I was watching the rain today and i though 'i'm going to make Ed come back' soI did.

Dislcaimer: I dont own anything said here in this chapter

Rating. K+

Warnings: Fluff

Welcome home.

Five years...

Five whole years since I've seen, heard, or even mentioned you.

Oh sure, I've put up the act, worn the mask, and played the part of not caring.

But ever since that day on the Train platform.

I've loathed this little game.

Roy sat in his office as usual, doing paperwork as usual, threatened byt Riza...as usual. For him, he felt like nothing ever changed. Nothing caught his interest since Ed left five years ago on that train without a proper goodbye.

Being Furher didn't make it any better. Still same old same old, paperwork all day. He couldn't even ive himself an assignment to get out of that office it was so bad.

Riza was typing away on the typewriter, the clicking of keys droning everything else out in the ever present silence.

It was raining He noted, looking outside, 'just like back then...huh Ed?' he thought, closing his eyes as he remembered standing there in the pouring rain, watching the train depart.

"Sir, get back to work please" Riza said, looking up at Roy who nodded, opening his eyes and turning back to the paper. Suddenly he stopped and looked back out the window. Gold and red had caught his eye as he turned, by the gate in HQ. Looking again his heart jumped.

Riza looked up, startled out of her concentration as the chair fell over and the door to the office was pulled open, with Roy dissapearing around the corner.

Ed brushed soaking wet hair from his eyes as he pushed the gate open "man, it's pouring out, I hate the rain..." looking up at the sky, cursing softly. He trudged forward, wanting to get inside ASAP and out of the cold.

"ELRIC!" his head snapped up at that arrogant, commanding, and powerfull voice he knew so well.

Not twenty feet away stood Roy, completely drenched allready, glaring at him.

"I cannot believe you! How could you! How could you leave without saying goodbye!" he growled and Ed almost wanted to back up, keyword almost. then, Roy's voice turned quiet "do...do you really think that little of me?"

Before Ed realized what he was doing or where he was, he was hugging Roy tightly, and suddenly, the rain didn't seem so cold. Roy's arms wrapped around him in return, pulling closer, if possible.

"For five years...I've missed you terribly" he muttered "why did you come back?"

"I missed you" Ed stated bluntly "and I wanted to make sure you were still doing okay without me to support you"

"You cheeky, little rat"

"Not little anymore" Ed said, grinning all of a sudden and Roy noted Ed was almost as tall as he was, though still shorter by at least two inches.

Suddenly, Roy couldn't help but laugh, for the first time in years, he truly laughed. Ed eeped as he was lifted and spun around, but soon, the contagious laughter caught him too. If anyone was around to see it, they'd probably saw the two men were loony.

After a moment Roy stopped, still holding Ed aloft. The blonde smiled, before holding Roy's face between his hands and kissing him deeply.

There was more feeling it that single kiss that Roy or Ed had ever conveyed for eachother before. When they parted slightly Roy smiled and said only two words.

"Welcome home"

There, done.