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Chapter 19

The house sat unoccupied for two weeks. A shutter, broken from the last wind storm, was left dangling from one hinge. Bundles of mail filled the mailbox with unanswered letters and bills past due. Neighbors had taken turns feeding and watering the horses that were boarded there. From off at a distance, a moving truck headed in the direction of the farm. Slowing to a halt in front of the house, the driver sharply cut the wheels to pull into the driveway.

"This must be the place." the driver said to his passenger.

The air brakes released with a loud hissing noise and the truck began to back up inching closer to the fence surrounding the house. No-one came out to greet the truck. The horses stood dormant in the mid-day heat.

Both men exited the truck and walked to the fence around the corral. "Too bad…" the driver said to his partner.

"Too bad what?" the man replied.

"Too bad I can't afford a place like this." the driver said slowly stepping up on the first rail.

A palomino horse, feeding from some fresh hay lifted her head. Her ears darted up and she began to grumble. She moved quickly to the fence where the two men were standing. "What's wrong with that one?" one man said. The palomino let out a loud whinny that made the driver step back. "I dunno."

The palomino paced up and down the fence line. Other horses that were in the barn hiding from the sun came out to investigate. "Somethin' got them going" the driver said. The two men turned to look down the road.

In the distance, a pick-up was coming down the road. The heat of the day radiating from the road gave the visual appearance that the vehicle was driving through waves of water. The pick-up pulled in the driveway and Jared jumped out of the back while the truck was still moving slowly.

"So I see you met Caroline." he said yelling while approaching the two men.

One mover motioned to the horse, "we didn't mean to scare her."

"Naw, you didn't scare her. That's mom's horse; she always acts like that when she hears mom's truck. Don't ya Caroline?" Jared said. The palomino stood perfectly still with both ears standing straight up at full attention ignoring Jared. Her nostrils flared from the amount of scented air flowing into them. She gave a low grumble and nodded her head up and down in confirmation that the smell was lovingly familiar to her.

The two doors to the truck slowly opened. Sara and Grissom stepped out of the truck. "You guys found it alright I see. We thought we'd lost you when we had to stop for a pee break." Sara chuckled.

The two movers walked to the back of the semi-truck and unlocked the doors. "Where do you want us to start?" The driver asked.

"All of the books and science related stuff go into the barn, the rest? well…we'll have to make room in the house." Sara said reaching out to hold Grissom's hand.

Grissom's phone rang. "Grissom" he answered.

He held up his index finger to Sara and moved to the other side of the truck. "Thanks Jim, I'm happy too….They what? Well…they'll just have to figure it out how to run the Lab without me. I've found a new meaning to my life. You'll be here Friday?…Ok, see you then." and he hung up.

The End