For What It's Worth

Chapter One: The Unforgettable Night

A young teenage girl is walking down a long sidewalk on a warm summer night, counting the cracks each time she slowly passes by one. The sky was already dark, and the moon was only half full. It would be about ten minutes before she would enter her neighborhood. As she brushes her fingers through her smooth, light brown hair, she takes a look at the time on her watch. It reads 9:32. It's past her curfew; she was supposed to be home a half an hour ago.

As she passes by a small market, she notices a car slow down, following the direction she is going in. She tries to pick up her pace, but the car moves a little faster. She realizes that whoever is driving this car is following her, and she needs to escape as quick as possible before something bad happens.

Before she can move any faster, the car stops. A man steps out, calling her to come over. He is tall, with a cold, deep voice that make shivers slide up and down the girl's spine. She keeps walking, trying as much as possible to ignore the stranger.

He starts moving toward her direction, faster each time he notices her pick up the pace. Finally her runs over to her and grabs her arm, while forcing a grin that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. He tells her that she needs to come with him; for he had something to show her. She refuses to go, which makes the man angry. He takes her arm and drags her to his car. She tries screaming, but he covers her mouth shut, threatening to kill her if she tries to escape. It is useless screaming for help anyways; for the surrounding neighborhood is very quiet, unlike any other place in the New York City area.

He throws the girl into the back seat of his car, which is a van with scratches and dents all over the outside. The man slams the door shut. The car's inside has an unusual odor, but the girl could care less what the car smells like; she just wants to get her way out of this horrid situation. It's too late, she thought to herself. There's no way out.

The man drives off, while she is still in the back, trying not to let her tears out. Right now she feels like smacking him across the face and jumping out of the car, but that was impossible. She remembers her friends saying that anything was possible. Yeah right, she thinks to herself.

Finally the man comes to a stop. From what she can see through the window, the area looks like a deserted parking lot that everyone abandoned for centuries. But after looking at the view of the dark area, the man comes out of the car and opens the door to where she is. She tries hard not to look at him.

Within a matter of seconds, the man pulls down his pants, forcing the girl towards him. He then yanks off the short denim skirt she had been wearing, as well as her light pink briefs. She tries hard to keep her eyes closed, but she could feel what he is doing to her. He is raping her.

After what seemed like hours, the man zips back his pants and gives the girl back her skirt and underwear. He throws her out of the car, and drives off as fast as he can. She hits the ground hard, although it only leaves her with a few scrapes, no blood. Now it was her mission to go back home, but she could not recall the direction from the place she is stranded in now. Where am I anyways, she questions to herself. Right now she wanted to let it out, and tell someone, anyone, what had just happened to her. But despite all the tears streaming down her cheeks, and the loud screams she lets out from her dry throat, which no one could hear because of the remote area she is in, she is mute, even to herself. How can she let this out; how on earth would she have enough bravery to confess what she had just been through? Would anyone believe her? Or would they assume that it's just another one of those stories people cook up pretending they are traumatized rape victims? She tries letting the questions stop swimming around in her mind, but even that was impossible. Instead of wasting her time debating what to do, she decides to run, in hope of finding her home. But right now even home wasn't the place she really wanted to be at.