Chapter 12: Wish Upon a Star

Early the next day Peach, Bowser, Kamek and Mallow, who insisted in coming along, headed into Barrel Volcano. Fluffy was left in the care of Queen Nimbus.

"It's kind of sad that Czar's spirit is still here" Mallow said.

"I know I didn't want it to end like this" Peach said. They were currently in the surface of the volcano and have not yet started to feel the real heat. Peach felt sad for Czar, she liked to think that everyone was good deep down.

As they ventured deeper into the volcano Mallow and Kamek's snow and ice magic came in handy. The heat was almost too much and it was hard to breath. "The spirit is near" Kamek warned them. The light of fire and boiling lava gave the volcano a red eerie glow.

"I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry" Mallow repeated over and over. He had come so far in all that time and didn't want to be a crybaby ever again.

Everything was quiet but they felt a presence near by and it was not happy. Suddenly they saw the dragon partially transparent like the ghost he was though he looked more like Czar in his original form than Zombone. A circle of fire surrounded them trapping them in place rapidly advancing to consume them in a giant flame. Kamek quickly casted a spell creating walls of ice around them which Mallow helped keep cold. However throwing ice and snow at the magical fire wouldn't put it out. "It's not working, we need to find out what the spirit wants" Kamek said.

"What if he's just out for revenge?" Mallow asked as his eyes began to water. What if they didn't make it out of there alive?

"He sounds sad" Peach said. Everyone looked at her. They thought the Czar ghost was furious but she perceived a little sadness in him. "Bowser could you call Big Boo and see if he can translate for us now that Czar is a ghost?"

"I'm not sure if it'll work but we'll see" Bowser said. The familiar orange light surrounded him and he called the Big Boo. "Big Boo go ask Czar what he wants." The ghost obeyed and returned with the news. "Big Boo says that Czar wants his star."

"The star piece from the Star Road? But we can't give him that" Mallow said. "Oh no, we're not going to make it out of this."

"Don't cry Mallow I have an idea" Peach said. She still had the wish star she took from Star hill. "Wish Star, the wish that you were meant to grant cannot be granted by magic but it's alright because I think it will be granted anyway. So please grant this new wish instead. Put Czar's spirit to rest so that his soul can be at peace." The wish Star started to glow and float away from Peach's hands towards Czar's spirit.

The dragon spirit flew towards the star. He was being given a new star to replace the one he lost. Surrounded by golden light the dragon finally got what he wanted. With his new star his soul was put to rest and the magical fire that trapped Peach, Bowser Kamek and Mallow disappeared.

"That was close and I almost cried, only almost" Mallow said.

"Princess, where did you get that star?" Kamek asked.

"I found it at Star Hill" Peach answered. She was the only one who knew what the star's original wish was.

"That star looked familiar. I don't know why but it did" Bowser said.

"I'm sure it was just a coincidence" Peach quickly said. "Shall we continue on our way now?"

"Yes, the area where the spell needs to be performed is right ahead" Kamek said. He was quick to set up the materials and everything was ready. "First I should warn you that the spell is a little unpredictable. The curse has been your family for too long and I'm sure this is the only spell powerful enough to get rid of it but I can't tell exactly what will happen."

"It's alright" Peach said. "We came all this way and tried our best." She smiled but on the inside she feared it won't work. She was so happy during her journey there that she stopped thinking that her life was in danger.

"Kamek I thought you could cure her" Bowser said. Kamek had assured him that everything would work and now this?

"The spell will work but what I mean by unpredictable is the final phase of the spell. The magic will take control of princess Peach temporarily. One last thing must be done to break the curse completely and that will only be revealed to her" Kamek explained.

"I understand" Peach said. "Don't worry about it, let's do it and thank you for all the trouble."

"It's no trouble princess, now let's begin. Stand over there in the center of the star" Kamek said. Peach did so. Kamek had formed a star on the ground marked with gold dust. "Now the candles." With a little magic he lit the candles surrounding the star. The area was filled with a pleasant aroma coming from the specially made magic candles. They could all feel the magic in the atmosphere around them. "Ready?"

Peach nodded. "Ready!" She tried to sound cheerful.

"Hold out the sword." Kamek said some magic words in a language that the others could not understand. He touched the end of his wand with the end of the sword and it began to glow.

Peach suddenly felt a sharp pain all over her body and then it was all darkness. "Kamek what happened to her?" Bowser yelled.

"The princess! Should I try some healing magic?" Mallow asked.

"No, we can't go near her now. She will wake up soon with the answer on how to complete the spell" Kamek said.

In her dream Peach found herself in a kingdom of the past. People walked by as if she was invisible. But there was a young man walking towards her as if only he could see her. "Peach... I've always watched you from afar but it's good to see you. Finally the curse of our family will be removed."

"Who are you?" Peach asked. He looked familiar and she was pretty sure they were related but she wanted to be certain.

"I am your ancestor and a knight of the Mushroom Kingdom" He said. "I fought an opponent that cursed me, only his blood can undo the curse or rather the blood of a descendant."

Peach opened her eyes wide. She didn't like where this was going. "I don't want to hurt anyone."

"It's a cruel irony my dear that the one that brought you here is the one who's life you must take. You see my opponent that day was a koopa of royal blood."

"Bowser" Peach whispered. "Bowser is his descendant?"

"It's been so many years that certain things were long forgotten from one generation to another" The mushroom knight said.

"I don't want to do this. If my line must end with me then it shall" Peach said.

"I thought you would say that but there is no other way. The spell was to reveal the way for you to break the curse. I'm certain the wizard doesn't know this but the spell does not only reveal the way but performs it. I interfered to warn you about this but I cannot stop it. Everything has already been set in motion. When you wake up you will posses the strength of all your ancestors who used that sword. You won't be able to stop yourself and I cannot stop you. I'm sorry it had to be this way." He started to fade away as did the scenery of the kingdom of the past.

"Wait don't go! There must be a way to stop this!" The next thing she knew she was waking up.

Peach got up. She still stood in the center of the star holding the sword with her eyes closed. She could feel her body start to move by itself and couldn't stop it. When she opened her eyes they were glowing blood red instead of their usual calm sapphire blue.

"Peach!" Bowser called to her approaching.

"Don't come! I can't stop myself, I'm sorry... Run, get out of here until the magic is gone." She could feel the spell weakening but it was very slowly. She would not be under the swords control forever. If only he could escape and stay away until it passed. She wasn't going to kill anyone not even to save her own life.

"This... this isn't supposed to happen" Kamek said in frustration. Seeing the reaction he realized what was going on but there was no way he could have known before. "Bowser, get out of here now! Mallow, help me stop Peach!" He could sense the power that the sword had given her amplifying her magic greatly. He would need all the help he could get.

"I'm not going anywhere. Tell me what's wrong with Peach!" Bowser yelled. Without another word Kamek sent strong wind at him throwing Bowser into tunnel and causing the entrance to collapse.

"Kamek, what was that for?" Mallow asked confused by the sudden chaos.

"He can't stay here. Peach is under the sword's control, she'll kill him if he stays" Kamek said.

Losing herself completely, Peach used her most powerful magic. Bombs rained upon Kamek and Mallow. Kamek quickly formed a force field around them both but he could feel his magic being drained away by the explosions. "Kamek what do we do? How do we change her back?" Mallow asked while holding back tears.

"We have to wait until it ends. The magic will stop and she'll be back to normal but she'll still be cursed, she'll inevitably die" Kamek said. Still he couldn't betray his king and let him be killed.

"There must be something we can do" Mallow insisted.

"Nothing" Kamek answered. The explosions stopped but the shield was considerably weaker. Peach jumped connecting a direct hit to Kamek's shield with her sword. The shield disappeared and with one final bomb Kamek and Mallow were knocked unconscious.

The rocks on the way of the tunnels entrance were moved away by Bowser's earth bending abilities. "Peach!"

She didn't say anything. She simply threw a bomb at him. Bowser tried to jump out of the way of the explosions as quickly as he could until he became trapped in a corner. Peach ran to him holding out the sword and stopped just inches away. Her eyes changed from red to blue. "I can't control myself. You have to stop me you have to fight back, please don't let me kill you"

It suddenly became clear. "The way to break the curse. This is what must be done?" Bowser asked.

"I don't want to be saved this way" Peach said.

"Princess I'll save your life even if it takes mine to do it" Bowser repeated what he had told her when they were at his castle and pulled her closer allowing the sword to make a mortal wound. There was a bright light, the earth shook violently and then all was quiet.

"Ow... what a headache" Kamek said as he started to wake up. He snapped back into reality and shook Mallow awake.

"Ouch that hurt" The Nimbus Prince said a few tears escaping. He quickly casted his healing spell on Kamek and himself. "It took all my magic to heal us both. I didn't know Peach could do that."

"It was because of the sword" Kamek said. They tried to find Peach and Bowser. They couldn't have gone too far and hopefully they were still alive. "There was a cave in. We'll have to move all these rocks to get to them."

Meanwhile Peach had woken up. "Bowser?" No, he didn't stop her. She cried with more sadness than she had ever before. He kept his promised and saved her life at the cost of his own. The sword was gone disintegrated along with the curse that was finally broken but she could still feel some of her ancestor's powers. Then she thought of something. If her magic was made stronger than maybe her Come Back spell would be strong enough to bring Bowser back to life if he wasn't completely gone yet.

A bright pink light was all that could be seen by the time Kamek and Mallow got there. Then a star more powerful than any other star summoned by Peach ever before came giving Bowser it's magic, Peach's magic, her energy and love.

"Peach?" Bowser said waking up.

"You're alive! Its ok now, the curse is broken and you'll be alright. Everything worked out." But the happy moment was interrupted by an explosion of lava near by.

"We need to get out of here quick!" Kamek said. He was glad to see them both alive even if he wasn't sure what happened. Bowser called Mokuka and they made their escape just in time.

The trip back to the Mushroom Kingdom was made on the Royal Bus of Nimbus Land. They stopped to pick up some cake for the yoshies and Frogfucious as promised. Mallow and his parents came along as well. The yoshies, Frogfucious, Mario, Pauline, Luigi, Daisy, they were all there at the Mushroom Kingdom. Pauline had taken a liking to this world and was happy she fell in that pipe. All was happiness at the party that fallowed to celebrate Peach's return and to welcome Pauline.

"Bowser there you are. You always run off by yourself don't you? You used to do that when we were on our journey to recover the star pieces" Peach said. They were in one of the highest towers of the Mushroom Castle by themselves other then Fluffy Peach's baby sheep that followed her everywhere.

"I've never been comfortable with those parties" Bowser said.

"You should participate more, it'll be fun" Peach said smiling. She caught a hint of sadness. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm happy that everything worked out but... What will happen now that our journey is over?" Bowser asked.

"You know... I think that it's never really over. More adventures are waiting we just have to find them. Let's go on another trip sometime" Peach said. "I really appreciate all that you did for me. I don't think I got to tell you how much it means."

"I understand... You know I would do anything for you..."

She smiled. "Remember that dream I never told you about?" Bowser nodded. "It was something like this" Peach said kissing him. A journey like the one they made to recover the star pieces certainly brought changes to and this new journey even more.

From the Star Road Geno watched with a smile. Maybe this wish wasn't granted by the Star Road but it was granted and that's what really counts.

The End

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