Summary, Peach's is cursed and in mortal danger. Kamek can break the curse but the spell must be casted in a specific place and Bowser won't let the Mario brothers come. Mostly BowserxPeach with a little MarioxPauline and LuigixDaisy.

This is based mostly on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, hence the characters' personalities, magical powers and the places they visit. But if you've never played the game don't worry because you will still be able to understand the story.

Chapter 1: Kidnapped Again

That morning Princess Peach Toadstool got up at her usual early time, got ready for the day and went to eat breakfast. She felt tired as if she hasn't slept even if she had gone to bed early the day before. But she disregarded it as nothing and continued her day in the most cheerful mood possible. She had a little trouble concentrating but she hid it well. No one in her castle appeared to notice that she was exhausted on the inside behind her carefree smile. The day progressed normally as she tended to her royal duties. She thought that night would never come but finally the day reached its end. It was still quite early when she informed Violet that she would be going to bed soon. The mushroom girl was a bit surprised but made all necessary preparations anyway. "Princess Peach the bath is ready. Princess?"

Peach had been sitting at the end of her bed reading a book holding a candle for light. The sun had started to set only moments ago but it was dark enough to need a light to read even if it wasn't dark enough to need a light to move around. Now she stared at her book with a blank expression her candle almost slipping out of her hand. She snapped awake when she heard violet calling and gripped the candle's golden handle in fear of dropping it. "Thank you Violet"

Seeing there was light coming from the inside of the bathroom Peach knew she wouldn't need that candle if there were lit candles already there. She handed the candle and the book to Violet who looked worried. "Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm fine just tired" Peach made her way to the bathroom and coughed a little just before she closed the door.

Violet stood there for a moment wondering what could have caused Peach to catch a cold. It must have been something that happened while she was kidnapped. But she had heard that Bower's castle has pools of boiling lava so it must be warm. Maybe it was the conditions of the dungeon cell that had caused her to catch a cold but didn't she say she was locked in a guest room the last few times? Either way something had to be done about her constant kidnappings. Violet placed the candle on a small table beside Peach's bed then picked up a bookmark which was on the same table and placed it inside the book. Once the page was marked she closed the book and took it back to a shelf on the right side of the room were many books were kept.

Meanwhile Peach was in a tub filled with water that was not too hot and not too cold. The temperature was just right but she was starting to have light fever which affected the way it felt. She finished bathing quickly and dried herself with a light pink towel. Her head felt hot but the rest of her body felt freezing cold. Maybe she did catch a cold the last time she was in Bower's Castle but that didn't make any sense. Why hasn't she caught a cold the other times she was there? She decided that she would most likely feel better the next day and didn't give it any more thought. She put on a light pink nightgown and matching robe and came out of the bathroom.

Peach coughed lightly as she made her was to the dresser and sat in front of the mirror. "Should I call a doctor, princess?" The mushroom girl around her age asked. The girl was wearing a simple light purple dress and had purple spots in a similar shade of purple on her mushroom 'hat'.

"No, I'm alright Violet it was just a" She coughed a little louder this time and took a deep breath as soon as she could. She cleared her throat and continued. "Excuse me it's just a little cough. It's noting to worry about" She smiled to assure the servant girl that she was alright.

"Perhaps you caught a cold on your last visit to Bower's castle" Violet said as she started to brush the princess's beautiful golden blonde hair.

"Perhaps" Peach said remembering her last visit there. Sick and tire of being kidnapped over and over she had forgotten what she was taught about how a princess should speak and gave Bowser a piece of her mind and quite a big piece at that. He had stood staring at her for a few minutes before turning away from her and leaving the guest room locking the door on his way out. She suddenly felt guilty. Even if he was the enemy she shouldn't have said those mean things. The Mario brothers rescued her like they always did. When they left the castle she thought she saw Bowser watching from the shadows. She stopped for a moment and felt the urge to tell him she didn't mean what she said before but Mario gently pulled her hand and indicated that they should hurry.

"Princess, I think you have a light fever" Violet said. She placed the brush on the dresser after finishing brushing Peach's hair. Her hair felt warm, a lot warmer than it should. "May I?" She asked. Peach nodded and Violet placed a hand on her forehead to check her temperature. She was certain beyond a doubt that the princess in fact had a fever. "It's clear you have a fever. You should rest while I get the doctor"

"No, don't" Peach said.

Violet had already started to walk towards the door quickly and stopped when she heard the princess. "But princess"

"I don't want to worry anyone. I worry them enough every time I'm kidnapped. Trust me Violet I'll be alright" Peach said smiling weakly. Her cheeks where pink from the fever and she felt a little dizzy.

"I cannot disobey if that is your wish but" Violet started.

"No Violet I'm not giving you an order I'm asking you to trust me. If I'm not feeling well tomorrow then I will consult the royal doctor. For now I think that a good night's sleep will be enough" Peach said.

"I understand. Good night princess" Violet said vowing.

"Good night Violet" Peach said. After Violet left gently closing the door Peach went to bed.

Later Violet was in her room talking to another mushroom servant when thy heard loud crash. "It came from over there" The maid said pointing at a long corridor as they rushed out of the room.

A guard ran by. "Stay here it might be another attack from Bowser" He said as he ran toward the source of the noise. It sounded like a loud crash and glass being shattered. People's screams were heard and some shouted that it was Bowser.

'But the princess is sick she might take a turn for the worse if she's kidnapped now' Violet thought. Everyone cared about their princess but the mushroom people knew that there was little they could do against Browser and his troops.

Another loud crash was heard near the first. "He's leaving?" One of the guards asked. Browser had come literally crashing into the castle and left in the same way.

"Of course not he's looking for the princess's chambers" Another guard said. The princess room had been moved after the first was declared not fit for a princess until repairs could be made. "After him!" The mushroom guards rushed out the same hole in the wall that Bowser had left but were stopped by his troops outside. It was clear the koopa troopas were stronger then the mushroom people and had the advantage.

Bowser finally found what he had been searching for. There was the princess's room. The window was closed but the curtains were slightly open. He broke one of the sections of the window with a punch and reached inside to open it. He unlocked it and pulled his arm back out accidentally cutting himself with a piece of broken glass that was still attached to the golden frame that divided the sections of the window. Surely all the noise must have awakened the princess but she didn't move from her bed. Signaling for his troops to stop anyone from interfering Bowser opened the window and entered Peach's room. She still lay motionless in her bed unaware of his presence despite all the noise. As he came closer he could hear her breathing as if she was having trouble getting oxygen into her lungs. Was she having a nightmare? No, the noise would have woken her from her slumber. Was she ill? He lightly touched her forehead and it felt like it was burning. She had a bad fever but she was alone in her chambers. Didn't anyone care enough to stay with their princess? "Peach?" There was something wrong, he wasn't sure what but there was something wrong. This didn't look like only a cold.

She muttered something incomprehensible and half opened her blue eyes. Everything was out of focus. There was someone there but she couldn't tell who. The dizziness had increased drastically and if not because she was already in bed she would have fallen. "Who is...?"

Maybe identifying himself wasn't such a good idea. He was certain she didn't want him around. Instead he gently picked her up and wrapped her blanket around her. Kamek could heal her when they got to the castle. Then maybe if he took care of her she wouldn't hate him as much as she claimed she did last time. "You'll be alright princess" Even if his voice was only a whisper drowned out in the noise from outside the window and behind the closed door she heard him somehow.

Peach opened her eyes a little more trying to identify the one carrying her. Her vision was blurry but she could still distinguish some color. She recognized him. "Bowser? Let me go" She tried to struggle but it was no use. She was feeling too tired and could hardly move alt all.

Holding her tightly he jumped out the window. The door to the princess's room was knocked down and many mushroom guards ran in trying to reach the princess since Bowser's troops were blocking the way by the window. They chassed after him jumping out the window as well but were stopped by the troops outside. Even with the reinforcements the mushroom people didn't stand a chance. "He's getting away" One of the mushroom guards yelled.

"We can't stop him call the Mario brothers!" Another answered. It was frustrating but there was nothing else to be done. They couldn't protect their princess like the plumbers could.

Shortly after Bowser made his escape with Peach in his helicopter the troops followed returning to the Koopa castle. Soon another battle with the Mario brothers would take place and they needed to be prepared. Peach was taken to a guest room. "Call Kamek" Bowser said as he placed Peach on the bed. A few koopas and goombas watched curiously from the door. Bowser wasn't talking to any of them specifically but his tone of voice hinted that he wanted all of them to leave. One of the koopa troopas was appointed by the others to be the one to find Kamek while the other koopas and goombas ran off in different directions.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I do not own the Super Mario games or any Nintendo characters.

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