Today was a warm summer day, perfect for having some naked time thought Pippin.

He sighed as he remembered the days long past. The days of trapsying through forests and fighting orks, doing the time warp with Merry by his side, helping Frodo defeat that evil eye thing… Those memories always made him start to tear up.

Frodo wasn't the same any more. They'd all drifted apart a little. Poor Sam, it was hardest on him, Frodo going and shutting himself in his house, not letting anyone come in. But at least Sam had Rosie. They seemed to be very happy together and they had about 12 children. Pippin guessed that Sam couldn't be too depressed.

After he and Merry had led the famous battle against the orcs and Saruman things began to quiet down a bit. Merry and Pippin had decided to rent a house together (Cheaper and plus… who wants to live with their parents?).

Those were the good days, getting used to life without adventure, going back to the Shire. They'd spent their nights lying under the stars or in the Green Dragon drinking down pints (he'd never quite been able to go back to cups after the Prancing Pony) and talking about girls.

Then Pippin had met one, a girl I mean, beyond his imagination. She was beautiful with flowing blonde hair and eyes the color of forget-me-nots. Her name was Gweneth. Of course, once they were married, Pippin wasn't allowed to have any fun with his old buddies. She (Gweneth) thought he would forget about her if he didn't order him about every second.

The moments he and Merry shared were precious and few. They met secretly when ever they could but it was hard.

Pippin pulled out his pipe and started to smoke the Longbottom Leaf that he was so fond of.

Merry had finally gotten sick of having nothing to do when Pippin was making sure Gweneth was satisfied. He had gotten a girlfriend who filled up most of his time quite nicely (After all, ever since the battle he'd become a very sought after man).

But today was a perfect day to frolic naked in the sun and under the trees. To lie in the soft grass outside Farmer Cotton's fields and maybe nip a few 'taters for old time's sake.

Pippin began the short walk down the lane that led to Merry and his girlfriend's house.

"Where are you going Perigrin Took?" Gweneth yelled crossly across the yard. And for once, Pippin ignored her.

Merry looked up from his coffee and eggs at the sound of the rabbit shaped brass door knocker hitting the little white door that was the entrance to his house. He grabbed a shirt and some underwear that he'd neglected to put on when he had woken up.

"Hello? Merry? You home?' A familiar voice called out.

Merry ran towards the door tripping over the shoes lying haphazardly in front of it. He quickly picked himself up and yanked open the door wincing in the bright sunlight. He though nostalgically what a nice day it was for a bit of naked time.

"Shhh!" he hissed, "not so loud Pip!" He looked behind him nervously, "Okay…let's


After a few moments of sprinting away from Merry's house Pippin spoke a little breathlessly, "having girl problems too, huh?"

"Was I really that obvious?" merry rolled his eyes. 'She even made me breakfast before she went to bed! I hope she doesn't think we're getting married! I like being wild and free, with you by my side…well, there I go, getting nostalgic."



"Will you frolic naked with me?"



'That was exactly what I wanted to ask you."

And so it was. The two young hobbits frolicking and dancing under the bows of the giant benevolent trees. Resting under the shady oak in the soft vibrant grass. Holding each other's hands and singing until, at last, they fell asleep in each other's arms.