HI EVERYONE! As promised in my other fan fiction " reincarnated Shinto", I wrote my REAL VERSION of the story. It's the story of a well… girl… and… WELL YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO READ TO FIND OUT! This is story… NOT NARUTO… but the story is MINE! YES MINE! Anyway… hope you like it!

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A long black haired woman (she's in her like… 20?) walked in a very spaceful room as she directed herself from the bathroom to the window. She opened it very wide and looked out over the city she was in. Everything was very commercialist and bright. She sighed and looked up at the starry sky.

Her wet hair slightly blew as the night breeze caressed them. The bangs on her right eyes stayed as if they were glued to it. She finally closed the window and went into her room and directed herself to a closet.

" Don't you think is time that you go back?" said a mysterious voice in her thoughts " I mean… with all this commotion about Orochiamru and Sasuke…"

" Yes." She answered. She grinned as she opened the little closet where she put all of her past life objects. She took out a little picture and a black forehead protector. She looked at the picture of a little black haired girl, smiling next to a silver haired masked teen next to her. In the background, she could see a gigantic gate with the sign of fire written on it.

" I think…" she said, half to herself and to the mysterious voice " It's time to visit Konohagakure. It's going to be nice seeing everyone again… don't ya think?"

" Sure… as long as you don't forget your promise. Okay?"

" Don't worry, I won't forget. That so important promise…" She took out a senbon from the closet as well and threw it at a fly that was buzzing in the room. She pinned it against the wall by the wing.

"… The promise that putt's my life on the line." She said that as she grinned.

Ok… that was very short. But this is only a prologue so don't worry.

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