The ringing of the phone echoed around the tiny apartment.

Danny rolled over and flipped on the bedside light. He stumbled out of bed and across the room to the kitchenette, guided by the ringing of his cell.

He grabbed the phone, glancing at the readout and flipped it open. "Hey, Mac."

"Danny. Sorry to wake you up."

"It's okay."

"How's the cold?"

"Fine. Thanks for the couple of days off."

"No problem. Can't have you sick and miserable at work. You complain too much."

"Ha, Ha."

"Listen Danny, I know I told you to rest up the whole weekend, but I need you at work if you're up to it."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Really."

"Good. I'll send Hawkes to pick you up. Flack will meet you at the scene."

"I'll be ready." Danny clicked off the phone and headed for the shower.