Chapter 40- The Point of No Return

The two managers were sitting in their office. Both of them were looking very tired from all of the rehearsals that had been going on all week. They only had one full dress rehearsal left before the performance, which was either going to be a huge success or a complete disaster.

"Funny… I thought you would be worried Richard." Said André, looking over at a very sick looking Firmin.

"I have resigned myself to the fact that there is nothing more we can do…" He paused, and then put his hands together, "…except pray."

André managed to give a very weak chuckle. "They are fine with everything. I'm sure the production will be… splendid!" He looked very doubtful as he said this.

"Or a lamentable mess!" Firmin retorted.

The two of them sat there in silence for another few minutes, both were looking extremely tense. They both jumped, as there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Both of the managers shouted at the same time. Reyer entered.

He walked over to the desk, "Messieurs… I think this is the best time to tell you that I am going to hand in my resignation…"

Both Firmin and André got to their feet. "What!" They half shouted, they could not think why he would want to leave. The Opera House was like his home after all.

"I will stay with you for this one final performance… but I am getting too old for this sort of thing, and I think it is best that you find somebody younger and more capable." His voice was very low and sorrowful, but this did not seem enough to convince the managers.

"Is it because of the Opera Ghost?" Asked André, surprisingly calmly considering what he had just been told.

Reyer looked at him. His face showed the answer before he said it. "I am afraid so gentlemen. I just cannot concentrate on my job anymore knowing that he is watching me… and the memory of Joseph Bouquet…." His voiced trailed off, and he gazed at the floor, waiting for the managers to speak once more.

"If that is what you feel is right…" Firmin said quietly, "…then we will support your decision fully. I am just glad that you will be able to stay with us until 'Don Juan' is finished."

"Thank you for your understanding gentlemen. I will of course come back to visit you after my retirement." He whispered, a little more brightly.

"Yes of course." André said also in a cheery way. "We will see you tomorrow to discuss your pension."

"Merci." After that he disappeared out of the door, leaving the managers alone.

"Now we have another thing to worry about!" Firmin boomed at André.

"Well we should respect his decision. I mean he has been here for decades." He replied.

"But it is this thing, this man, the Phantom that has driven him out! If one goes because of him, who is to say that the rest won't follow?" Firmin was now panicking.

"Maybe we should focus on perfecting the Phantom's Opera first and then worry about Reyer later."

Firmin buried his head in his hands, not really knowing what to do. Indeed he knew that there were pressures of running an Opera, but he did not expect them to get as extreme as this.

"May I ask you monsieur?" Lefevre looked over at him, questioningly. "Why exactly are you retiring?"

"My health", he replied, "It is exceptionally challenging running this place and I thought that perhaps it was time to take my leave. I have been running it for nearly 8 years."

"I doubt I will last that long." Firmin said to himself.

André look at his partner questioningly. "What Richard?"

"Nothing." He replied. I just know the real reason behind Lefevre leaving. Australia, wish I could be there and leave all of this behind right now.


As Madame Giry was teaching her class, Catherine came by and looked in. All she had been doing was prowling around looking at the goings on. Ivan had not contacted her in any way, and Zurie was giving her the cold shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" Madame Giry asked her coldly.

"Can I help out with anything at all?" Catherine replied.

What is she up to? "No, nothing for the moment, but there is something you can do that will help everyone." Catherine looked waiting to be given the answer. "Stay out of the way!" Madame Giry snapped. She had clearly had enough of Catherine watching her as if she was some sort of inspector.

"Oh, there is no need to be so rude!" Catherine said, in a voice of fake offence. "I was only offering to help you out. I mean at your age I thought you would need…"

"Get out…" Said Madame Giry, sounding very annoyed, "… get out of here, NOW!" She shouted the last word at her so loudly that Catherine actually jumped back a few steps. If there was anything that Madame Giry hated it was being told that she was getting old.

The dancers had stopped to listen in on the conversation, which had earned them a shouting at when Madame Giry turned round to continue watching their progress. The dancers had perfected their routines for the evening's performance.

Everybody will worship me when they see me kill the 'Opera Ghost'. Thought Catherine to herself, as she turned and left the main theatre. She noticed something very strange about the Populaire. Christine was absolutely nowhere to be seen. Probably off with that spawn of Satan…

Catherine kept running over the plan in her mind. A bullet straight through the head would surely guarantee the death of Erik, but she could not be too confident. Erik would obviously have some sort of plan up his sleeve.

She also noticed a very strange looking man, with jade eyes and ebony skin walking around the Opera House in a white overcoat. Catherine could not think who this could be, but decided to push it to the back of her mind for the time being, as she had more important things to worry about.


Daroga walked into the theatre and stood watching the ballet dancers on the stage. He looked around and quickly spotted who he was looking for, Madame Giry, who looked like she was in a very bad mood indeed.

He walked over to her, getting a lot of very strange looks from all of the ballet girls. "Antoinette…" He began, talking very seriously.

"Daroga! What are you doing here?" Madame Giry was now getting suspicious looks from all of her dancers. She could hear them gossiping with each other. "Get back to your dancing!" She shouted at them, "What is it you want?" She whispered, turning back to Daroga.

"I have a message from Erik." He whispered, making sure that absolutely nobody else could hear what he was saying.

He handed her a letter from his inside coat pocket. Madame Giry took it and looked at it with some suspicion.

"I can't read it now. Not while my ballet dancers are here." She whispered.

"I advise you to read it as soon as you can. He said it concerned a very serious matter." He warned.

"When they go on their break, then I shall read it, also I can't have that annoying woman prowling about while I read this."

"Alright, just read it and then destroy the letter." He advised.

She nodded, indicating she should get back to work. Pocketing the letter, she walked back over to her dancers who were gossiping to one another.

"Did your mothers ever tell you that it is rude to try and listen into someone else's conversation?" She interrupted them.

No one said anything. If they even opened their mouths then they knew Madame Giry would explode.

"Back to your starting positions, and if I ever catch you trying to listen into private matters again then you will be out of this class. Do you understand me?" She yelled at them. She had clearly got out of the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Everyone was completely stressed out. The Managers, Madame Giry and Reyer were under more strain than ever knowing that they had to perform that evening.

After around 10 minutes Madame Giry dismissed her dancers. She gave them a half an hour as opposed to the usual 10-minute break, so she could go up to her office to read the note and also try to calm down.

She entered her room, shutting the door and locking it quickly behind her.

Heading over to her desk she opened the envelope and took out the piece of parchment inside and sat down and began to read.


Zurie was busy practicing her lines for 'Don Juan Triumphant', she had been given an singing role in this production and so she was not in the ballet. She was the main lead singer for the chorus as Erik had personally seen to it that she had been given a part which put her voice to use.

"Zurie." One of the caretakers came up to her. "Your father is here and wants to talk with you.

Ivan then entered the room. Zurie had not seen him for a long time and so she ran up to him and threw her arms around his waist.

"I'm sorry I did not believe you…" Ivan said, as the caretaker left them alone, "…I threw her out. She is never going to come back."

"I know…" Began Zurie, looking up at her father, "… she is here now, living in the Opera House."

Ivan cursed under his breath. He had hoped that she was going to move out of town, but he had obviously been wrong.

"It does not matter…" He said, as Zurie released him and went to sit down on her bed, "… she is no longer a part of this family, deceiving us like that was just unforgivable, and what she did to that… thing."

Zurie gave him a very angry look. "That 'thing' as you call him happens to be my step-brother, and his name is Erik."

Ivan looked at her apologetically. They talked for at least an hour, catching up on things that had been going on in each other's lives in the time that they had been apart.

"So, for the first time ever I have got a main role!" Finished Zurie, after telling her father all about 'Don Juan', "…of course that witch had to try and cause trouble over the time we were given to rehearse..."

Ivan's face contorted with rage. It had been like that since he had heard Catherine's confession. "Whatever that woman has to say should be sealed in concrete and dumped at the bottom of the ocean."

Zurie gave a small chuckle. "Here, here." She agreed.

Ivan's face suddenly changed to a very serious expression. "Zurie…under no circumstances whatsoever are you to tell anyone the reason that Catherine was thrown out. I don't want anybody badgering me about the whole affair…"

Zurie nodded to show her understanding, and then she checked the clock on her wall. "I'd better go. The final rehearsal starts in ten minutes."

She gave her father one last hug before going out through her door and heading to the main theatre. Ivan in the meantime, left the Populaire, he would come back later for the performance of 'Don Juan'.


Meg and Byron were heading down to the main rehearsals. Meg was again jittering and complaining about lines and was asking Byron if she could improve on anything. Byron did not see why Meg had to worry so much as she did not have as big a part as she did last time.

"Meg you will be fine. Stop worrying. You did well in 'Faust' and that was a bigger part than this one so you are bound to give your best performance." Byron as usual was trying to calm her down, however this did not seem to be working as well as he had hoped.

"I am not so sure… I mean this is a very complex Opera, I would hate to think what would happen should I get this wrong…" I know he would never hurt me, but I can't disappoint him nonetheless. "… This is his Opera, and he wants it to be perfect."

Byron got defensive and put his arm round her. "No one is going to touch you, not with me around…" Meg smiled as he said this. "Don't worry about anything. Just do your best."

They made their way down to the main theatre where everyone was gathering.


Catherine was also making her way down to the main theatre, but was unaware of the two lamp like yellow eyes of Porsche following her. Erik had asked the cat to keep an eye on his mother in case she tried to come down to the lair.

Catherine had a nasty feeling that someone or something was following her. She wheeled around but saw nothing and shrugged. I must be imagining things…again. He is probably busy with that wretched girl. She continued to head down the hallway.

Porsche followed at a safe distance, also on the lookout for Antoinette. Erik had told the cat to specifically stay away from her. If the cat ran into her, she was sure her master would get an ear bashing.

She saw Catherine enter the theatre and take a seat to watch the final rehearsal. Catherine noticed the managers sitting a few rows in front of her and so decided to get up and go to talk to them.

Porsche quietly sneaked underneath the chairs that they were sitting on so that she could listen.

"I think you ought to know the truth about Christine Daae…"

"Oh, and what truth might that be?" Said André disinterestedly.

"She and the so called 'Phantom' are together." Said Catherine, gleefully, "I have proof. I will show you…"

At hearing these words Porsche crept back out of the main room and ran towards Christine's room.


Christine was standing at Erik's side. They were currently running through the songs in 'Don Juan' ready for the final rehearsal and performance later that day. Since Erik no longer had a piano to play his music on, he used a violin.

Erik thought that Christine had been making a lot of progress. She had definitely improved since she first tried one of his songs from his opera.

"That was excellent!" Erik exclaimed, looking over at Christine with a very pleased expression on his face.

"Thank you. It is because I have a great teacher after all…" She began, giving him one of her cheeky looks, "… rehearsals start soon. We had better get going."

Christine however had not forgotten that Erik had told her that he was going to kill Catherine. She knew that there would be no changing his mind, but she would rather that it did not have to come to that. Erik seemed to know what she was thinking.

"Christine…" He whispered softly. He could not think of anything to say that might give her some reassurance.

She did not press the matter however, as she thought that this would make Erik angry with her.

All of a sudden, Porsche came dashing up to them. Erik seemed immediately to be able to tell that something was wrong. "… What is it?" He asked, with some trepidation.

The cat scratched at his leg, then ran off, which Erik took as a signal for him and Christine to follow immediately. Porsche led them to the boat, and through the passage and out through the mirror into Christine's room. Porsche then stopped in front of Erik.

"I think she wants you to go on alone…" The cat gave a small nod to show that Erik was correct.

Christine opened the door cautiously, and Porsche went through it first to lead the way. After walking for a few minutes, they came to the top of the great marble staircase in the entrance hall. At the bottom of the stairs were Catherine and the two managers. For some reason, Catherine seemed to be having a fight with one of the statues, which looked very comical.

Christine could just about make out the sarcastic voice of Firmin. "Oh yes, you are going to show us are you? Show us what, that you are completely insane?"

"But I am telling you!" Catherine cried. "This is the way in. It is just not working. If you go to Miss Daae's room right now, she will not be there."

"Alright and if she is, it will prove that what you are saying is completely ludicrous!" André told her.

"Say what you want about me, but this is no lie!" She snapped, spinning on her heel and marching up the stairs. Christine turned to Porsche.

"Porsche quickly take me back to my room." She asked the cat. Porsche turned and started sprinting in the direction that they had come from.


"I tell you she will not be in here!" A voice came from the other side of the door. It was then pushed open, and Catherine and the managers marched in.

Christine turned to face them. "I was just on my way down for the rehearsal. I'm not late am I?" She asked them.

Catherine seemed at a loss for words. "But… but…" She stuttered.

"Sorry Miss Daae, we shall see you at rehearsals. Madame I think we need to talk." Firmin said to Christine and then turned to Catherine.

Catherine glared at Christine evilly just before she turned to leave. As if to say 'you may have won this round but I will win the next time.'

The managers shut the door allowing Christine to breathe a sigh of relief. She had managed to not let her breathing get too heavy and sound as if she had just been running.

I had better go off to the final rehearsal now. She looked to find Porsche, who was sitting on her bed. "Alright, you may go back to Erik, he will know where I have gone." The cat obeyed, jumping off of the bed, pressing on the tile and vanishing down the passage.


It was an hour before curtain up and the panic had really got to everyone. The final rehearsal had not gone too terribly, but Erik was not too pleased with a few individuals. Christine however was outstanding. All the rest wondered how she could get so perfect, but they didn't know that she had been practicing with the Phantom himself.

Surprisingly, everyone had managed to maintain a state of consciousness, which was quite an achievement for Meg, as she would usually have fainted no less that 3 times by now. The managers were as usual blowing the whole thing out of proportion, but unlike for 'Faust', they had no words of encouragement for the crew.

The hour leading up to Don Juan seemed to consist mainly of panic attacks, but no fainting. Almost all of the actors, dancers and musicians were nervous about performing the Phantom's Opera. The news that Reyer was retiring seemed to have reached everybody's ears too, though nobody was sure how the information had leaked out.

With curtain up moments away, and the last few members of the audience taking their seats, Erik sat down in his usual seat in box five. He was somewhat nervous himself about seeing his masterpiece performed on stage, but could not think about this, he needed to concentrate on the matter at hand. He had his sword with him ready to strike. He was going to catch her off guard straight after the performance, if this failed however, Erik had a backup plan, or a 'lifeline' as he liked to call it.

At that moment, Catherine entered the dressing room, where there was one of the dancers making the finishing touches to her makeup. Approaching her very cautiously, Catherine grabbed her around the throat and pressed hard on a pressure point beneath her ear, making her collapse.

Catherine donned the costume that the dancer was wearing and then headed out onto the stage. Fortunately the curtain was still down. Catherine had been watching the dancing for this Opera very closely, so she knew roughly what to do.

The curtain rose, and unfortunately for Catherine, Erik spotted her at once, no matter how much she had watched the dancers she still looked a bit out of place. Erik was trying to work out what that witch was up to.

What are you trying… He thought to himself. Not risking anything, he left box five at once, and headed down to the backstage area.

In the background he could hear the familiar opening chord sequence of his Don Juan. If he was not in such a panic he would have been admiring just how talented the Orchestra really was.

Erik spotted who he was looking for at once, Byron Larogue, who was playing Don Juan. Erik crept up to him very carefully, it was lucky that everybody else was on stage at the moment, and therefore too busy to notice Erik knocked him out by hitting him hard over the head.

Quickly putting on the outfit for Don Juan, Erik rushed over to the side of the stage, ready to make his entrance, and his opening duet with 'Passarino'. He still had a couple of minutes left before this however, which allowed him to take a closer look at Catherine. Erik was sure that she would not go onto the stage unarmed, though no matter how much he looked, she seemed to be completely defenceless.

Zurie had just finished leading the Chorus, which meant that Erik's entrance would be any second now. The chorus girls ran off stage and Erik entered along with Arnaud Fortesque, who was playing Passarino.

Passarino faithful friend, once again recite the plan!

Erik boomed.

Your young guest believes I'm you - I, the master, you the man.

Monsieur Fortesque replied as Passarino.

When you met, you wore my cloak, she could not have seen your face.

She believes she dines with me in her master's borrowed place!

Furtively, we'll scoff and quaff, stealing what in truth is mine.

When it's late and modesty starts to mellow with the wine.

You come home! I use your voice –

Slam the door like crack of doom!

I shall say, "Come hide with me!

Where oh where? of course my room!"

Poor thing hasn't got a chance.

Here's my hat, my cloak and sword.

Conquest is assured,

If I do not forget myself and laugh.

Erik then began cackling as he went behind the black and red curtain, which was representing a tent.

Christine's entrance is now. I hope that witch doesn't attempt anything yet.

He waited for Christine's voice to hit his ears, from behind the curtain he heard her sing her opening line as Aminta.

...No thoughts within her head but thoughts of joy.

No dreams within her heart, but dreams of love.

As she sang the soaring last note, Erik swore he would lift off the ground. He went back onto the stage, and Fortesque sang one word that opened Erik and Christine's duet.



Go away for the trap

Is set and waits for his prey!

Christine then noticed that it was Erik playing Don Juan instead on Byron. This realisation startled her so much that her face looked shocked. There was no way for Erik to explain what was going on however and so he just continued to sing.

You have come here

In Pursuit of your deepest urge

In pursuit of that wish which till now

Has been silent… silent.

Catherine was watching Erik sing intently, it was easy for her to tell it was him by his voice, but in appearance he was almost identical to the way that Byron looked as Don Juan.

I have brought you

That our passions may fuse and merge

In your mind you've already succumb to me

Dropped all defences completely succumb to me

Now you are here with me, no second thoughts

You've decided… decided.

Christine seemed to have just about recovered herself, and got up onto her feet to start acting along with the song.

Past the Point of no Return…

No backward glances

Our games of make believe… are at an end!

Erik then started to walk towards Christine, all the time trying to project one thought into Christine's mind. She is in disguise… you need to get out of here…

Past all thought of 'if' or 'when'

No use resisting!

Abandon thought and let the dream descend…

He then went behind Christine and grabbed her by the throat.

What raging fire shall flood the soul?

What rich desire unlocks its door?

What sweet seduction lies… before us?

Christine looked at Erik, still trying to work out why he had suddenly decided to perform in his own Opera, when it was him that had cast Byron to play the part he was currently playing.

Past the Point of No Return

The final threshold!

What warm unspoken secrets will we learn?

Beyond the point of no… return.

It was now Christine's turn to sing, her voice had a little more vibrato than it usually had due to her nerves about Erik performing with her.

You have brought me

To that moment where words run dry

To that moment where speech disappears into silence… silence

Her voice managed to regain its natural sound as she sang the next verse.

I have come here

Hardly knowing the reason why

In my mind I've already imagine

Our bodies entwining defenceless and silent.

Now I am here with you

No second thoughts

I've decided… decided

Christine noticed that Erik kept glancing towards the dancers although at a casual glance she could not see anything wrong with them.

Past the Point of No Return

No going back now!

Our passion play has now at last begun!

She took another look, but the only thing that she could see that looked a little bit strange was that one of the dancers was a bit out of time with the music. She moved over to the staircase that was near the back of the stage, and noticed that Erik was doing the same, still eyeing one of the dancers suspiciously.

Past all thought of right or wrong

One final question:

How long should we to wait

Before we're one?

They were nearly at the top of the spiral staircase.

When will the blood begin to race?

The sleeping bud burst into bloom?

When will the flames at last,

Consume us?

They were at the top. Erik was giving her such a meaningful look that she was starting to feel stupid not knowing what he was trying to tell her. Catherine in the meantime did not take her eyes off them as they both started to sing together.

Past the Point of No Return…

The final threshold…

The bridge is crossed,

So stand and watch it burn!

We've past the Point of No…


They stood there in the finishing pose, with Erik behind Christine with his arms round her waist, and Christine holding his hands with her own. They then broke apart, Erik suddenly looked horrified. He drew his sword but it was too late. Catherine had come up behind Christine, seized her by the throat and held a pistol to the side of her head.

The three of them stood there, Christine in shock, Erik in such rage that he was steadily going redder and redder in the face, and Catherine with a look of utter euphoria on her face.

"Oh dear…" She said, her voice so happy that she sounded as though she had just been made the queen of France. The audience were in shock, all of them talking very loudly and many of them screaming in terror.

Catherine then started to back down the staircase. Erik was following, sword still pointed at her face. He did not dare strike though as he knew that Catherine would be able to pull the trigger more quickly.

"Let her go!" Erik shouted. "It's me you want."

"You can watch your loved one die and then I will have the pleasure of finishing you off myself!" She hissed. Pressing the gun harder into Christine's temple.

"Just one problem…" Erik whispered. Catherine looked up at him questioningly. "…You can only fire a shot at a time. It would take me less than half the time to kill you than you have to reload that gun."

Then I will do away with you! "You're right." She said simply before removing the gun from Christine's head, aiming it at Erik and pulling the trigger.

"Aargh!" Erik yelled, dropping the sword. Christine screamed as did many of the audience. Firmin who was sitting in his box at the time ran to try and get some help. Catherine just grinned as she watched her son sink to the floor.

"Erik!" Christine flung herself out of Catherine's grasp and ran to where Erik was crouched. Tears streamed down her face. No, no… ERIK! "Erik please get up." She sobbed.

Catherine took another bullet from her pocket and was trying to reload the gun. "You will join him soon." She spat, trying to get the bullet in the gun.

She looked up at Christine to find herself starring down the barrel of a pistol. "After you." She choked. Looking away, Christine fired the gun.

Catherine tried to escape and this resulted in Christine's shot hitting her in the knee, immobilizing her. All of a sudden, Erik got to his feet, clutching his hand in agony.

"It's not possible…" Catherine whispered, looking round in amazement at Erik.

Erik managed to give a very forced laugh. "Poor aim mother… very poor aim." He held up his right hand, showing a hole right through his palm.

He seized Catherine with his left hand and dragged her into the middle of the stage. He then kicked the gun out of her hand, which she seemed to have forgotten about completely, and went over to pick up his sword.

He walked back to the top of the staircase. "Move Christine!" He shouted down, Christine did not hesitate to run to Erik's side. "Sorry to have to leave mother, but I will leave you with some entertainment…"

He swiped at a rope that was attached to the railings, Christine wondered what it did. Erik, as though reading her mind, nodded his head towards the chandelier, which was falling towards the stage. He then kicked at a lever at his feet, and he and Christine fell through a trap door, through the fake fire pit and beneath the stage.

"Curse you…" Whispered Catherine, "… damn you…"

The chandelier than came crashing down on her at a very high speed. The stage was set on fire, along with Catherine herself. Erik and Christine had to get out of the Opera House very quickly.

"I have Caesar waiting round the back…" He whispered, very quickly, then he led her through a passage which she had never been through that led outside the Populaire to where Caesar was.

They heard a 'meow' sound from behind them. "Porsche." Christine exclaimed. Porsche jumped up on Erik's shoulder sinking her claws into his cloak for support.

They got on, Erik needing some help from Christine due to his hand, and set off as fast as possible away from the Populaire, towards their home…


It was around five days after the Opera Populaire had been reduced to ashes. Erik had had a doctor come to the house the day after the incident, his hand would recover and heal, but for around 5 months Erik was not allowed to play the piano. Instead he and Christine would spend a lot of their time reading, or out in the garden, he was no longer worried about being seen, as the house was miles from anywhere.

They were both sitting in the living room reading on that morning, when Erik heard the patter of little paws come across the room. Porsche jumped up on his lap with the paper in her mouth.

Erik tickled her chin. "Thank you Porsche." She meowed which he took as a 'you're welcome.

He opened the newspaper, to read the title: Charred Ashes of the Opera Populaire searched.

After the Opera Populaire was partly destroyed by a fire that was started for reasons unknown, authorities have searched the remains. A body was found in the ashes and it is believed to be that of one of the Patrons of the Opera Populaire; Madame Catherine Beaumont, wife the wealthy industrialist Ivan Beaumont. The managers of the Opera Populaire have claimed that they will start reconstruction of the building next month. They also say that the supposed 'Opera Ghost' no longer haunts the remains of the Paris Opera House.

The well-known eighteen-year-old soprano Miss Christine Daae has been reported missing. Anyone with any information should contact the local authorities if they have any knowledge of her whereabouts.

"What does the paper say today then?" Erik said nothing, just passed it over to her, she read the column and looked back over towards Erik. "You have won the battle against her then, she can't hurt you anymore."

Erik nodded in agreement. "To bad her own son beat her…"

This reminded Christine of the news that she had for Erik. "Erik… I need to tell you something."

Erik looked up at her. "What would that be my love?"

"You're… you're going to be a father."


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