EdxRoy drabble

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Rating: T (for mild swearing, very mild)


Roy having moodswings...Roy having moodswings...

No...nope that just didn't seem to fit...

And he won't tell me...the ass.

All I want to know is what's causing him to be so serious all of a sudden, did something happen? Did I do something?


"what is it Edward?" Roy asked, a slight growl in his voice as he read the paper.

"Why are you being so pissed off today?"

"that's none of your concern Edward"

"Then stop calling me Edward! Call me something else before I freak out!" I said, looking a bit worried, he never really used my full name unless he WAS pissed off about something.


"WHO ARE-" I stopped in mid rant, okay, I set myself up for that one. I looked into his eyes for a moment as I pulled the paper down.

I said something...I did say something...something to hurt him.

My head hit the table surface as I tried to remember. It came to me on the fifth hit. The events of last night played in my minds eye.

"Roy! Why can't you just be normal for once? If you don't stop acting like an idiot, I might just go work under someone else!"

The only other colonel there was Archer...

Whom Roy loathed with the same burning passion in which he said loved me.


I could hear the man growling now "what is it now?"

"I...didn't mean to say that last night..."

"I don't care"

Those words struck me harshly. Obviously Roy did care if he said it with THAT much venom in his voice.

"But..I really didn't.."

"Drop it FullMetal"

I got a glimsp of his eyes as he stood up, placing the paper on the table. I was shocked to find it had gone from the intense glare to a dead look, as if suddenly he just didn't want to care.
I felt my throat tighten and I tried to say something but nothing came out.

Roy went upstaires and into the master bedroom, and I heard the door click softly as it locked.

He'd openly voiced his opinion to me about what Archer would most likely do if I DID go under his command instead.

"Listen Ed, I don't trust Archer, you know that, he'd probably accept you, but as soon as that happens, you're subjected to obey EVERYTHING if he commands you to, think about it, what
that sadist would do?"

It came to me in a flash. Archer hated Roy aswell...and what better way to get him riled than to do something to me?

Walking upstaires, I knocked on the door softly "Roy? Can I come in please?" I asked

The door opened and he looked at me, with the same look that made my heart clench with guilt and an overwhelming sadness "what now?"

"I...I'm..." I couldn't say it, damn my pride!

"if you don't have anything worthwhile to say, I don't want to talk right now" he went to shut the door but my automail hand wedged between the door and the frame, then forced it open.

"I'm sorry okay?"

There was a momentary look of shock in his eyes before a small smile crept onto his face "appology accepted" then he laughed "I was really wondering just WHEN you'd say that"

I stood there, in my own shock, before it heightened into anger.


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