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"I'm not sure Hermione; I mean you two are only dating. It's not like you're married. Plus there are no adults living there and you're only 17." Mrs. Granger told Hermione. She had just informed them of Draco's offer for her to live at his home since her parents wanted her out.

"Mom, come on first off I'm almost 18. Second it's not like we'll do anything like have… sex. As for the no adults thing that doesn't really count! Draco and I are both basically adults. We're of legal age in the magical world after all! Really I'm not even asking for your permission! I'm just trying to inform you that I am planning on accepting the offer! You wanted me out and so I'll be out! You won't have to worry about me either because I'll be able to take care of myself or if anything I'll have help financially!" By now Hermione was furious. After how well she did in school and how trustworthy she had been at home her parents still didn't trust her! It was an outrage!

"Hermione I just don't think you should do it. You never kn…" Hermione's father cut her mother off at that moment.

"Hermione I think it's a great idea. I for one really like Draco and I think it would be a good opportunity to spend more time with him and help him through all the troubles he's had to go through lately. As long as you two don't do anything we would disapprove of I think it'll be absolutely fine." He said with a smile. Hermione grinned and hugged her father tightly.

"Thank you for understanding!" Hermione exclaimed and then she ran upstairs to contact Draco.


"Do you have everything packed and ready to go?" Draco asked. It was a week after Hermione had contacted him about accepting his offer to come live with him and Jennessica at the manor. Draco was now there to pick her up for she had never been to Malfoy Manor before.

"Of course I have everything packed! Who do you think I am; Ron?" Hermione said with a grin on her face. Draco laughed and smiled at her. He picked up her bags while she hugged and kissed both her parents goodbye. She made her promises to visit regularly and then walked over to Draco.

"Ready to go?" He asked. When Hermione nodded Draco apparated them to the manor.

Once there Hermione looked around in awe at his home, her new home. They were in what she betted was the Entrance Hall. The floors were made of pure marble as were the staircases. A silverish carpet laid on the steps of the staircase which added a warm touch to them. Hermione looked up at the ceiling to see that it was incredibly high. It also was decorated to show heaven and its angels. It was rather beautiful, but Hermione bet it wasn't always like that.

"I know what you're thinking. 'It couldn't always have been such a heavenly picture.' Well you're right. It used to show a rather bloody battle, but now that the manor is in mine and Jennessica's property we decided to change it to this." Draco said softly to her. Hermione noticed that there truly was no reason to talk loudly in this place for the manor was quiet and peaceful. I felt more homey than any place Hermione had ever been to before. She looked around at the walls. They were a soft, creamy color and pictures of what Hermione bet were deceased family members hung along them. In the middle of one wall Hermione saw something she very much recognized, basically. It was a family tree, much like the one that had hung in Grimauld Place, but with silver lining and in much better shape. Nobody was blasted of the family tree, but Hermione had a feeling that had much to do with Draco or Jennessica's use of restoring spells.

Hermione turned to face Draco and smiled. He smiled back and led her up one of the two staircases. Hermione followed close behind him all the while looking around at the portraits and other paintings hanging on the walls. After about five minutes of walking Draco stopped in front of a painting of a rather noble looking grey wolf.

"Tranquility" Draco stated clearly. The wolf nodded to him and then portrait opened. Draco entered the room and as soon as Hermione entered also the portrait closed.

Once the portrait closed tiny lights illuminated around the pitch black room. Hermione gasped as she looked around. The room was painted to look like the night sky. The walls were pitch black with tiny stars all over. Obviously the stars were charmed for not only did they twinkle but a shooting star also went across the ceiling. In the middle of the room sat a huge circular bed with drapings around it that matched the walls. Hermione figured that the bedding and pillows would also match the walls. Of course when she actually got a good look at the bed after Draco had opened the drapings Hermione saw that her guess was right and that there were many, many pillows on the bed. Draco set her bags down at the end of the bed and then went over to a large pair of double doors that were concealed by more drapings. After opening the drapings Draco opened the doors to reveal a large balcony. Light flooded into the room making the stars automatically disappear. Draco then went over to another set of large double doors and opened them. This area happened to be the closet and Hermione noticed that half of it was empty while the other half wasn't.

"Ok so here's the deal. You may either sleep in here with me or you may have the room on the other side of the closet which is just as beautiful and designed by Jennessica. It's your choice as to where you will sleep but no matter what we will be near eachother in some form or another for this closet connects the two rooms for there are also doors on the end of the closet." Draco said calmly.

Hermione smiled gratefully at him. "If you wouldn't mind I'd prefer to sleep in a separate room. I'd rather not be tempted to do what I've promised myself I wouldn't do until after marriage." Hermione said quietly.

Draco nodded and smiled at her. Of course he understood what she meant and respected her wishes fully. He picked up her bags once again and walked into the closet closely followed by Hermione. Once at the end of the closet Draco set her bags down under a bar for hanging cloths up on and took a key out. Draco unlocked the door and opened it to reveal a beautiful room in much the same design as Draco's except instead of it being based in night time it was based on daytime. The ground was grass green and even felt like the softest grass. The walls were somewhat half and half, half grass half a beautiful light blue sky. The grass painting on the wall looked like it never ended, obviously magic was used. The ceiling was the same light blue as the half on the walls and fluffy white clouds where here and there. The clouds even moved somewhat like real clouds. Hermione smiled and twirled around the room looking at every aspect of it. When she finally looked back at Draco she saw that he was smiling and laughter was in his eyes. Hermione ran up to him and kissed him hard showing all her thanks and love.

"I'll take that as a you like this room. I'll make sure to tell Jennessica just how much you loved it, or you could tell her I guess." Draco said in a somewhat laughing tone.

Hermione smiled at him and went back into the closet. She turned the closet lights on and began unpacking her things. Draco came up behind her and offered to help which she gladly accepted. She handed him a bag that was filled with shirts, pants and skirts. She obviously didn't want him to unpack her panties and bras; he was too perverted for that.

After an hour of unpacking Hermione's side of the closet was nearly half full. Of course she didn't have nearly as much as Draco did, but then her family wasn't exactly rich. Of course as norm it seemed that Draco could read her mind.

"Jennessica and I knew you wouldn't have enough cloths to fill your whole side of the closet so we decided that we would go shopping at 1 o'clock, which happens to be in ten minutes so we best get ready." Draco said with a grin on his face. He was turning to his side of the closet when Hermione grabbed his arm and turned him to face her.

"I have one question for you. Can you read minds or something?" Hermione asked. Draco laughed and nodded.

"Ya I've mastered Legilmancy. If you'd prefer me not to use it on you then just tell me." Draco said once again in a laughing tone.

"I'd appreciate that. It's just kinda weird when you know exactly what I'm thinking." Hermione replied with a grin. Draco nodded and then proceeded to taking one of his favorite necklaces, the one with the large diamond cross. Draco put it on and then led Hermione out of the room and downstairs. There they found Jennessica waiting for them with a smile on her face. Her long blonde hair was up in a high ponytail and she had on a black mini skirt and a white tanktop with a black spaghetti strap over it.

"Well ready to go?" Jennessica asked in an excited voice. Hermione figured she was basically a shop-o-holic. Jennessica grabbed both their arms and apparated them to Diagon Alley. Almost automatically Jennessica headed into a nearby store filled with expensive looking cloths. Hermione and Draco followed her in but when they got in they couldn't find her anywhere. Suddenly Hermione was pushed into a dressing room and a bunch of cloths were shoved at her. "Try those on and see if you like them!" Hermione heard Jennessica exclaim enthusiastically. Hermione sighed and did as she was told.

Draco of course was enjoying this. All he had to do was sit back and watch both girls model cloths for him. Could life get any better than this? Well yes, but that's beside the point!


It was nearly seven o'clock by the time they finished shopping. They decided to eat at home that day so Draco apparated them all back to the manor and while the girls put their new cloths away Draco went to the kitchens to ask the house elves to make dinner.

After a quiet dinner they all headed outside on the patio to watch the stars. While Jennessica lay down on the grass Draco and Hermione laid on a wide bench. Draco had his arm lazily draped over her protectively and Hermione felt very comfortable in that situation. Soon both girls fell asleep and after carrying Hermione to her room Draco went back outside and carried Jennessica to hers. Once in his own bed Draco smiled with his eyes closed. He couldn't believe how good his life had suddenly become…


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