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Rain battered down on the dirty windows, running down the panes in waves and dripping off the drainpipes, making it seem like the whole house was in tears. The dark clouds overhead rumbled threateningly, blocking off any moon or starlight and plunging the dense surroundings into darkness.

If one looked carefully through one of the rain-stained windows of the top floor of the rickety house, they would be able to make out the outline of a man, hunched on the sill.

This man was called Peter Pettigrew.

He watched the rain as it fell from the sky, idly tracing the marks it left on the panes with his finger, thinking how well they matched his own tear-stained cheeks. The man inwardly cursed himself for having to stay in this wretched place, but knew that he deserved everything he got…considering what he had done…

If I could only go back…

But there wasn't any going back, Peter knew that now. He knew it when he first had the Dark Mark branded on his arm; Merlin thatwas the worst day of his life, knowing he was going to end up betraying his best friend.

My friends…my caring friends…they trusted me, trusted me with everything…treated me kindly, made me laugh…let me be a part of them…James even let me play a part in his wedding…

Oh yes, the wedding, how could he forget it? 17 years ago today Lily and James were married…and 16 years ago today they were murdered…

By me…

Peter tried to shake his head to clear it of the thoughts of those two nights, but it was no use. The memories of the past were too strong, and he found himself reminiscing the wedding day itself…

"I still don't understand why he got a bigger applause than me Wormtail," Sirius muttered to the short man sitting beside him as Remus Lupin sat down in a hurry, lest the groom, James, decided to throw something else at him.

"I dunno mate, maybe it's cause it got Prongs all mad," Peter suggested, licking icing from his fingers, "Anyway, it's almost time for me to say something…wish me luck!"

Padfoot gave Peter a weak thumbs up, glaring at the werewolf from out of the corner of his eye.

Fear swept over the blond-haired boy as he stood up and peered at the guests, he'd never been much of a speaker at school, how in the name of Merlin did he get himself into this?

Taking a glance to his left, he remembered why; Lily and James. His best friend's wedding. They were looking forward to hearing him speak…he couldn't freeze up now!

"H…Hey!" he managed to stutter out. The audience all turned to look at him, and the twisted feeling in his stomach returned, "I…I…I just wanted to say something, see…seeing as its Prongs' wedding and all."

Peter took a deep breath and focused on what he was going to say, why didn't he write it down!

"I've watched Prongs try to get Lily for seven years, and by our 7th year, I was starting to wonder whether all of his persistence would actually pay off. Lily never seemed interested in us at school, always calling us trouble-makers and no-good-bullies, I have to agree with Pads; I thought James' funeral was just around the corner every time he asked her out."

He glanced over to James, who was sighing exasperatingly and placing his head in his hands, obviously wondering if anyone actually thought he would ever get the girl of his dreams. Peter laughed and continued speaking, his nerves fading quickly,

"Thankfully, that never happened, and, to everyone's amazement, James grew up in our last year, causing Lily to realise that there was a heart underneath all the arrogance, even though it was hard to find at first."

To Peter's surprise, the crowd laughed, as did the Marauders and Lily, with the exception of James, who looked ready to throw another fork. The young man noticed this and started hurrying to finish his speech,

"So anyway, I know Sirius already did this once, but I want to have another toast to the bride and groom. And I want to let them no that, no matter what they go through, they'll always have each other…and us of course. But they can decide for themselves whether that's a good thing or not!"

With a round of applause ringing in his ears, Peter Pettigrew raised his glass to the newly-wedded couple, grinning broadly. Little did he know that, in less than 4 months time, he would join the Death Eater's and be thrust into a dark, cold world…

The rain continued to beat down onto the house, reflecting the mood of the inhabitant inside of it. An occasional flash of lightening streaked across the sky, illuminating Peter's face and making it seem gaunt and distorted.

The man continued to stare out of the window for many hours, lost in memories of his guilt-stricken past and worries of his uncertain future…

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