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The Son of Sparda

Chapter 1 - Revelations

Harry Potter's eyes fluttered open on a beautiful, sunny July day. In fact it was his birthday. Harry was a skinny sixteen year old, even more so then usual. Sirius' death had really hit him hard, and the last three or four weeks had been some of his worst. Sirius' death hurt even more so than his parents because he had actually known him. His friends had all written to Harry frequently over the weeks – a big contrast from last year. They kept telling him in no uncertain terms that his death was not his fault and that he should not blame himself. But no matter what they said Harry would always blame himself for the death of his beloved godfather. If only he hadn't been so stupid and believed that bloody vision. Harry would cry himself to sleep every night, beating himself up for his loss. He would not reply to his friend's letters and just send the same reply to each of them. I'm fine, don't worry. This was, of course, and utter lie but Harry could not bring himself to say anything more.

Ron had, at first, not mentioned Sirius at all and had tried to avoid the topic totally, talking about the rest of the family and mainly Quidditch games and the Chudley Cannons. But as Harry's replies continued to be void of any emotion at all he started to get annoyed and also started to tell him that he shouldn't blame himself. Ginny had also started to write to him and had been very gentle at first but her famous Weasley temper got the better of her as Harry continued to be distant and had started to shout at him in her letters. Hermione had been the most persistent Harry thought, writing to him every other day with various owls she ordered. She had also been very gentle at first, telling him of different ways that he could deal with the grief. But Harry had tried none of them. And as his responses became more and more repetitive her letters became angrier but she never gave up and continued to be supportive but in her bossy way. Remus had also been writing to him and even though Harry gave him the same reply he took time to read his letters in detail because they usually detailed events from the Marauders' years at Hogwarts and often included mentions of his father.

At times Harry thought he could not bear the pain and the guilt; any thought of Sirius would reduce him to a sobbing wreck. Harry would barely leave his room unless he was going to the bathroom, to the gym room or to get something to eat. And on top of his godfather's death he had to deal with the prophesy. Part of him was not really surprised with its contents as he had always known that it would come down to the two of them in the end. Yet he was afraid. Not afraid of dying, but afraid of failing. He would welcome death with open arms when it came, it would be a sweet release from the pain. He was afraid of what would happen if he failed. All the people that would suffer, Ron, Ginny, Neville…Hermione. For some reason he hated the thought that she would suffer more so than anyone else.

The Dursleys had ignored Harry ever since his return, which suited him fine. After Moody's threat at the station they seemed rather subdued. They had let Harry keep all of his things in his room including his wand, and barely talked to him other than to point out that his food was on the table. He spent a lot of time in Dudley's gym working out. Now that Dudley had his title he hardly used it (his fatness was his best weapon). It had weights, a rowing machine, a bike and others. Harry found it useful for forgetting about Sirius as well as building up his body.

Harry rose from his bed, put on his glasses and stepped in front of the mirror with a sigh. He had grown to a decent height over the last few weeks, but his raven black hair was just as unruly as ever and his lightning-bolt scar still a thing of legend. Harry turned, surveying his room. It was an absolute mess. Dirty clothes, opened books and scrunched up letters littered the floor. In his grief he had not bothered to tidy up. A screech alerted him to Hedwig's arrival. She soared through the open window and landed with a soft thump on his messy bed. Harry moved towards her when three more owls flew in and landed next to her, much to Harry's surprise. He focused his attention on his beautiful, snowy white owl first. "Hey, girl. Good trip?" he asked. She nipped his finger affectionately in response. He was surprised to see that she carried four letters and a very large package. "How did you carry all of this, girl?" He asked in confusion. She merely hooted and flew to her cage to drink some water. The other owls started hooted in annoyance as he moved to open the letters first. "All right, all right, I'm coming keep your feathers on," He relieved the two tawny owls and the single barn owl of their burden. The owls flew to Hedwig's cage, took a few gulps of water and soared straight back out of the window. The letters that Hedwig was carrying were from Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Remus. There was a rather unusually thick letter from Hogwarts, a letter from the Ministry (it had a wax seal on it) and a final one from Gringotts. The letter from the Ministry was probably his OWL results, but he couldn't for the life of him think what Gringotts was writing to him about. He set aside his results and the other letters and opened Hermione's letter.


Dear Harry,


Happy sixteenth Harry! My present is attached with Hedwig I hope you like it. Harry will please stop blaming yourself! I know your hurting Harry but it was not your fault. You did what you thought was best, you fought bravely. Please stop shutting me out. I care, Harry. Please send me a proper reply; otherwise I'll start sending you Howlers.

Our OWL results are due today! God, I'm so nervous. I know I failed Ancient Runes, I mistranslated. I'm so angry with myself! Anyway, Ron seems as nervous as me. I'm spending time with my parents since I haven't been able to see them much. It's great to catch up on everything with my cousins and relatives. I'm coming to stay at Grimmauld Place tomorrow after the reading of Sirius' will. Oh, I can't wait to see you. Have a great day Harry, and please write back.

With all my love,


Harry was slightly confused because Hermione had never put 'with love' at the end of her letters, but he smiled and put the letter aside and pulled her present towards him. On top of the package was 'Happy Birthday Harry, hope you like it!' Harry ripped open the packaging and gasped. In a dark blue box and decorated with golden calligraphy was the latest edition of 'Duelling for Masters'. "Wow, Hermione," Harry whispered. He pulled open the box and lifted out the book. It was decorated in a similar fashion to its box. The cover was dark blue and the title written in gold calligraphy. He eagerly flipped through the book with wonder. It had EVERYTHING in it. From different duelling stances to the background of the Dark Arts and other forms of magic. It was definitely the best present he could ask for. Harry grinned and carefully slid the huge book back into its perfect case and set it aside, intending to devour its contents the minute he had finished with the rest of the letters. He picked up Ron's next.

Hey mate,


Sorry I couldn't send the present with Hedwig when she came but she already had Hermione's HUGE one, so when you come to Grimmauld Place I'll give it to you then. Yeah were all staying at number twelve now, we arrived two days ago. Lupin's staying here as well. We're comin' to Gringotts tomorrow because we're included and I reckon' I'll see you then. Can't wait to see you and I hope you're feeling better. Hope the Muggles are treating you all right.

Your best friend


That's probably what the letter from Gringotts is, Harry thought, telling me about the will. Harry smiled at the thought of seeing his two best friends again and so soon. Next he picked up Ginny's.

Hey Harry,


Sorry I can't give you your gift Harry! I put so much thought in it as well. Hedwig was already overloaded with Hermione's so I sent the letter along. I was SO tempted to send a Howler along after you last reply! Harry, I care about you and it hurts me to see you in pain. Please respond. I'll see you tomorrow at Gringotts.

All my love,


Harry was very glad that Ginny hadn't sent a Howler; the Dursleys would have been down his throat. Ginny had also put 'love' at the end, which made Harry smile as well as frown. Then again she used to have a crush on him but had, according, to Hermione got over it. Harry picked up Lupin's letter next.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! As I'm sure you already know from Ron and Ginny that we couldn't send our gifts along with Hedwig because Hermione's was so big. Harry I know your hurting as much as I am but you mustn't bottle it up like this, it's not healthy. It doesn't help that you're with your damned aunt and uncle but you're coming back tomorrow and you can start to heal.

Your friend


Harry was thankful that his old professor cared for him so much as was looking forward to seeing him again, but he didn't know if he would ever heal. The guilt, at times, was too much to bear. He sighed and picked up the letter from the Ministry next. He was nervous but he ploughed ahead and broke the seal.


Dear Mr. Potter

Your OWL grades are as follows.

Pass Grades: O (Outstanding)

E (Exceeds Expectations)

A (Acceptable)

Fail Grades: P (Poor)

D (Dreadful)

T (Troll)

An (+) indicates a higher mark while a (-) indicates a lower mark.

HARRY JAMES POTTER has achieved at OWL level:

Charms: Theory – E+

Practical – O

Overall Grade – O

Transfiguration: Theory – E

Practical – E+

Overall Grade – E+

Astronomy: Theory, Practical – A-

Overall Grade – A-

Potions: Theory – E+

Practical – O

Overall Grade – O ()

Divination: Theory, Practical – P

Overall Grade – P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Theory – O+

Practical – O+

Overall Grade – O+ ()

Care of Magical Creatures: Theory, Practical – E

Overall Grade – E

History of Magic: Theory – A-

Overall Grade – A-

() – Congratulations! Highest mark for practical in the class!

() – Congratulations! Highest mark ever recorded for DADA!

Congratulations Mr. Potter, you achieved 7 OWLs.

Possible options for N. E. W. T:

N. E. W. T level Charms

N. E. W. T level Transfiguration

N. E. W. T level Potions

N. E. W. T level Defence Against the Dark Arts

N. E. W. T level Care of Magical Creatures

Have a good summer

Griselda Marchbanks

Head of Wizarding Education

Harry couldn't believe it! He had gotten 7 OWLs! This was fantastic; he could actually achieve his dream of becoming an Auror. He had the highest mark in the class for the practical in Potions, he had beaten Hermione! The shocking thing was that he had achieved the highest mark for Defence Against the Dark Arts ever recorded! Harry couldn't contain his excitement; for once he was truly happy. Pride grew like a tide within him. He put his results carefully on his desk and picked up the thick letter from Hogwarts. When he broke the seal three smaller letters drifted onto his lap. One of them was bright red, one was his usual one from Professor McGonagall and the other was surprisingly from Professor Dumbledore. He took McGonagall's letter first.


Dear Mr. Potter,

Congratulations on your brilliant performance in your OWLs! Attached to this letter is a form for you to fill regarding the subjects you wish to take for N. E. W. T level. Please send it back ASAP. The next school term starts on 1st September. You will be expected in the Head and Prefects compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

Have a good summer,

Professor M. McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Why am I wanted in the Prefects compartment? Harry wondered. He cautiously picked up the wine red envelope which was addressed to him, broke the seal and watched with amazement as a badge fell out. He slowly picked up the badge, which had the Gryffindor Lion, emblazoned on it were the letters 'HB'. He stared in shock at the badge. How the hell can I be Head Boy! I'm not even a prefect or a seventh year! Still numb with disbelief he read the letter in the envelope.

Dear Mr. Potter,

Congratulations on being appointed Head Boy of Hogwarts. This post carries many benefits and responsibilities that will be laid down for you by your Head of House. You, the Head Girl and the other Prefects will be expected in the Head's compartment on the Hogwarts Express on the 1st of September.

Harry was still in a state of shock. He had always thought that only seventh years were made Head Boy or Girl, obviously he was wrong. Professor Dumbledore had said that he was not made a Prefect because he thought he had more than enough responsibility to carry, but now he was Head Boy. As it started to sink in he felt pride and happiness flood through him again. Sirius would be proud. At the thought of Sirius he ripped open the letter from Gringotts.

Dear Mr. Potter,

You have our deepest sympathies for the loss of your godfather Sirius Orion Black. You are requested to be at the showing of his final will and testament tomorrow, the 1st of August. All of whom are concerned will be present. We apologize for the late delivery of this letter. The return of He Who Must Not Be Named has set our schedule back.

Our sympathies,

Goblin Raphoke

Head Goblin of the Black Family

Harry felt a tear run down the cheek at the thought of Sirius and soon he was cradling his head in his hands and crying silently. He realised he still had one letter left, so he wiped his tears away and opened the letter from the Headmaster.

Dear Harry,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding performance in your OWLs and wish you a Happy Birthday. Achieving the highest mark ever recorded is an amazing achievement. I believe you beat the previous record holder by five marks. It certainly looks like you will make a brilliant Auror.

I would like to once again like to apologize for the death of Sirius. He was a good man who left before his time. I can offer no excuse only that of an old man's mistake, I ask for your forgiveness. Harry, to me you are like my grandson and I care very much about you. According to you friends you are shutting them out. While I understand your motives this is ill advised Harry. They care about you and you do them an injustice by blocking them out.

I am sure that you are very surprised at being appointed Head Boy. I will explain this in person when I see you today at eight o'clock p.m. I hope this timing is convenient if it is not just send me a letter. I will see you tonight and please forgive me.

Your grandfather,

Albus Dumbledore

Harry felt another tear run down his cheek as he read the letter. He felt another wave of guilt as he remembered the unjust way he had treated his Headmaster the previous year. Harry looked at the collection of letters that littered his bed and smiled. He had such good friends and people that cared deeply for him. He put down the Headmaster's letter and had reached a new resolve. He had to get over Sirius' death. He had a prophesy to fulfil and he would win, he would kill Lord Voldemort and make him pay.

His eyes fell upon Hermione's present and he carefully lifted the colossal book out of its case, flipped to the beginning and started to read and learn. The day sped by, Harry spent most of the day reading but also snuck into the gym room to do a little training. As six o'clock came round Harry decided to go for a little walk before Dumbledore showed up. It had been just over three weeks since he had been outside. He threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and headed out. The sun was still quite bright as Harry strolled down the street and made his way to the park. The park was as beautiful as ever in the summer. The trees swayed gently in the breeze, the summer flowers filled the air with a lovely scent and children's playful voices drifted to Harry's ears. He made his way to the swings, or rather the swing that remained after Dudley and his cronies' vandalism. Harry sat on the swing contemplating the past few weeks. For the first time he was actually happy. He was Head Boy of Hogwarts and he had great friends who had proven a million times over that they would always stand by his side no matter what. The minutes drifted by as Harry was lost in his thoughts.

He glanced at his watch – seven o'clock. With a sigh he rose Better get going before Vernon blows his top. As he started to walk something changed. The hairs on the back stood on end as Harry came to an abrupt stop. Something is not right. All Harry could hear was the breeze as it rustled through the trees and leaves. Suddenly screeches rent the air, something moved in the distance and Harry was pierced all over his body by silver scythes. Three through his chest, one through each of his forearms and one through each leg. Harry gasped in pain and looked up. Creatures…screaming and howling at him in triumph. They were grey with scabbed and cracked skin, wearing torn and ragged purple robes with empty yellow eyes.

Harry felt his life ebbing away. So this is how it ends. No. No. He can't die. He must not die. He could not leave them alone. They all depended on him…She depended on him. Hermione…Ron…


The devil within him burst forth refusing to give in. Not yet. He punched the…demon… in front of him with a full on in the chest sending it's head in the air but the rest of its body smashing in a nearby tree and vanquishing it in a shower of sand. The others looked in horror. His eyes had turned from the gorgeous emerald green to blood red.

The Son of Sparda had been born.

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