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Venus Blue
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She stood in the darkness of the tomb with only the silence to surround her as she stared at the moonlit topaz coffin in which her love lay. The goddess of Venus lay as if sleeping; only the blue-white pallor of her skin betrayed the truth. She was dead, gone forever; even the ginzuishou had not had the power to bring her back.

It was ironic, she thought, that her lover lay illuminated by the moonlight when it was because of the goddess of the Moon that she had died. She had once loved the moonlight but now she hated it. She gazed once more at her lost beloved and wished that she was able to mourn; she could not cry; the pain was too deep for that, and she had lost the ability to cry long ago.

She jumped slightly as the doors to the tomb opened and a second woman entered. A woman whose usually beautiful long hair was now tangled and whose violet eyes were now red from all the tears she had shed. The one who had entered was the goddess of Mars, and she stared at Venus with such sadness in her eyes that any who would have seen would have thought that she had had not only her heart but her soul ripped to shreds; and, indeed, they had been.

"Saturn," Mars whispered, staring over at the other woman, noting how her short black-violet hair had fallen over to cover her face. There was no reply; the silent senshi had not cried since Venus' death; she had merely let the silence – the very thing that she was supposed to control – devour her already fragile soul and mind.

"Saturn, why?" Mars whispered. "Why do you not mourn for her?" Once again no reply came. "Did you not love her, Saturn? Saturn!" Mars yelled, anger and sadness mingling in her bitter voice.

Still no reply came; Saturn was gone, only her darkness and silence remained.

"Why do you not weep?" Mars repeated. "She has left us now. She is dead. My beautiful Venus, my Minako: she is gone now. Venus no longer; she is Venus Blue, goddess of the dead." Mars' voice faded to a whisper as she was choked once more by her tears. "Can't you bring her back, Saturn? Can't you give her life? Death is your domain, Saturn: can you not bring her back?"
Still Saturn stood in silence; she had gone too deep into herself to come out again. Mars wept in despair and, with one final glance at her lost lover, left the tomb.

Saturn stared at the face of the goddess of Venus as she bathed in the moonlight. Such beauty in her features even now, even in death. However, Saturn reminded herself, her beloved Venus was not Venus anymore; just as Mars had said, she was Venus Blue, goddess of the dead.