Art of Seduction

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One Shot

Chapter 1:


Neji's pov:

'Something strange is going on' My white eyes narrowed on the older jounin torture expert, Ibiki. 'They are planning something…'

It was the jounin examination. My team: Lee, TenTen and I were sitting in the old academy classroom waiting for the first part of the exam to begin. I wondered if they were going to make us take a written test like in the Chunnin exam. But there was no test at all. Something odd happened, Ibiki ordered all the girls out of the room.

'Why did they do that?' I thought suspiciously as TenTen waved goodbye unsurely to us, following the packs of kunochi out the door.

"Hey Neji, what do you think"- Lee started to ask in a whisper.

"I don't know" I responded deadpanned, cutting him off.

As the girls left, I briefly scanned the classroom and the remaining ninja. Now there were only the boys left. I recognized Naruto, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, and Chouji were also in the room, looking around at each other confused.

'They never made us take separate exams before… why now?' I mused, in the gennin and chunnin exams we all took them together, male and female ninja both participated. Why was the jounin exam any different?

"Hey! Why did you make Sakura-chan leave!" the loud Naruto demanded angrily.

"Shut up or you fail" Ibiki frowned at the hyperactive blonde, effectively making him calm and quiet down.

"Listen up because I'll only tell you this once" the jounin's voice cut through the classroom like a whip. He started pacing the room wall to wall, his dark gaze fixed on the hopeful chunnins.

"To become a jounin, you must be able to see through any trap, expect anything. Nothing is what it seems, you should remember that" he began what it felt like to be a long lecture.

"…You must be able to keep secret information, vital secrets of your village. Many missions you will receive as jounin result in carrying top secret plans or passwords that if fallen in the hands of our enemy can mean the death of your team. Even the destruction of your entire village" he glared viciously and the class tensed, taking in the effect of his warnings.

"Your first task is simple enough. You will each be given a password that you must keep to only yourself for two days, including today. Once I give you the slip with your password, memorize and then burn it. Let no one know, not even your teammates. You tell anyone and you fail, understand!" his black eyes peered at them, daring them to ask him questions.

'Hmm… this appears too simple, especially for the jounin exam' I thought frowning, watching two older, unknown jounin gather at the front of the classroom. They each held boxes that most likely held the slips with their passwords.

A lazy hand raised in the air a few rows in front of me, drawing the attention of the class to the shadow nin. "But why did you make the girls leave, aren't they taking this troublesome test too?" Shikamaru asked.

"Forget about the girls, they have a different task. Concentrate on your own exam!" Ibiki snapped at Nara. "Now if you don't have any more stupid questions, make a line and get your passwords"

I stood up to get my own slip, ready to get this exam over with. Lee jumped up next to me, barely containing his excitement.

"I swear on my honor as a ninja I will not reveal my password to anyone!" the green beast of Konoha stated with pride and a fist rose in the air, assuming his trademark 'nice guy' pose.

"Hmm" I grunted in response, giving him a blank stare.

"We will try our best, right Neji? As students of the great Gai-sensei!" he shouted, grinning like an idiot.

"No I won't" I responded, scowling in annoyance at the mention of our teacher.

'It seems too easy' I thought, getting in line behind Kiba who was boasting on how much a 'piece of cake' this test was to Naruto. 'I'll keep my eyes open…'


Sakura's pov:

I sat in the space between Hinata-chan and Ino-pig as nervousness twisted inside my stomach, making me shift uncomfortably in my seat. 'Just what were they going to assign us?' I thought uneasily, looking around the room filled only with female ninja.

"What do you thinks going to happen?" Ino murmured to me.

"Who knows" I replied, shrugging at her.

It's weird to separate us from the guys. 'What are the teachers planning?' I frowned, even some of the other girls looked nervous. Ino was tapping her foot impatiently and Hinata-chan twiddled her fingers on her lap.

The door suddenly burst open, Anko barging into the classroom in her usual showy manner. 'She's our proctor again?' I thought surprised.

"Now class, pay close attention" she smiled at the room, a creepy glint in her eyes.

The fellow kunoichi in the room's attention snapped to the older jounin who stood in the center of the room, grinning at us in a way that made me uneasy… it seemed like she was looking forward to this and with Anko that was never an exactly good thing.

"To be a successful jounin kunoichi, you must be masters of deceit. You have had some classes in your academy days about the importance of spying and gathering information, correct?" she asked us and we nodded in response.

In our academy days, sometimes we would have separate classes from the boys because we would have to learn things that would be expected of women. I remembered one day when we had to learn how to arrange flowers…

"If you are a female jounin, you will be at times assigned to spy for leaf, gathering information from other villages. You are expected to be able to gain knowledge from people while not blowing your cover. You could be told to get information from generals, lords, even fellow ninja…" she trailed off and then gave us a smile, her black eyes gleaming.

"To do this, you will need to master a certain… sex appeal to men. Seduction is a major key in receiving vital information" knowing where she was going with this, I blushed fiercely, turning a dark shade of red.

'I think I know what the first test is going to be like' I thought with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I turned to my side, seeing Ino with fire in her eyes and a confident smirk on her face. Hinata-chan on the other side was breathing rather hard, her pale eyes widening in shock.

"You will each be given a male target from your class that will have a password that you should be able to retrieve. That is your main objective. Use any means necessary to gain the password from your assigned target" Anko went on, then pulled out a kunai from her holster.

"If sex appeal doesn't work then there's always the old fashioned way" she grinned evilly, "You know what they say, anything works…" Hinata-chan squeaked, blushing even harder.

"If you are unable to get the password from the target we give you" her face contorted in anger, "you fail!"

I stiffened, my nerves getting the best of me. 'Who would I get stuck with?' I wondered worriedly. What were the possibilities? Naruto, Lee-kun, Kiba, Shikamaru…

My face burned in embarrassment, 'I can't believe I'll have to do this!' I thought, mortified. But no matter, failing the exam is not an option. I will not be a burden and get left behind in the dust. 'Besides, I'm sixteen years old… I can handle this, right?' Dread crept inside me.

"So if everything's clear, come up to the front to get a slip of paper with the name of your new target! Good luck, class!" the older jounin yelled, smirking at us.

Getting into line with Hinata-chan and Ino, my heart pounded as I got nearer and nearer to where the other jounins were giving out the names. When it was my turn, I reached out shakily for the slip.

Moving to the side of the room, I closed my eyes tightly and opened the small, white slip of paper. I peeked an eye at it; true horror struck me soundly at the name inscribed.

'Hyuga Neji'

'I am so doomed' I thought, I might as well be trying to seduce a rock. He will never tell me his password, there's not a cold chance in hell. Just my damn luck to be assigned to the guy with no emotions whatsoever.

I groaned inwardly, and it's not like I could force the information out of the ice block either. That was even a lesser chance of that happening; no way could I physically beat the Hyugga. No, I would actually have to try and… seduce him!

'That even sounds wrong!' I yelled mentally in frustration, cursing this stupid test.

"Hey forehead-girl! I got Shikamaru!" Ino said happily, "This is going to be easier than I thought!"

I smiled weakly at her, looking over to Hinata to see her visibly shaking and her eyes staring at the paper with an expression of stunned disbelief.

"Who did you get Hinata-chan?" I asked, still trying to get over my own shock.

"….N…. Na… Naruto-kun!" she whispered faintly, looking as though she was going to pass out any second. "I… I have to do that to Naruto…kun" her face turned many different shades of red.

"I got Lee" TenTen said, coming up to us. She looked over to me curiously. "Who did you get, Sakura-chan?"

I sighed heavily, knowing what their reactions would be. "…Hyuga Neji"

As Ino and TenTen laughed at my misfortune, I plotted against the Hyuga. I will not be beaten by him; I will make him give me his damn password one way or another. I will not lose!

'Hell yeah!' Inner Sakura cheered.

Smirking to myself, I began to form a plan of attack on the unsuspecting Hyuga.


Neji's pov:

It was the next day and there had been no signs of any sort of activity anywhere. No hidden traps, no fights… nothing. It was almost time to report back to the academy for the second part of the exam. 'Is that really all we had to do?' I thought, frowning to myself.

I sat down in my teams training grounds, concentrating on the flow on my chakra through my tenkotsus in deep meditation. The whole part of the first exam bothered me; all we had to do was memorize a stupid password?

'What an absurd password too' I thought, rolling my eyes.

I tensed, feeling someone was coming this way. Activating my byakugan, I recognized the green chakra flow almost immediately. I arched a brow, curious as to why Haruno Sakura was here.

She stood a least two feet away from me, waving at me happily. I noticed she was in her usual red kunochi outfit, her pink hair swaying in the breeze.

'What does she want?' I thought, deactivating my bloodline limit.

"Hey, Neji-kun!" she said smiling down at me.

'Neji-kun?' Since when did she start calling me that? Before whenever she had to address me it was always Hyugga-san. 'What's changed now?' I lightly glared at her such loose form of familiarity. We barely knew each other, at least not that well.

"Sakura-san" I muttered in response.

"I wanted to see you, Neji-kun!" she smiled brightly, an innocent expression in her green eyes. "I've been looking for you everywhere…"

'What?' I thought as my eyebrows rose a little in shock. Confusion filled me, it sounded as if she liked me or something like that. But that was impossible, didn't she like the Uchiha? True he was gone for a while now, somewhere in the Sound territory still seeking the revenge for his dead clan. Did she get over him or something?

She advanced to sit at my side with her legs crossed underneath her. Our shoulders brushed and I scowled at the invasion of personal space. I briefly wondered what the hell she was thinking. I'm training now and don't want any annoying distractions.

Closing my eyes, I decided to ignore her presence. Maybe she'll get the message and go away when I didn't bother to respond. I once again began to meditate quietly, studying the flows of chakra through my system. A few minutes passed in silence and I assumed she would probably leave any second.

I couldn't have been more wrong. A sudden weight filled my lap unexpectedly and I jerked in response, my eyes snapping open instantly.

'She's actually sitting on me!' I thought, too stunned to even form words. She just smiled coyly at me. She definitely had my full attention now.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" I snapped angrily at her, grabbing her forearms to push her off.

She grasped my shoulders, not moving from her spot. She shifted her legs to wrap tightly around my waist. My eyes widened at her bold actions, staring into her viridian gaze. Her face was the picture of pure innocence but there was something in her eyes that held a different desire.

I blinked, staring at her. Her captivating green eyes seemed to pull me in, making me forget who and where I was for a spare moment.

Heat rising to my face because of the awkward situation, I glared at her furiously, still trying to pry the pink haired medic nin off me. She just grinned and tightened her hold. Getting severely annoyed, I didn't want to hurt the girl but I might be forced too.

"You know…" she said warmly, "your cute when you're annoyed" she smirked kind of… seductively at me.

She pressed her forehead against the cool metal of my forehead protector, eyes still holding that sly look but was betrayed when a pink blush stained her cheeks. This made her even more attractive…

'Since when do I think she's attractive!' angry at myself of being weak.

I could feel myself turn redder but forced my voice to be perfectly calm. "Sakura-san, get the hell off"-

My words were silenced as soft lips pressed against mine. I froze at the contact, a strange warmth jolting through my veins. My heart pounded in my ears like a drum and for some reason unknown to me I closed my eyes.

'Why aren't I pushing her off!' I thought, confused.

Her arms snaked themselves around my neck, pressing my chest against hers. I stiffened visibly, acutely aware of her curves against me. I finally broke the kiss, glaring angrily at the damn kunoichi.

"Get the hell off me" I growled at her.

She actually laughed, her eyes dancing with amusement. "Are you sure that's what you want?" her voice held a sultry tone, leaning in closer so I could feel her breath on my lips. I tensed visibly as her thigh drifted dangerously close to my manhood, sending me reactions I did not need.

'…' I couldn't think. Heat burned my face again and I tried to back away but she followed, her green eyes fixed on me as her lips found mine. My hands fell down to her small waist, lingering there.

I couldn't seem to gather enough resistance to push her off. It was like I was under some kind of strange spell. I could feel my brain slowly turn to mush.

'Sakura…' all thoughts were consumed on the pink haired ninja.

I could feel her tongue run against my lips in a teasing manner and I responded by kissing her harder, my tongue exploring her mouth and waging war against hers. I pulled her closer, wanting to feel more of her. I let out a low grunt as her thigh rubbed against me accidentally, smirking as she let out a surprised squeak.

Not breaking the kiss, her hand reached up to my hair, threading through it with her soft fingers. She began massaging my scalp, making me unintentionally relax in her embrace, sighing against her lips.

I traveled to her neck, breathing in the scent of cherry blossoms. I started biting down on the unblemished, creamy skin, enjoying the squeals she made. Our breathing resorting to pants, I trailed down her neck slowly.

"N…Neji-kun?" her voice questioned.

I mumbled incoherently in reply, too immersed in her to really form a good response. It was like I sank deeper and deeper into a haze of pinks and greens.

"What's your password?" she whispered softly into my ear, making me shudder at the feel of her warm breath fanning my skin.

Confusion swept through me but left once Sakura's skilled medic hands traveled up my back underneath my shirt, feather light touches sending tingling sensations down my spine. I was falling under the drug-like affect that was Sakura again.

'What was she asking again?' I thought, welcoming the clouded daze my mind was in. It finally came to me and I muttered "Pink" before I even knew what I said.

She kissed me again and I instantly responded. I could feel her hands leave my back and encircle around my waist in an embrace. But suddenly, she burst in a shower of pink petals.

I blink for a few moments and slowly stood up. 'Did I just do what I think I just did..?' Realization bit down hard.

I told her the password.

Suddenly, everything that happened yesterday made sense. Why the girls left the room for the test… it was their task to get the password. 'That was her motivation all along…!' I glared at the space she was just in, anger flooding through me.

The password they gave me was 'pink'. Why didn't I notice it before! Pink for Haruno Sakura. Damn them all.

I fell for a carefully laid trap, Sakura's trap. I failed the damn exam because I let her distract me… "Shit" I muttered darkly, cursing my stupidity.

'She will pay…' I will catch up to the damned pink vixen.


Sakura's pov:

'I can't believe I just did that!' I thought, adrenaline pumping in me. Knowing that he was probably just a few steps behind me and would kill me when he caught up with me, I jumped tree to tree so fast the passing forest was a green blur.

'He was my first kiss…' I thought, touching my lips lightly with the tips of my fingers. Not that I'm disappointed… far from it actually.

I think I will be embarrassed for the rest of my life. I'll never be able to look the Hyuga genius in the eye ever again! I blushed hotly, licking my lips. They tasted like him…

'I have to get to the academy!' I thought urgently, running through the town and finally reaching the old school. I rushed into the classroom, seeing that I just made it time for the end of the first exam.

I went up to Anko who was grinning broadly at me. "Password?" she asked.

"Pink!" I replied, returning her grin.

Pleased with myself, I looked around the room. There were a lot of happy and disappointed faces in the large crowd. I saw Shino looking as calm as ever leaning up against the wall with an angry girl who I didn't know next to him.

Seeing Ino and Hinata-chan, I walk over to them knowing that nothing could break my good mood right now. Ino-pig was smirking triumphantly while Shikamaru was sitting on the floor up against the wall, a scowl fixed on his face.

I also noticed Naruto and Hinata-chan. Hinata was apologizing to Naruto over and over again as red as a tomato and surprisingly, Naruto seemed almost shy. I blinked; the loud Naruto was now staring at the Hyuga heiress like he never quite saw her before in a whole new light.

"Don't worry about it Hinata-chan" Naruto mumbled to her, awkwardly patting her back and blushing madly. His eyes averted from her but would dart back occasionally only to deepen his blush.

'I wonder what happened there' I mused, somewhat intrigued.

I shifted my gaze over to Lee-kun who was sobbing in the corner, being consoled by his sensei. TenTen just sighed next to them and shrugged, blushing a bit.

"I broke my promise, Gai-sensei! TenTen… she…" he collapsed into another fit of tears as TenTen seemed to grow annoyed.

"Don't worry Lee! I did not pass the first part of the exam either! TenTen's youth and beauty easily defeated your strong will!" the unique jounin replied sternly, tears evident in his eyes.



They held a 'unique' moment resulting in an affectionate hug between master and student. TenTen just rolled her eyes, obviously used to their strange behavior.

Turning to move over to Naruto, I froze in my tracks as a threatening, ominous aura exploded behind me. I knew that chakra anywhere, none other than the Hyuga prodigy.

Gulping as my throat went dry; I turned around ready to meet my end like a brave leaf kunoichi. I smiled innocently up at Neji but his pale, white eyes glared down at me, anger smoldering in the deep depths.

"Neji-kun" I said brightly with a fake smile.

"Do you expect to get away with what you did?" his low voice resounded.

I stared up at him, unsure what to think right now. He towered over me at least by a head and power seemed to emanate off the regal, handsome looking Hyuga.

"Well… it was a test and I"- I stuttered.

"No excuses. You will pay for what you did" his dangerous eyes narrowed down at me, an unreadable gleam surfaced in them.

"Pay…?" I retorted, perplexed at what he meant by the word.

He suddenly smirked, making my stomach do a flip. "I think I have just the punishment too" he murmured darkly.

He grabbed my wrist and we both disappeared in a puff of grey smoke.

After all, revenge is sweet.


The End.


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