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Chapter Twenty: One First Hello, One Last Goodbye

"No, no, no, no, no." Olivia said, completely surprised by what had traveled through her ears. "You, you aren't supposed to deliver now."

"I know, but, but I think, I think I really am going into labor." Kelly said, also shocked by what she had said.

"This isn't supposed to happen!"

"I know it's not, ouch, ouch, ouch!" Kelly could feel even more pain, as she continued to wrap her arms around her swollen belly.

"Please Kelly, just tell me you really aren't going into labor."

"I'm afraid I can't. Ouch, ouch, ouch!"

"Oh, God, no, this can't be happening! You're only 8 months along!"

"I know! This means that my baby is going to be premature!"

The screeches coming from Kelly kept getting louder and more painful for her. Olivia could see that right now she did not want to be in her shoes. But she knew that right now everything depended on Olivia. Kelly's going into labor right now and I'm the one that this all depends on. Whatever I do has an effect on everything, spoke the voice in Olivia's head.

"Okay, well I don't know what to do-"

"HELLO! Can't you see I'm in labor right now! I can't, I can't, ouch! Ouch!"

"How about you just, just get out of the car and get into the back seat, where there's a lot of room, and- and, and I'll figure out what to do."

"But what the hell is that going to do! Shouldn't you know what to do!"

"I'll figure something out, just something, but for right now please get into the back seat."

"Fine! I'll just, I'll make my way, somehow sooner or later."

Kelly quickly unbuckled her seat belt and slowly but surely made her way out of the passenger's seat. She then opened up the door to the backseat of Olivia's car, and she placed herself in it. She could already feel more pain rushing through her body, and it made her shriek even more.

"It's going to be okay, Kelly, I promise you it's going to be okay." Olivia told Kelly after she had came back into the backseat where Kelly was.

"No it won't!" she said. "And it's not getting any better, I guarantee you that!"

Within about ten minutes later, Kelly could feel more agony than ever. She knew that very soon her baby girl was going to arrive into the world, but by one month premature. And the only way to do that was to have Olivia deliver the baby, something she had never done.

"Hold on just one second, Kelly." Olivia said. "I should of thought of this before," she said to herself. She went back to her side of the car, and found her cell phone, planning to call for emergency. Unfortunately, once she picked up her cell to turn it on, she noticed that the other night she had forgot to charge it.

"Damn it!" she yelled, loud enough for screaming Kelly to hear."

"What's wrong Olivia?"

"I forgot to charge my friggen cell phone!"

"Who cares about that! I'm over here about to deliver a baby!"

Olivia tried to yell for help, but she was surprised to see that no one there in New York City could even hear her. She figured that she might not have expected anyone to notice that there was someone who needed help real bad, since it was around midnight anyways.

Once she came over to where Kelly was, it got to the point where Kelly could deliver her baby any second. Kelly had no choice but to remove the skirt she was wearing, as well as her underwear. Olivia had never delivered a baby before, but thankfully, she had a somewhat clue of what she was doing.

"Kelly, just stay with me, honey, just stay with me."

"I'm trying to! But it hurts Olivia, it hurts!"

"I know it probably does, but you can't leave me. You have to stay with me."

"I'm trying!"

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!"

"Kelly, just hang in there."

Olivia could see that there was a baby trying to make its way out from Kelly, but obviously, having a poor 13-year old girl scream in agonizing pain wasn't making it any easier.

"I can't! It hurts!" Out from her came the loudest scream Olivia had ever heard anyone make.

"Come on, Kelly, come on, just push a little more." she said, while grabbing some old newspapers that she had on the backseat floor.


"Just try to push a little more, honey, and it's going to be alright, I promise you.

Within what seemed like a few hours but was only a matter of minutes, a baby girl had made its way out from Kelly. Through a violent rape, the death of her mother, an agonizing birth that involved only the one person she could relate to in her life and blood pouring out from down there, Kelly had made it through it all. She never wanted to, but she did. Then there, laying in the newspaper in the hands of Olivia was Kelly's baby girl. Unable to speak due to the countless numbers of tears and screams, Kelly took one look at her baby girl and started crying. But then unexpectedly, she stopped, and looked at her.

"Her name is Jenny."

"Jenny, that's a beautiful name. But Kelly, you're one luckily girl. You survived it all. But all we need to do right now is get you to the hospital."

"How's she doing?" questioned Olivia to the doctor, Marisol Grisham.

"She's doing okay. Olivia, if she wouldn't have had medical attention after giving birth, her and her baby would have died. You saved their lives." Marisol stated, handing Olivia Jenny.

After Marisol opened the door to Kelly's hospital room, Olivia walked in to talk to her, holding Jenny carefully in her arms.

"Hi, Olivia." said Kelly, who forced a smile upon her pale face.

"Hi. She's so beautiful." said Olivia, looking at Jenny.

"Yes, she is." Kelly then held Jenny in her arms, after Olivia had handed her her baby. "You know, twenty years from now I'd like to see her, all grown up into a woman, to ask her how life has been going, and how her family was like. I know that it's probably going to be tough not knowing her mother, but I'm just too young to be a mother. I'm 13, and girls my age, well all they do is go to the movies, hang with friends, go online, and all that fun stuff. Being a mother just, it just isn't part of being a 13-year old. But I just feel so horrible that she will never know me, her own mother."

"Kelly, you made the right decision. Even if you would have decided to keep her, that would be your own decision. Jenny is going to be placed in a very nice home with loving and caring parents. I promise you, Mike and Sharon Bishop will take so much care of her."

About a minute later, Dr. Grisham had tapped on the window on the door, signaling that the Bishops were there, ready to take Jenny home.

"It's time, Kelly."

"But Olivia, I just can't let her go! I can't do this, I just can't."

"Kelly, I'm sorry, but you have to. Jenny is going to grow up in a caring family, so there's nothing to worry about, honey."

"But I can't do this! I feel so guilty!"

"Please don't ever say that it's your fault that this happened to you, because you are not to blame, when that guy did something as horrible like that."

"But then look what came. A beautiful, baby girl. I just can't stand to let her out of my arms."

"Kelly, please, it's time."

For it was the last time she would see her daughter, Kelly placed a kiss on Jenny's smooth forehead. It was the last time she would be able to hold her daughter in her hands. Then she handed Olivia her baby, who left the room for five minutes to give Jenny to Mike and Sharon. The married couple tapped on the door's window, waved a goodbye, and mouthed a 'thank you' to Kelly, whose eyes were starting to water because she was about to start crying again."

"I really promise you Kelly," Olivia began after returning to Kelly's hospital room, "Mike and Sharon will take the greatest care of Jenny, and she will grow up with a loving family."

"I believe you, Olivia. And I really hope they do, too." Kelly responded, within pauses of sobs.

"Well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave now. Bye."

As Olivia was about to exit the room, Kelly interrupted her. "Olivia?" she asked, after a few seconds of trying to regain her composure again.


"Thank you. Thank you for everything you've done."

Olivia then placed a smile upon her face, and said a quiet 'Your Welcome', and left the room.

Walking down those hospital hallways had Olivia realizing that she had just saved two lives. All those years, she held herself responsible for many deaths, but this time she wouldn't let an innocent young girl have her life taken away. Then Olivia opened the hospital doors, stepping out of the building, into the chilly breeze that the wind was blowing. But this time she had viewed the world in a different perspective.

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