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A/N: Written for the Valentines Day exchange at the livejournal community Hogwartsishome.

Tonks bounced into the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place, hoping to only find Lupin, but instead she found Sirius as well. She balked a little before she remembered to keep her smile.

"Wotcher Remus, Sirius." She said happily.

Remus smiled. "Hello Tonks."

"I have a present for you." She said to Remus.

"What, and nothing for your favorite cousin?" Sirius asked.

"I do have one for you, but I think giving you firewhiskey before noon is a bad idea."

"It's really not." Sirius replied, trying to look down trodden.

Tonks stuck her tongue out at Sirius and pulled from behind her back the box of chocolates she had for Lupin. "I thought you would like these."

Remus took the box and opened it, seeing all his favorites. "Thank you." He said smiling at her.

Tonks could feel herself blush a little, but what she didn't know, was that her feelings for him were returned.