffering through the night and she hadn't noticed. Poppy felt a stab of pain at not being there when one of her patients had been in pain. With a sigh she tucked Harry in one more time before drawing up a chair and settling down next to him, completely forgetting she was still in her nightie.


Down in the dungeons one male student woke up; when he opened his eyes they were blood red with only slanted silver pupils in them. He sniffed the air and turned his head upward. Black glittering scale's covered his face in an intricate pattern and horns twirled up from his head. Pointed ears twitched while it checked out its surroundings. Clawed hands ripped the blankets away from his body that now sported two huge black scaled wings.

The Dragonseeker growled low in its throat when it could faintly feel the presence of its now awakened mate, he could not however, pin point the source. Letting out a roar it lunged itself form the bed, ready to hunt. Just then the feeling disappeared completely and the dominant male was left clueless. Snarling it showed of a nice set of fangs that gleamed dangerously, disappointed it settled back in its bed and managed to recover its human shell. Draco Malfoy then started pacing the room, careful not to wake his roommates in the process. His mate was awake now, but apparently someone or something was covering up every trace of her presence. A very animal like growl escaped his lips and anger made his eyes go red once more.

"Mine, she's mine!" he hissed.

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