Art of Seduction

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Chapter 3:


Ino's pov:

I walked down the crowded village streets, heading towards the fields where my team usually met to train. It's is the second day of the exam; I will have to get the password from Shikamaru today. But I'm not worried… I have a plan!

'I will not lose' I thought confidently, balling my fists at my sides in determination.

I cannot allow him to think things though, he's too smart. If he even gets a slight suspicion of what I'm doing with that genius brain of his, he'll figure me out. He would put two and two together so easily… I'd be found out for sure.

'I'll need to distract him constantly!' I smirked, too easy for me. After all, I am Yamanaka Ino. No man can resist me.

I refuse to lose this exam, I will become a jounin. Since I'm a kunoichi it's my duty to be able to handle these types of situations anyway. I'll get the password, whatever it takes. Besides, it's only Shikamaru…

I shook my head, trying to fight the oncoming blush that crept its way onto my cheeks. 'Yes, only Shikamaru!' somehow, that excuse sounded dry. 'Shikamaru…' the one name resonated inside my head.

Shaking my head of these strange thinking patterns, I entered the forest area and headed towards the clearing where no doubt my team was waiting. Taking a steady breath in, I charged stubbornly forward.

"I will get the damn password" I said determinedly to myself.

The shadow nin won't know what hit him.


Shikamaru's pov:

Something is wrong here… very wrong.

I stared at her blankly; there definitely was something wrong here. Ino… was smiling at me, beaming actually. Well that wasn't in her normal behavior, what happened to the yelling? The nagging? The beatings? 'Strange' I mused silently, raising a brow at her.

Also, she looked different too. Her normal bandages that she kept wrapped around her upper arms and legs were gone, reveling creamy, white skin. She only had on her purple skirt that was dangerously short and a white tank. I averted my gaze, not wanting it to be obvious as I fought the upcoming blush.

"Sorry I'm late!" she said happily, coming up to stand beside me, close enough so that her right arm brushed against mine.

Asuma and Chouji just stared at the blonde girl like she had three heads. They seemed to shrug it off as one of Ino's strange mood swings and continue on with the regular training session.

"…Troublesome" I muttered darkly under my breath as I moved away from her, going to find a place to practice my shadow jutsu (or so Asuma thought). I haven't been cloud watching in so long because of so many troublesome ANBU missions… Damn Hokage…

I settled myself down on a nice patch of grass on a small hill, shaded by a tree. I looked up at the sky, studying the various shapes of the clouds. Sighing, I folded my arms behind my head and slowly drifted off in a light doze.

This is what I liked most about cloud watching. It was relaxing and distracting, taking my mind off troublesome things. If only I could get a loud, obnoxious, blonde Hokage off my back maybe I could do this more.

I suddenly felt a hard jab to my ribs, making me frown in annoyance. 'Damn it, Ino…' I blinked up at the girl who was currently hovering over me, a huge smile on her face.

"Shikamaru, aren't you supposed to be training?" she said in a sing-song voice.

Correction: this loud, obnoxious, blonde off my back.

Knowing my luck, however, that will never happen. Sigh.

I scowled up at her and turned over, not bothering to respond. Too much effort anyway, she would just yell back. It'd waste a good nap too.

"Don't just roll over and ignore me like that!" she growled out angrily, I grunted as I felt another powerful poke to my side.

"What do you want, Ino?" I responded in a monotone voice.

Really, this week was too troublesome already. Ever since I entered ANBU (being one of the first chunnin ever to get in) the damn woman made sure I got all the S-rank missions with barely any time between them. Then to top it all off the jounin exam I'm currently taking.

Why is the password so abstract? And why haven't I been attacked by someone to try to steal it from me? This is the jounin exam after all, it can't be easy… Oh well, It's not like I want it to be hard. Hell, I'm not even sure I want to pass. Screw all the more missions that came with it.

"What I want? What do you think I want?" I frowned at this suggestive tone, what in the world is she thinking?

I turned back around to stare at her incredulously, noticing the bright pink flush on her pale cheeks. Her sky blue eyes locked with mine as I realized how close she was. Her face was within two inches of mine.

Damn it, I hate it when she gets too close. I tried to calm my pounding heartbeat, forcing a passive expression on my features. At least, I hoped it was. I could never be sure of anything if Ino was a factor in it.

Damn her.

"Well, Shikamaru?" she leaned closer with this question she murmured out in a sultry way from her pink lips. Suddenly, those pink lips became a center of focus.

I shook my head, dispelling these irrational thoughts. But still, my throat went dry as I tried to figure out something to answer her strange question. 'Why did she have to be so close!' I thought, swearing mentally.

"Hey Shikamaru, Ino!" I blinked at the sudden yell and sat up, moving a safe distance away from Ino.

Chouji and Asuma were walking up to us, waving us over. I immediately stood up, grateful for the distraction from wherever our conversation was going. In the corner of my eye I observed Ino who was now glaring, but then adopted a look of pure innocence as she bounded up to our other teammates.

'Just what the hell is up with her?' I wondered quietly to myself. Feh, women. I have one word for you, troublesome.

"Guess what? Asuma-sensei is taking us out for barbeque!" Chouji rambled on excitedly, his right fist pumping out in the air.

"Just don't end up in the hospital again Chouji, calm down this time. Pace yourself, okay?" Asuma said, shaking his head at his student, while lighting a cigarette.

This was usual, especially since we haven't had a meeting in such a long time. We all have had missions for the past two months and never could find time when we were all free, except for today because of the jounin exam. Also, going out for barbeque after tough missions and training sessions was a tradition of sorts for my team.

"That's a great idea, right Shikamaru?" she said, once again at my side.

I looked down at her, giving a light nod. 'What strange behavior, now she's asking my opinion?' Chouji caught my eye and raised a brow, obviously stating he thought it was abnormal as well.

We made our way to the restaurant, passing by the crowd of villagers. I froze as, again, Ino's arm brushed lightly against mine, making my hair stand up on end. I watched her closely to determine if this action was coincidental or not, but she seemed to not even be aware of it.

I stared too long, noticing her long blonde hair was flowing free from its usual pony tail. It swayed in back of her, reaching the end of her waist and her…

Do not let eyesight linger on that spot.

My face burning, I looked up at the clouds, trying to get my mind off the blonde girl as much as possible. To my luck it was coming dusk, so the clouds were becoming harder to see. Figures.

We finally entered the barbeque restaurant, sitting at our favorite spot next to the window. Ino sat next to me with Chouji and Asuma sitting opposite us. I observed her under scrutiny, but her blue eyes met mine.

I looked away, scowling at the knowing smile that was on her lips. I shifted slightly in my seat uncomfortably, not being used to this at all. What's her motive?

'I wish I could find out what was going on in that damn head of hers. Is she flirting with me? What about her precious Sasuke-kun?' Ugh, my stomach turns at the very thought of that guy. Stupid jerk.

The waitress came swiftly, knowing we were usual customers and we gave our orders. Ino and Asuma were now engaged in a conversation about her family's flower shop and well, Chouji was too absorbed in anticipation of the oncoming meal to talk right now. I tuned everyone out, concentrating on my thoughts.

'It just doesn't make any sense… Is she playing games with me? I will not be made a fool of… So, she must have some kind of reason for- just as my mind was about to delve further into matter, a hand rested on my upper leg, giving it a light squeeze.

Shock infiltrated my system as I jumped in my seat, my knee bumping hard against the table. Mumbling a few curses under my breath painfully, I sat back down as everyone, including Ino-the culprit- stared at me if I was insane.

"Are you alright, Shikamaru?" Asuma said warily, staring at me, then Ino.

"Fine" I said while gritting my teeth, stealing a look at Ino's angelic, concerned features.

"Are you sure Shikamaru? You seem unsettled" Ino replied with a sweet smile on her face, inching closer so our sides were pressed together. I couldn't move away because the damn booth was so small, I would end up on the floor.

My face felt hot as I just… stared at her. 'She did that when Asuma and Chouji were right there! She… She…' I lost all train of coherent thought as a soft finger swept up the length of my wrist to my elbow, leaving a trail of fire in its wake.

The room was already starting to feel too warm and my hands were beginning to sweat in response. I gulped nervously, noting the curious looks Asuma and Chouji were giving me. Thankfully that waitress came with the food to distract everyone.

"Ino!" I hissed under my breath but she just giggled in response.

"What? Something the matter?" there was a sly glint in her eyes that I do not like.

"N… no" I bit out as her leg came it contact with mine, the back of her foot sliding up my leg in a teasing manner.

I tried to concentrate on my food, not on the grinning Asuma or Ino (Chouji was too busy eating to notice). 'Ignore it' I ordered myself, not wanting to think about it anymore. Focus on eating, that's a simple enough task. Soft curves pressed themselves into my side harder.

'Okay, not working…' must calculate new course of action. I can't let her walk all over me, not anymore. 'Try to ignore, try to ignore!' keyword: trying and failing miserably.

We finally finished eating and left the restaurant. I was ready to get this confusing day over with already. It was now night outside, the air with a hint of coldness. I looked up at the darkened sky and sighed, I can't wait to go home and sleep…

"See you kids later, stay out of trouble you two!" Asuma gave me a wink which I returned with a glare. What the hell did that mean? That perverted old man.

"Shika-kun, can you walk me home?" big puppy dog eyes pleaded up at me.

"Uh…" I looked over to Chouji who seemed to be backing away quickly.

"I think I have a stomachache. See you guys tomorrow" my supposedly best friend said nervously and ran off in the direction of his house.

"Please?" she pouted 'cutely' up at me.

"…Fine" I agreed before I could choose otherwise. It was always that way.

Her lithe fingers brushed with mine before seizing my hand tightly, tugging me in the direction of her street. I blushed and hurriedly looked around, silently thankful the streets were mostly empty due to how late it was.

"Hey, don't pull" I complained to deaf ears but she did as she wanted anyway.

I couldn't help but notice how small her hand was in comparison to mine. My eyes fell on her again, the moonlight reflecting off her blue eyes, making them shine. I turned my attention to what was in front of us, mentally scolding myself for thinking such things.

I do not deserve Ino. She is beautiful, talented, and full of spirit. I'm just an average guy who doesn't meet her high standards. Simply enough I don't deserve her. It's not possible that she would… No, I won't even waste my time with those thoughts.

We reached her doorstep, but her grip on my hand only tightened. I looked at her questionably, but her only response was a smile. I looked away; she really needed to stop doing that.

The smile slowly turned into a smirk as she sauntered over, eliminating the distance between us.

"Ino…? What are you doing?" My eyes narrowed down on her. "Are you playing games with me? I don't appreciate it, Ino" I said in a warning tone, my hands shot up to grab her shoulders and push her away a few inches.

She pouted up at me once again. "This isn't a game, Shikamaru. Why do you think I'm playing a game?" with this she ran a finger up the length of my bare arm, goose-bumps immediately reacting to her small touch.

"Ino"- I was silenced as my eyes widened when she stepped forcibly closer so our chest pressed into each others.

"Shikamaru" she whispered hotly into my ear, making my whole body tingle in response.

My hands fell limply to my sides as I went completely stiff. Her hand reached up and brushed my cheek gently, moving to the back of my head to sink in my spiky back hair. I shuddered involuntarily, hoping she wouldn't notice my hands were shaking horribly.

With a sudden pull my lips were on hers, melting with an instant any resolve I had. That was the thing about Ino, I can have a million thoughts at once but she can stop every single one of them with her mere presence. She has no idea how much affect she has on me. Ironically though, maybe she does.

Feeling a slight tug on my chunnin vest, I half noticed that it was no unzipped and her free hand was now roaming at her leisure underneath my mesh shirt. My heart beat faster and faster as I plunged my tongue against her lips, unable to sustain control.

But she pulled back at that moment so our lips were barely touching, our rapid breaths mingling. I scowled at her action but she just stifled a giggle.

Strands of blonde hair were messily framed around her face and her azure eyes were dancing with suppressed mirth. 'Damn she is really… pretty' I thought honestly, my face on fire.

She stepped closer and rubbed her hips into mine, a coy smirk once again on her lips. My eyes widened at her, an instant reaction already forming. 'Not good, think…!' I told myself, but it was hard trying to tell my body what to do anymore. Male instincts were starting to kick in.

I forced a breath out, my grip on her small waist tightening. I stared her dead in the eye, our noses brushing against each others.

"Don't push me on this Ino, you may not like what you get" my low voice spoke, my dark eyes narrowing on her.

To my surprise she glared at me heatedly, grinding her hips into mine further. I let out a strangled grunt and rested my forehead on her shoulder, taking in her deep flowery scent. Her legs were not right in between mine.

"What if I wanna find out?" her soft voice said mischievously, her lips planting kisses on my temple.

All I did was mutter vague works in response. By now, it was too late. It was too troublesome to argue with her anymore. I nuzzled my head into the crook of her neck, amazed by how soft her skin was.

"Hmm… Shikamaru?" her voice said lightly into my ear.

"Hn" I responded, wrapping my arms around her so I could bring her all the more closer, even though she was already so close.

"What was your password form yesterday? You know, in that silly jounin exam" her voice continued is airy tone.

Warning bells rang clearly in the back of my head. 'The jounin exam?' For some reason in my fogged up brain, it sounded very important. 'Why the boys were given passwords and the girls had to leave the room…'

All my thoughts hit a stone brick wall I felt Ino's knee rise and press firmly into my manhood. All common sense and reasoning thus flew out the window. All I could do was groan slightly while my breath resorting to pants.

"Well Shikamaru? Can't you trust me?" I could tell by the sound of her voice she was pouting again.

I started into her glazed over blue eyes with my own darkened brown ones, unable to tear myself away from her mesmerizing, spell-like gaze.

"…blue" I said, not being able to say no to her. Not that I ever was.

The corner of her lips once again turned into a smirk… of victory?Happiness shimmered in her eyes as once again the annoying warning bells again rang off. Suddenly it was all too clear.

"Ino was that all just…?" full comprehension dawned on me as I glared at her.

Before I could properly interrogate my teammate, her front door slammed itself open to reveal Yamanaka Inoshi, her father. The blonde jounin ninja seemed to be enveloped in an aura of foreboding fury.

"Nara, what the hell are you doing to my daughter!" he said in a deadly voice, taking in our compromising position.

"Oh, it not what it looks like, it's…" Ino failed to provide a believable excuse.

Fear bubbled up inside me as I just stared at the older ninja, wondering how the hell I would survive the protective father's wrath. To top it all off, I now know I failed the first part of the jounin exam to Ino.

So much for hindsight.


Neji's pov:

I smirked down at her flushed face, her green eyes flashing in anger. I never knew infuriating the pink haired medic nin could be so amusing.

I stepped back from the wall, holding her easily with my two hands on her waist and her legs wrapped around me. It was time to move this elsewhere, if I was going to teach her a proper lesson.

Lesson one: Never mess with Hyugga Neji.

Since we were in the living room, I reasoned to lay her down on the couch and quickly hovered on top of her. The pure frustration of near defeat and stubbornness was evident in her viridian eyes, which will only cause me to savor the upcoming victory even more.

Suddenly there was an unshaken resolve in the kunoichi's features, a smirk mirroring my own on her pink lips. She fisted her hands on my white shirt, pulling me down to crash my lips on hers determinedly.

My hand slid up her side, right below its intended target. I brushed my fingers lightly over the bottom of her breast before taking on a more dominant course of action. She made a noise but it was drowned by my lips slanting over hers, not seeming to be able to get enough of her.

I felt her warm fingertips brush my side underneath my shirt, making erratic patterns on my rib cage. My heart drummed to a rapid beat as her hand moved lower, meeting the beginning of my black pants.

"You know Neji… I haven't lost yet" she murmured against my lips as I felt the tips of her fingers brush lightly, almost in a testing way, right over my private area.

I tried to bit back a strangled grunt as my white eyes widened down on her smoky green ones. Her bold eyes were narrowed up at me challengingly, gauging my next move. I chose to not let her win this round.

I lowered my body over hers, grabbing her thighs tightly and pressing my reaction right against her. I smirked in victory as she trembled uncontrollably, the pink flush on her cheeks darkening to red. She licked her lips noticeably, her eyes darting to my eyes and everywhere else, unsettled.

So far, I'll admit that Sakura won the first round, but the second belonged to me. Needless the say, the clear winner won't be made until quite some time.

Not that I'm complaining…




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