I manage to calm things down by ten.

He's acting normal again. He makes me help him with the dishes and then we do laundry. I think he's nervous about his father coming home and he wants everything to be perfect so Craig can't find something to yell at him about. I suggest that he just stay upstairs and pretend to be sleeping when he gets home and he seems to like the idea. Justin points out, however, that if his dad is in a bad enough mood or drunk, that he'll come upstairs and wake him up just to have a good yell.

"He's never touched you…right?"

"No, he never touches me."

There's a touch of sympathy in his voice but he smiles a small smile over at me. Probably because I acted all concerned and whatnot. We leave the laundry sitting in the living room. It's all in nice neat piles – mom's clothes, dad's clothes, towels, washcloths, and so on. I help him carry his clothes upstairs and into his room and I watch as he anxiously puts them where they belong. When he's done he looks over at me and slowly sits down next to me on his bed. And as much as I'd like to start something, I won't because we both know his dad could get home any second, though we're both hoping that he won't.


Craig doesn't end up coming home early. In fact, my mom gets home before he does and she gets home at eleven. Brian and I are still in my room when we hear the door being unlocked. We both let out sighs of relief when we hear my mom's tired voice from downstairs. "I'm home, Justin! Did your father ever show up?" Smiling, feeling totally relieved, the two of us unlock my bedroom door and hurry downstairs to greet Jennifer. She's dead tired as she sits herself down on the sofa. I jump down next to her and Brian sits next to me with a, "Hello, Mrs. Taylor." She looks surprised to see him here.

"Brian, what happened?"

I swallow and look over at his face. I can practically hear his brain thinking of a good excuse. I smile over at my mom. "He just fell down the stairs at school. Well, I accidentally pushed him down the stairs." Jennifer nods, distracted look on her face and I can practically hear Brian saying 'thanks' to me telepathically. I smile over at him and glance back over at Jennifer. "What's wrong, mom?"

"Your father's not home yet?"

"Uh, no, I guess he's…busy."

She rubs her temple and gets up off the couch. I jump up after her. "Mom, you look exhausted. You should really go to bed." And not think about the bastard you married. She shakes her head while walking towards the kitchen. "I'm fine, Justin. I just need something to eat,"

"I'll make it for you."

"And I need to wait for your dad."

"He's not my dad."


I ignore her and fling open the refrigerator door. I don't understand why she wants to wait up for him. She knows he's not really working. We all know he's really at some hotel with a married, or maybe unmarried, woman and fucking her. Brian shifts next to me as I dig through the fridge to make something for her. I listen to her sigh. "I talked to him today. He said things would be different." I shut the door to the fridge and shake my head.

"And his word is so reliable isn't it?"

"He was serious, Justin. He wants to make things better."

"So, making things better is fucking other women while you wait up for him? He doesn't mean a fucking word he says. He knows that you know what he's up to right now and he does it to you because he knows you're too weak to do anything about it. He knows you'll wait up for him like a good little wife."

I barely acknowledge the fact that Brian leaves the kitchen. Jennifer rubs her eyes and gets up from the table.

"He's working late. Nothing more."

"Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night? It's a fucking lie and we both know it. I don't know why you're acting like this!"

"Give him a chance…"

"Fuck chances! I've given him enough. I've given him one too many chances, mom and he's not changing. He won't change. He's a bastard and he always will be."

She's on the brink of tears and I realize that I should really shut up. When I'm angry, though, I have a hard time shutting up.

"Justin, I'm…I'm pregnant."

I nearly drop the milk that I had grabbed out of the fridge. Pregnant? Is she serious? I stare at her for a moment - no, there's no way that she's kidding about this. But...she can't be pregnant! "You're fucking kidding me." She shook her head, distressed expression on her face. "No, Justin, I'm not kidding you. I know this is...hard to grasp but,"

"Hard to grasp? You're pregnant! And he knows. And he still treats you like this!"

"He's not the father."

This time I do drop the carton of milk I have in my hand. I'm not even about to clean it up, either. "Oh my god." She sighs, rubbing her temple with her thumb and forefinger. "You're just like him. You're a cheating," She holds her hand up. "Don't start with me, Justin. Your father started cheating long before I did." I step out of the kitchen. This is all really too hard to grasp. "What? So that makes it right?" I thrust a hand through my hair, furiously. I am furious. I can't believe this. She's on the brink of tears and she takes a few steps towards me. She looks desperate. She doesn't want me to run upstairs and hate her and, to be honest, I don't think I can hate her but I can be pretty damn mad at her. "Justin, I never said it was right but...I did tell your father."

"Then what was all that shit about 'making things better?'"

"I'm filing for divorce. And he agrees."

"Well, I'm glad all these secrets are coming out. I might as well give you one of mine."

"I didn't mean for it to be a secret, Justin, I,"

"I'm gay. And I'm also going to bed. You should too."

"Are you alright?"

I walk upstairs completely...shocked. Did all of that just really happen? Brian's sitting on my bed when I arrive upstairs and I barely acknowledge that he spoke to me. I sit down next to him, though, still completely...just...shocked. She's pregnant. With some man's baby. Divorce. God. I jump when I feel a hand on my shoulder and I quickly look over to meet Brian's concerned gaze. "What's wrong? Is everything alright?" I shrug, shaking my head. Is everything alright? I'm not even sure. "What happened down there?"

"They're getting a divorce. She's pregnant."

"With your dads,"

"No, someone else's. I don't know who."


"I told her I was gay."

"Oh - what'd she say?"

I shrug again, rubbing my eyes. "I left before she could." Brian's arm comes all the way around me and pulls me against him. I think I'm still too shocked to resist. Or maybe my body doesn't want to resist. "Your mom sounds like a reasonable person...I'm sure she won't really care." I hope so. I look over at him and rest my head on his shoulder, face burrowing into his neck. His warm, soft neck. He has a nice neck. I draw in a deep breath and try and calm myself down. I don't want to go into shock, though, I'm sure it's a major possibility - me going into shock. I close my eyes as Brian's hand strokes back and forth in my hair, pulling gently at it and massaging my head every few seconds. I could probably fall asleep like this. No, I can fall asleep like this. I'm feeling kind of sleepy right now, actually. "Bri..."



"Well, you've had a big day."


When I wake up there's a weight on my chest. Not an uncomfortable weight, though. More of a very comfortable weight on my chest. Yawning, I slowly open my eyes and let them adjust to the sun seeping through the cracks in Justin's blinds. Then I have to adjust to the shock of blond hair in my line of vision. Yesterday had been very...eventful for him. A small knock on the door brings me out of my thoughts and I quickly shake Justin awake. It's his mom I'm guessing. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's his mom because I'm sure his dad wouldn't have knocked. Justin doesn't even have a chance to blush at are sleeping arrangement because there's another soft knock on the door and he's leaping off of me like he's on fire and rushing towards the door. When it swings open I find that I'm right. It is Jennifer. "Mom..."

"I-I made breakfast for you too. If you're hungry."


"Your welcome, honey."

I look over at the clock - school has already started. I guess we're not going.

With that she's rushing off downstairs and leaving the two of us alone again. He looks over at me, "D-do you wanna eat?" I can tell his awkward mode is switching on and I find it...slightly...amusing. I mean, we just slept and he's acting like it's the most embarrassing thing in the world. "Only if you do." We end up going downstairs and we're both very surprised to see Craig sitting at the dining room table with Jennifer. Justin kind of freezes and I think he's going to run back up those stairs as fast as he possibly can but, surprisingly, he doesn't. He stiffly sits down and I follow suit. The four of us are deathly silent as we eat. I wonder when one of them is actually going to say something. Craig shifts in his seat, sets his fork down and I'm sure that all silence is about to be broken. I bet Justin can't wait. "Justin, I've heard something very...interesting from your mother last night." I glance over at the blond and sure enough, he's completely frozen. I think we both know what's coming. Justin doesn't make eye contact with his father. He just stares at his food and I stare at mine.

"Jennifer tells me that you're gay."

He sounds disgusted. Justin doesn't say a word and I glance up at Jennifer. She suddenly looks like she regrets something. She probably regrets ever telling Craig about Justin's sexuality. Craig folds his hands on his lap and continues staring at Justin; there's a look of absolute distaste on his face. "That you're a fag. That's unacceptable." Justin still doesn't say word and I really wish he'd, at least, stick up for himself. I wish I could tell his father to shove it. My fist really wants to punch him. "No son of mine is going to be a disgusting homo." Something must've snapped inside Justin because he's suddenly not so frozen and he's suddenly not so quiet anymore. "As far as I'm concerned I'm not your son. And, you know what? I don't give a flying fuck what you think. So, without further ado, you can go shove something up your ass." When he shoves himself away from the table, it shakes and I quickly follow after him. "Justin," He blatantly ignores his mother and stomps up the stairs and I have to half walk, half jog to keep up with him as he hurries up the stairs.

When we get into his room he slams the door as hard as he can and locks it.

A few seconds later we both hear Craig and Jennifer fighting up a storm.

"Are you alright?"

The blond nods, slowing seating himself down onto his bed. I sit down next to him not really sure what to do. I've never been good in the comforting department. "I hate him." His voice is really quiet and he's playing with his fingers in his lap, frown on his face. "You have a right to hate him, Justin. He's a bastard." He shakes his head; he runs a hand furiously thrusts a hand through his hair. "But...I'm still upset. I'm actually hurt at what he said. I mean, I hate him. Why should I care? He's an asshole yet, I still care about what he thinks about me." I don't know what that feels like. Well, when it comes to my parents, I mean. I know what my dad thinks about me and I don't give a shit about it. I hesitantly rest a hand on the back of Justin's neck, fingers massaging lightly. "You shouldn't care. Soon, he'll be out of your life and...It'll be ok." Justin suddenly looks over at me, suddenly looking angry. "I shouldn't be complaining - you have it way worst than I do. I'm so selfish." I roll my eyes, "Justin, you're not selfish. You're just venting and I'd rather you tell me. I don't think you're selfish at all. So, keep venting."

"I'm...done, actually."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure...thanks."

"Do I get a reward?"

He slaps me lightly on the arm but I achieved my goal - there's a smile on his face. "Hey, I was just curious." He continues smiling and then he slides over, just slightly, closer to me. "I guess you do deserve something for being a good listener."

"Damn right I do."

"Is your face ok?"

"It was ok yesterday, Taylor."

"Kiss me then."

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