What happens now?



Months had passed and everything was going great. Gabriella was doing well. She had nightmares sometimes, but they were fading away. They caught her father and he was sent to jail for life.

Nothing was stopping us now. Today was our graduation day of high school. Gabriella and I were walking away form the crowd and to there secret spot. They were siting on the bench talking. All of a sudden Troy got on one knee and revealed a small box.

"Will you marry me?" he asked her as he opened the box to reveal a diamond engagement ring.

She said yes.

The years went by quickly and the gang graduated college. Sharpay and Zeke, Jason and Kelly, Ryan and Emily, Chad and Taylor, and Troy and Gabriella all got married. They all kept in touch over the years and are still in touché today…

A/N ok so yes it's a pretty crappy ending, bt this story was well idk. I gave up on it and well im just ending it. thank you all who reviewed for this! I thank you all!